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Jocko, Shauno, Graham having beers on a beach during sunset Travel


Shauno profile picture Written By Shaun Whale

If you're in the hunt for a destination that's on the bucket list of virtually every four-wheel driver in Australia then look no further than Fraser Island. In this video I take the big 200 series to the most epic locations the island has to offer as it gets it first outing, and I could not think of a better location to do it as Fraser Island is one of my favourite spots in Australia. Our adventure begins at the gateway to Fraser Island in skip point as we knock some air out of the tyres we wait for the ferry that'll take us across to one of my favourite destinations in the country. I've got a great group of mates joining me on this adventure but what will make this trip even more exciting is it's the first time I've taken my brand new 200 series off road. Owning a 200 series has always been a dream of mine for years and this beast is the first new vehicle I've ever owned and after months in the DMW workshop the 200 is now chopped, extended and kitted out as the ultimate tourer ready to take on the most remote destinations going and Fraser Island is going to be its first shakedown. Soon enough we're boarding the Manta Ray barge that'll take us over to the island we'll be in for a few days, jam-packed full of fishing camping and exploring. The boys will be living it up in style in Graham's pride and joy and Jackson bought the perfect camper trailer to Fraser Island. Sammy and I are fishing mates from way back and I reckon he'll be keeping me on my toes on this trip as long as we can find a few Tailor that is.

1 min
Oct 28, 2022
pony hilux Buyers Guide


Jocko profile picture Written By Jock McDonald

In the market for a 4WD? There's a lot of traps that you can fall into that could cost you a lot of money. We give you our top tips for what to do when inspecting a 4WD to ensure you get a bargain, not a lemon

1 min
Nov 29, 2022
water crossing Travel


4WD Logo Written By 4WD 24/7

Shaun Whale & Graham Cahill run through the dos and don'ts of planning a trip to the top end, expert tips for planning trips to Cape York, the Kimberley, the Gulf of Carpentaria and more Aussie 4WD bucket list locations.

1 min
Nov 25, 2022