SAFARI 4 INCH AIR RAM - 000-135-900

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Safari 4 Inch Air Ram - 000-135-900

Safari 4 Inch Air Ram - 000-135-900


Got a broken or damaged Air Ram? Safari has a replacement to suit all of their snorkel range! 



  • Suitable for use with a 4inch (102mm) downpipe
  • New style Air Ram with removable grill
  • Made from UV stable, cross-linked polyethylene
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in Australia


Safari has come up with a unique design in order to separate rainwater from the incoming air stream and ensure safe engine running through even the fiercest tropical storms, all Safari Charge Air Rams are equipped with a highly effective water separator mechanism that is integrated right into the air ram. The unique Safari Charge Air Ram's ability to rotate to any position is an added bonus. For those who intend to travel in chilly or high-altitude regions where significant snowfall is forecast, this represents a great deal of peace of mind. The air ram offers extra defense against the choking effects of snow accumulation inside the air intake by rotating to face away from the predominant wind/direction of motion



Safari Snorkels

Safari Snorkels, invented in Australia in the early 1980s and industry-leading in design and durability, arose from the need to shield 4WD engines from dust and water hazards inherent in difficult off-road driving circumstances.

Each 4WD Snorkel system is corrosion-resistant and made to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross-linked polyethylene material. It also features premium fixtures and fittings for improved sealing, OEM levels of presentation, and long-term durability, offering a continuous, cooler flow. Protecting your engine from dust, snow, and water ingestion is critical to keep your 4WD on the tracks and not on the sidelines. A Safari snorkel will always provide clean, dry air, regardless of the conditions



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