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Raptor Etch Primer Grey 450ml - RPTEP/AL


Raptor Etch Primer Grey 450ml - RPTEP/AL

Raptor Etch Primer Grey 450ml - RPTEP/AL


  • Etch and prime bare metal in one step
  • Flat fan high atomization nozzle offers a large fan pattern and excellent coverage
  • Creates an anti-corrosive barrier that prevents steel from rusting
  • Can be directly topcoated - no sanding required
  • Prep and upgrade your RAPTOR application

Raptor Acid Etch Primer should be applied to surfaces before coating with Raptor Liner. The acid ester formula promotes paint adhesion to difficult surfaces such as galvanized steel, aluminium or other bare metals. Primer also seals the original surface so the Raptor Coating doesn't simply soak into the material creating the need for more coats of paint. The handy one-step product etches and primes in one simple step and leaves an anti-corrosive barrier that prevents steel from rusting underneath the final bed liner coating. The flat fan, high atomization nozzle offers a large fan for a large and consistent coverage to get surfaces primed and ready in little to no time. Raptor Acid Etch Primer does not need to be sanded and can be directly top-coated once dry and cured.

Need to protect your 4x4 body or your ute tray? Raptor is a unique tough and tintable durable urethane paint-like coating that offers surfaces a protective barrier to withstand the toughest of situations. The tough, durable coating retains flexibility and does a great of protecting body panels and other surfaces, it's not uncommon to see serious 4 wheel drives painted in Raptor coating and regularly rubbed up against trees, rock walls and other obstacles with minimal noticeable damage to the car's body or paint work. Raptor is applied just like traditional paint, however it has been developed to not only tolerate, but thrive in even the toughest of conditions. Unlike other bed liners or protective coatings, it's less expensive and faster than powder coating. The scratch and stain resistant finish makes it perfect for almost any application. Spray or roll Raptor coating on high traffic areas such as ute trays, side steps, bull bars, trailers or even entire cars. Raptor is UV resistant which makes it great for the harsh Aussie sun and won't fade or go chalky even after years in the sun. Raptor boasts impressive water resistance and can aid in protecting surfaces from rust which makes it great for surfaces regularly subjected to water. Raptor coating can be tinted to match a huge array of colours if you want to colour-code your ute tray, match an original paint colour when painting an entire vehicle or just add a unique styling flare to your trailer, bull bar and more. 



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