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Change the way you tour the outback with the Pioneer DMHA4450BT. Featuring the best in smartphone technology including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connection, plus reverse camera inputs.

Choose from a host of entertainment options, including Spotify*, USB, FM/AM tuner, or Bluetooth music streaming. Audio performance is supported with a 13 Band GEQ and highly detailed crossover adjustments just to name a few. Supporting either 4 x 50w Max direct speaker outputs or for those running external amplifiers, 3 Pre-outs (FRT, RR & SW).

Pioneer's head unit range includes:

  • Double-din head units
  • Double-din head units
  • Apple CarPlay head units
  • Bluetooth head units
  • Reversing camera packs

When upgrading your head unit, we recommend fitting a quality set of upgraded speakers and a subwoofer in order to maximise the potential of your new head unit and have the best possible sound quality while hitting the tracks.

Part Number: DMHA4450BT

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About the Brand

Pioneer Electronics: Perfect Fit For Your 4WD

Since its founding in 1938, Pioneer has strived to provide people worldwide with remarkable experiences through various world-first and industry-first goods and services. In recent years, the company combined their product development and manufacturing skills with data-driven services to create solutions that address societal challenges and elevate mobility experiences to new heights. It will continue to push the boundaries of sound, vision, and information to provide people worldwide with soul-stirring excitement.

Pioneer: 4WD Products and Features

Pioneer is always looking for innovations and features that will make your life easier and safer while offering you new functionalities and a better driving experience. So, here are Pioneer's best-offered in-4WD products and their features.

Pioneer: All Product Features

Pioneer develops car-specific solutions for a growing number of vehicles around the world. Here are the features that they’ve innovated:

‚óŹ Smartphone Integration

This function allows you to use your smartphone in the automobile quickly and safely. Pioneer integrates Spotify, Apple CarPlay, Weblink, Pioneer Smart Sync, Pioneer ARC, Android Auto and Wireless Mirroring to your phone.

‚óŹ Connections

Dual USB provides additional connectivity and convenience. For example, while charging your smartphone, you can listen to music from a USB device.

‚óŹ Display

Pioneer makes sure that their 4WD products are responsive and resistive while the driver is using them. Most Pioneer products feature capacitive and clear type resistive touchscreens that support multi-touch gestures and have beautiful, crisp, and detailed display reproduction with improved visibility.

‚óŹ Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology allows you to listen to music and make phone calls while driving. In addition, users may also utilise Siri Eyes Free to do the same tasks and other iPhone functions.

‚óŹ Navigation

Pioneer has a traffic information feature called Traffic Message Channel (TMC) when navigating your 4WD to the right track. It keeps the driver informed about current traffic conditions and provides alternate routes.

‚óŹ Sources

Pioneer has its built-in digital radio tuner. So in your car, you can listen to a wide variety of DAB/DAB+ digital radio stations while on your tracks trip.

‚óŹ Audio

Aside from the radio, Pioneer electronics has also an audio feature that lets you adjust the speaker, sound and settings of your 4WD audio. In addition, it has 13-brand Graphic EQ, Auto TA (Time Alignment), and Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC).

‚óŹ Other

Pioneer's best features include Anti-theft Protection, Multi-colour Display Illumination and MixTrax, which maintains a smooth flow of 4WD entertainment.

Pioneer: All Product Categories

Pioneer offers the best electronics that fit your 4WD perfectly. Here are the in-4WD products:

‚óŹ Pioneer Multimedia Receivers

Pioneer has multimedia receivers that give you the best experience of in-4WD infotainment. It has three available receivers: AV Receivers, Wireless Receivers and GPS Navigation Receivers.

‚óŹ Pioneer Audio Receivers

An audio receiver amplifies sound so it can be fed to your speakers and allows you to choose which audio and video to watch. Pioneer has receivers for CD, Marine and Digital Media.

‚óŹ Pioneer Speakers

We hear sound due to vibrations in the air caused by a speaker cone. Pioneer designed different types of speakers for G-series, A-series, D-series and Z-series.

‚óŹ Pioneer Amplifiers

GM-A, GM-D and Marine Amplifiers are Pioneer's excellent set of amplifiers. These amplifiers provide more power, volume, and clarity.

‚óŹ Pioneer Subwoofers

Pioneer has eight subwoofers that reproduce low-frequency bass sounds. These products enable smaller speakers to produce sound over a more comprehensive and comfortable frequency range.

‚óŹ Pioneer Accessories

Pioneer never fails to disappoint when it comes to in-4WD accessories. They have marine tower speakers, marine wired remote control, a compact reverse camera, optical sensors and an antenna.

‚óŹ Pioneer Technologies

Pioneer has partner apps that give the best 4WD experience for drivers. Pioneer technologies include CarAVAssist, Sound Tune, Pioneer Smart Sync and 4WDSoundFit.

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