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Southern Metal Spinners Aussie Camp Oven Medium 12

Southern Metal Spinners Aussie Camp Oven Medium 12" - 004R - Bundle Item

Southern Metal Spinners

Are you an aspiring gourmet camp chef like Shauno?

Are you looking to take your camp oven recipes to the next level? Aussie Camp Ovens, the Australian-made Camp Oven from Southern Metal Spinners is hands down the go-to item to cook your favourite camp oven recipes while out 4WDing.



  • 12" Camp Oven
  • Heavy Gauge Spun Carbon Steel
  • Australian Made
  • Cooks just like a cast iron camp oven
  • Lighter than iron camp oven
  • Requires seasoning prior to use


Aussie Camp Ovens are manufactured from heavy gauge carbon spun steel, 4 cooking utensils in one, a camp oven, frying pan, hanging pot, and boiler. Perfect for cooking everything from a simple camp damper to, a tasty roast or boiling some mud crabs. If your looking for one piece of cooking gear that can do it all then the Aussie Camp Oven is the one for you.

The complete Aussie Camp Oven range is designed for outdoor cooking, whether it’s over a campfire or on a barbecue, or a wood stove.



  • 34.6cm x 34.6cm x 14cm



  • 3.2KG


Spun Steel V Cast Iron


Weight Saving

A 12” Aussie Spun Steel Camp Oven weighs in at only 3.2KG, typically a third lighter than a similar-sized Cast Iron Camp Oven. Being lighter it’s a fantastic way to save a few kilos in your cooking kit.



Aussie Spun Steel Camp Ovens are stronger than cast iron camp ovens, they won’t crack or break if dropped. Perfect to throw in the back of the 4WD or rattling around in the camper trailer. Made from a thinner material than a cast iron camp oven, they won’t hold heat as well, you’ll need to take some extra care when cooking, more coals should be added to the top of the camp oven and allow the heat to dissipate downwards.


Easy to clean

Aussie Camp Ovens are very easy to use, maintain and keep clean. Your camp oven is probably going to spend a good chunk of its life in the fire, so don't worry too much about the outside of your camp oven inside is where it counts. At the end of the day, you cook on the inside of it and that's what you need to keep clean. After you’ve cooked simply clean the inside as best you can, if you’ve got some stubborn bits, fill your camp oven with some water and throw it back on the fire to a simmer, empty the water get a cloth there wash it down. When finished though make sure it’s completely dry, chuck it back on the fire if you need to. If you leave any water inside your camp oven it's gonna create rust and next time you go to use it, it won't be so nice and clean. Once dry get a bit of oil Chuck a little bit of oil straight into the camp oven you don’t need much just a little bit with a cloth or a bit of paper towel, rub that oil all around the inside, including the lid. Doing that will protect your camp oven against any rust or anything like that and when you go to use it next time it'll be in absolutely mint condition.


How to season a Spun Steel Camp Oven

  1. 1.  Give your new Aussie Camp Oven a good wash with some warm soapy water, this removes any oil from manufacturing, thoroughly dry your Aussie Camp Oven
  2. 2.  With some high-temperature oil like rice bran oil, lightly cover the inside of your Aussie Camp Oven, use a paper towel to wipe the oil around.
  3. 3.  With a preheated kitchen oven, BBQ or fire, place your oiled Aussie Camp Oven with the lid on and allow to heat for roughly 10minutes.
  4. 4.  Allow your camp oven to completely cool and repeat the above 2 steps a couple of times.
  5. 5.  Now for the fun part, it’s time to get cooking with your new Aussie Camp Oven.



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