Raptor Tintable Kit 3.8L - RLT/S4

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Product Details

  • Helps deaden sound and vibrations
  • Waterproof seal & UV resistant
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, damp, and extreme temperature
  • Resistant against fuels, hydraulic oils, animal urine, salt water and more
  • High coverage – up to 3m squared per litre
  • Kit contains: 4 x 711ml Liner 1 x 1l Hardener

The 4 Bottle Raptor Coating Kits are the industry standard when it comes to bedliner and Raptor liner. The 4 bottle kit covers approximately 125 square feet which is usually enough to do a full size ute tray with some left over for touch ups if necessary in the future. Each 4 Bottle Kit contains 4 x 711ml bottles of Raptor and one tin of hardener to cure the coating once it has been applied. The Raptor tintable kit can be tinted to match original paint colour or even add a unique custom styling flare to your project. Raptor bottles are compatible with both standard and professional application guns which are sold separately and you will also need an air compressor to hook them up to in order to get painting. Raptor 4 Bottle Kits are ideal for automotive, construction, marine, industrial and agricultural applications with its use only being limited by your imagination.

Part Number: RLT/S4

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About the Brand Products

Raptor - Tough and Tintable Protective Coating

Scratched or faded paint on your 4WD? Or just fancy a change? Meet Raptor - an easy-to-apply protective paint coating designed to give your rig the ultimate makeover.

Look, we get it. You’re an ‘ard nut. Not a preening peacock or a Kardashian, always worried about how things look. But we both know that sometimes, the going gets tough and your ride is the one who cops it. Paint and bodywork don’t last forever, and if you’re like most Aussie 4WDers then you’ve probably got “fix Bessy’s paintwork” somewhere (far down) on your to-do list. Luckily, Raptor products are not only super easy to use but are perfect for protecting your 4WD from all the wear and tear associated with going out bush, meaning it’ll be longer until the next time you need to get her fixed up.

Raptor products are up to 5x thicker than regular automotive paint so you can be sure you are using quality products. And look, we’re not just writing this after reading the packaging - we did some rigorous testing to make sure Raptor products were the real deal, and we now recommend it to anyone who’ll listen. Seriously, this is the stuff that every 4WDer should have on their ride - the flexibility of the product make it a great product to have sitting in your shed.

Upgrade Your 4WD Coating with Raptor Products

Raptor is a long-lasting urethane coating that provides surfaces with a protective barrier to endure even the most extreme conditions. It is U.V. resistant to fading even after years in the sun. It is also waterproof and rust-resistant, making it ideal for surfaces that will be submerged in water, particularly salt water. Because of its flexible formulation can withstand impacts without cracking, making it suitable for its most common applications, including as a truck bed liner and 4WD body coating.

Raptor provides a professional, uniform finish that allows for a wide textural range and improved application control. Moreover, it is explicitly designed for Raptor and Gravitex Plus bottles, featuring European threading and a longer dip tube. You can screw it onto the plastic bottle directly. Raptor protects both tough industrial surfaces and the smaller ones on which we rely daily. It's tough, looks great, and lasts way longer than regular car paint products.

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