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Meguiars Hi Shine Collector's Bucket - A123431B

Meguiars Hi Shine Collector's Bucket - A123431B


Get ready for your car to make an impression with the Meguiar's Hi-Shine Collectors Kit! Your new complete car care kit includes:


Meguairs's Soft Wash Gel

A super-concentrated formula that you can safely use on all paint types to restore the original finish without stripping the waxing the wax. It’s rich, thick, and will enhance your paint finish to make it brilliantly glossy.


Meguairs's Quik Wax

Wax your car in a matter of minutes and still achieve a deep, dark reflection with alluring gloss and shine. This high-performance carnauba is an easy spray-on formula that you can quickly mist on and wax off, whether your car is wet or dry.


Meguairs's Hot Rims Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner

Stop worrying about your wheel cleaner containing dangerous acids with this safe, yet extremely effective, wheel cleaner. It loosens and dissolves brake dust and grime, and can be used with water or as a part of the Meguiar’s Waterless Car Wash program.


Meguairs's No-Smear Glass Cleaner

Achieve crystal-clear windows, even when they’re tinted! No Smear Glass Cleaner doesn’t use detergents or ammonia for cleaning, therefore, you won’t be left with the smearing and hazing these can cause.


Meguairs's Microwipe Polishing Cloth

Cut your wipe-off time of any paint-care product in half and achieve a high-polish finish that is residue-free. The Microwipe Polishing Cloth uses an ultra-premium grade of microfibre that eliminates cloth-inflicted swirls and scratches and guarantees a superior finish. The perfect accompaniment to your Quik Wax, the Microwipe Polishing Cloth effectively wipes off residue.


Meguairs's Microfibre Wash Pad

Feel the difference with your Microfibre Wash Pad and stop taking the risk of scratching your car that comes with using conventional sponges. This ultra-premium wash pad lifts and traps dirt from the surface of your vehicle, removing it without scratching. Its high-foaming action ensures incredible cleaning power — plus, it’s lint-free and machine washable!

All of these great products come in a Meguiar's branded bucket, great for storage and to use when washing your car!



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