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Are you an aspiring gourmet camp chef like Shauno?

Are you looking to take your camp oven recipes to the next level? Then you can't go past Aussie Camp Ovens, the Australian-made Camp Oven from Southern Metal Spinners is hands down the go-to item to cook your favourite camp oven recipes while out 4WDing.


  • 15in Camp Oven
  • Heavy Gauge Spun Carbon Steel
  • Australian Made
  • Cooks just like a cast iron camp oven
  • Lighter than iron camp oven
  • Requires seasoning prior to use
  • Trivet Included
  • Size: 37.6cm x 37.6cm x 14cm
  • Weight: 4.7kg

Aussie Camp Ovens are manufactured from heavy gauge carbon spun steel, 4 cooking utensils in one, a camp oven, frying pan, hanging pot, and boiler. Perfect for cooking everything from a simple camp damper to, a tasty roast or boiling some mud crabs. If your looking for one piece of cooking gear that can do it all then the Aussie Camp Oven is the one for you.

Part Number: 003.5R

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About the Brand Products

Southern Metal Spinners Camping Ovens & Cookware

Southern Metal Spinners is a family-owned and operated South Australian business. Southern Metal Spinners makes some of the best camping cookware and portable camping ovens you can buy.

From high-quality spun carbon steel camp ovens to woks, frypans, and trivets, you can be confident that this camp cookware will be passed down from generation to generation, delivering mouthwatering campfire-cooked meals in every corner of the country.

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Southern Metal Spinners Aussie Camp Oven

Aussie Camp Ovens are made of solid gauge carbon spun steel and have four cooking implements in one, including a camp oven, frying pan, hanging pot, and boiler. Everything from a primary camp damper to a gourmet roast or boiling mud crabs is possible. If you're seeking a single piece of cooking equipment that can do it all, the Aussie Camp Oven is the one. The entire Aussie Camp Oven line is intended for outdoor cooking, whether over a campfire, a barbeque, or a wood stove.

Southern Metal Spinners Oyster Wheel

The Southern Metal Spinners Oyster Wheel will keep your oyster halves erect! There will be no more spilt oyster juice or garnishes. The compact shape makes it simple to cook oysters.

● Oysters are kept upright by individual recesses.

● Grill or bake in the oven.

● It is safe to use in wood ovens.

● With all closed-lid BBQs, you can quickly grill your oysters.

Bedourie Camp Oven

The Bedourie Camp Oven is made of spun steel and has a lid that fits over the top. It was initially designed for the Bedourie Station. Whenever the cast iron camp ovens fell off pack horses or were dropped, they frequently fractured, so they created the Bedourie, which would not break. It serves the same role when baking bread, cakes, or other similar dishes. Half-bury the Bedourie in hot ashes and add some embers to the lid to keep the heat in, and it will cook just as well as the cast iron camp ovens.

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