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PROJECTA 12V Portable Power Hub PH125

PROJECTA 12V Portable Power Hub PH125


Projecta PH125 Power-Hub turns a battery into a versatile, portable, easy-to-use option for powering and charging a wide range of accessories and appliances while you camping off the grid. It is the ideal alternative to a fixed mount dual battery system, giving you the freedom to take power away from your 4WD and put it in the boat or camper trailer. 



  • 2.4” colour LCD monitor utilises patented ‘self-learning’ technology to provide comprehensive battery status information
  • Includes: Merit, 2A USB, cigarette lighter, Engel type, heavy-duty 50A socket, DC terminals & AC outlet with on/off switch
  • 300 Watt pure sine wave inverter for powering sensitive electrical equipment
  • Compatible with a wide range of battery sizes and chemistry types. Simply fit your chosen battery and you’re good to go
  • Soft-touch over moulded carry handles double as sturdy tie-down points for secure fitment within a vehicle



Part No - PH125
Suits Batteries up to N70 sized
Battery Size: Deep Cycle: 60–140Ah
Automotive: 300–800CCA
Marine: 350–950MCA
Battery Compartment H: 230mm W: 177mm L: 338mm
(EXCLUDING TERMINAL (H:245mm including posts)
External Size - H: 337mm W: 235mm L: 390mm
Outlets - 2 x 15A Merit, 2 x 2A USB, 1 x 10A Engel,
1 x DC Terminal, 1 x 50A Heavy-Duty,
2 x 10A Cigarette Lighter Sockets,
1 x 240V AC outlet with on/off switch
Screen - 2.4” colour LCD
Low Battery & Configurable Battery Health Alarm
Material Glass Reinforced Plastic

Suitable Battery Types*

Brand Model Capacity (Ah)

  • Century N70T 100Ah
  • C12-105DA 103Ah
  • C12-120DA 123Ah
  • Exide LCS31-110 110Ah
  • LCG27-110 110Ah
  • LCG31-120 120Ah
  • Full DC105-12 105Ah
  • River DC120-12 120Ah
  • Ritar RA12-100SD 100Ah
  • RA12-120SD 120Ah
  • Ultimate UL00-VO 100Ah
  • UL110 110Ah
  • Remco RM12-100 100Ah
  • DEKA 8A31DTM 105Ah
  • Atlas DC31MF 100Ah

*Not Limited Too

*Battery and iPhone not included*


The Projecta development team strives to produce a quality range of products, whether that be a Battery Charger, Solar Panels and Controllers, Power Management, Jump Starter, Inverters, Booster Cables, Battery Terminals and Cables, or Battery Maintenance. A key component of the team's development program focuses on searching the world to source new technology and products to include in their range. Their experience and knowledge of global product advancements also enables the team to design and engineer new products from the ground up in their state-of-the-art facilities. The result is class-leading battery maintenance and battery-powered products from Projecta.

For over 50 years Projecta has been supplying not just a range of market-leading battery chargers but a comprehensive array of battery accessories, power inverters, and jump starters to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Their continued research and development see their products become more feature-packed and capable of handling your power requirements. Shop the great range of Projecta products stocked by 4WD247 and never be at the mercy of a flat battery again.



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