Oricom Handheld UHF Twin Pack - UHF2500-2GR

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your handheld UHFs then there’s never been a better time than now. The UHF2500-2GR twin pack from Oricom is the perfect 2-watt handheld UHF radio to have in the glove box of your 4WD or out on the boat. Being IPX7 rated, the UHF2500-2GR is completely waterproof, giving you complete confidence that if it falls in the drink or into a bog hole, you’ll still be able to have reliable communication no matter what. These tough little radios float and have a handy flash feature making them easily retrievable at night. The built-in LED torch is perfect around camp or when spotting the crew on a night run.

Being a twin pack, you can keep two radios in the 4WD and give one to your mate who doesn’t have a UHF, give one to the kids so they can head off on a bushwalk or around camp so you can always be in contact and call them back for dinner or to your partner when reversing the caravan into that tight spot. The UHF2500-2GR is USB rechargeable allowing you keep them fully charged while in the 4WD or on the boat.

UHF2500-2GR features a handy backlit display, channel scan, VOX capable, automatic squelch control. The backlit display also indicates battery power levels. Whether you use the UHF2500 in the 4WD, around camp, out in the boat then 3-year warranty gives you piece of mind.

Wherever your next adventure maybe, make sure you pack the UHF2500-2GR handheld radios.

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    • 2 x UHF CB Radio
    • 1 x Twin charging pod
    • 1 x AC adaptor
    • 1 x USB Y cable for charging
    • 6 x Rechargeable batteries
    • 2 x Belt clips
    • 2 x Oricom Carabiners
    • 2 watt transmit power
    • Waterproof rating IPX7
    • 80 Channels
    • Floats & flashes in water
    • Backlit display
    • Monitor feature
    • Channel busy indicator
    • Channel scan
    • Automatic squelch control
    • 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS sub codes
    • Duplex (range extender)
    • Keypad lock
    • VOX capable
    • CTCSS and DCS scan function
    • Dual watch
    • Last channel memory
    • Roger beep
    • Micro USB jack for charging
    • 2.5mm jack for optional accessories
    • 3 year warranty excludes battery

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      About the Brand

      Oricom: Drive, Connected

      Oricom is a 100% Australian-owned brand and their mission is to keep people connected at all stages of life. Oricom is a leader in communication and surveillance technologies, and make everything from UFB CB Radios, to Marine Comms, Cordless Phones, Doorbells, Alarms and Cameras, and even Baby Monitors.

      Oricom Handheld UHF CB Radios

      Oricom’s Handheld UFH CB Radios are the most reliable two-way communication devices available on the market, and are designed for 4WD enthusiasts out ranging the vast expanse of the Australian and New Zealand outback.

      Staying connected while on the tracks (or off it) can be lifesaving in the case of an emergency, or simple invaluable in the case of coordinating recoveries or group excursions in areas with poor to no cell phone coverage. A quality two-way UHF radio should be one of your first investments as a 4WD enthusiast, and will serve you for a lifetime.

      When it comes to a UHF Radio, the #1 thing you need from it is reliability. This means:

      ● Long battery life

      ● Excellent connection regardless of the terrain

      ● Long range

      ● Durability

      Oricom’s products are built on these exact cornerstone features and have been rigorously field-tested across the harshest terrain Australia can offer, from the dusty outback to the rocky hilltops of Victoria - whatever your adventure, Oricom’s UHF CB Radios will keep you connected.

      Oricom Radios - Key Features:

      ● The transmission power of 1 watt

      ● 80 channels

      ● Range of up to 7km

      ● Radio Frequency Modulation

      ● Display with backlight

      ● aspect of monitoring

      ● Indicator of channel busyness

      ● Scan the channels

      ● Squelch control is automatic.

      ● Duplex (Range Extender)

      ● Keypad security

      ● Call tone notification

      ● Micro USB charging port

      Lightweight, sturdy and portable, you can take your Oricom radio with you and experience all sorts of “oh sh-” moments - drop it in a puddle, get it dirty, or whatever your brand of mishap entails - and it won’t let you down. These radios will continue to function for continued and long-term use.

      Get your comms on with Oricom

      So whether you’re looking at keeping in touch when off-roading, camping, fishing, out and about on your acreage, or working on a construction site, there’s no radio more reliable than those featured below. Browse the different models available at 4WD247 or contact our team who can help you find the best 4WD accessories for your next expedition.

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