Thunder 600W Inverter Pure Sine Wave - TDR02600

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Thunder 600W Inverter Pure Sine Wave - TDR02600

Any time is a good time to venture outside and experience the great outdoors when you have stunning scenery and breathtaking sights right outside your door. Thunder shines when it comes to providing your 4WD with high-quality travel and touring accessories. The line of Thunder products has been tested and built to take whatever you can throw at them, without breaking the budget. They are designed to be both economical and dependable.


  • Continuous Output Power: 600W
  • Peak Power (only for a short time): 1200W
  • Output Overload Protection (manual restart): 680W
  • Output Voltage: 240V
  • Efficiency (full load): 90%
  • Safety Switch: 5A250VAC
  • Input Cable Type Supplied: 70cm AWG8(7.2mm2)
  • External Fuse Specification: 50A
  • Measurements: 263x233x95mm (80mm C2CMount holes)
  • Minimum Input Voltage: 11V
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Input Voltage Range: 11-15V
  • Input Low Voltage Warning: 11.5V
  • Input Low Voltage Cut-off: 11V
  • Input Over-Voltage Cut-Off (automatically resets): 15.5V
  • Standby Current (when main switch is off): 11mA
  • No Load Working Current (when main switch is off): 0.5-0.6A
  • Protection Systems (output): Over/under-voltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection, output short circuit protection
  • LCD Display Functions Displays: output power, input voltage, input current and also has an on/off button for switching unit on/off
  • LCD Screen Extra Cable Length: 0.3m and 1.7m extension cable for LCD display unit power supply
  • Internal Operating Temperature Range: -10C - 50C
  • Internal Over-Temperature Protection (requires manual reset): 60C - 65C
  • Cooling Fan: Single brushless fan (automatic operation)
  • Fan Control Method: Temperature maintained at 40C 10C
  • Approvals: CE, EMC, AS/NZS 4763:2011

Part Number: TDR02600

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Go places you’ve never been before with Thunder Auto.

Thunder Battery Chargers and 4WD Accessories make adventure more affordable and accessible than ever before for up and coming 4WD enthusiasts.

Designed to bridge the gap between entry level and professional quality 4WD accessories, battery chargers and automotive accessories, Thunder products are built to withstand the most testing conditions.

What makes Thunder Battery Chargers so good?

Thunder Battery Chargers operate on an eight-phase charging program that allows for the identification of faulty batteries while also preserving the life of your battery and ensuring maximum charge.

The charging process begins with the Thunder charger de-sulfating your battery and performing tests to determine the condition of your battery. From there, Thunder battery chargers perform a soft start to ensure your battery isn’t flooded with charge and overloaded. The charger will then enter the bulk charge stage to complete much of the charge.

The final stage of the battery charge involves absorption, analysis, boost, float, and maintenance to ensure that battery is completely full and maintains charge until you are ready to next use it.

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