PROJECTA Intelli-Charge 25A 12V Battery Charger 7 Stage Auto IC2500

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Projecta IC2500 is a highly advanced automatic charger for those serious about portable power, the IC2500 can be set to suit the battery’s chemistry type and features an adjustable-charge rate to perfectly match the size of your batteries.



  • Automatic 7 Stage Charging
  • Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, Calcium, AGM or Gel
  • Adjustable for different battery sizes for precise charging
  • Power Supply Mode lets you retain vehicle computer settings when changing a battery or can run 12V appliances
  • Durable dust and shockproof construction and safer charging with spark-free and polarity protected connection
  • Wired Remote Control Allows charger to be mounted out of sight yet retain total control, includes 4.5m lead



  • Type 7 - Stage Automatic
  • Input 240vac, 50hz, 792w
  • Output - 12v
  • Output Current - 2, 6, 12, 25A
  • Minimum Start Voltage - 2.5V
  • Back Drain Charger - 3mA, with remote 4mA
  • Approvals Electrical Safety - EMC
  • Charge Voltage - 14.1V (GEL), 14.4V (AGM), 14.7V (WET), 16.0V (Calcium)

L.E.D Charge Indication

  • Screen - Backlit LCD Screen
  • Red Light On - Power ON
  • Blue Light On - Charging
  • Green Light On - Fully charged and maintaining, no need  to turn the charger off

For over 50 years Projecta has been supplying not just a range of market-leading battery chargers but a comprehensive array of battery accessories, power inverters, and jump starters to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Their continued research and development see their products become more feature-packed and capable of handling your power requirements. Shop the great range of Projecta products stocked by 4WD247 and never be at the mercy of a flat battery again.

Part Number: IC2500

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For over 30 years, Projecta has provided a wide range of market-leading battery chargers and a wide range of battery accessories, power inverters, and jumpstarts to guarantee your 4WD is ready to go when you are. As a result of their ongoing research and development, their products grow more feature-rich and capable of handling your power requirements. Projecta are a leader in in power management and battery maintenance products an extensive range of products to suit all of your 4WD power management needs across a wide range of applications.

The Projecta name stands for quality with all products being tortured tested in their stat of the art facilities to make sure you are getting quality power management solutions. The team at Projecta continually strive to improve products to guarantee performance and reliability looking globally for new technology and products to add to its existing range. The Projecta team also engineer and design new products from the ground up to deliver class-leading battery maintenance and battery powered products.

The Projecta range covers:

● Dual Battery Systems

● Inverters

● Power Management

● Solar Panels & Controllers

● Personal Power Products

● Battery Maintenance

● Battery Chargers

● Jump Starters

● Booster Cables

● Battery Terminals & Accessories

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