Mechpro Blue Heavy Duty Body Repair Kit 7pc - MRK7PC

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Mechpro Blue Heavy Duty Hammer and Dolly Set - For all your panel work needs
Whether you're removing a small carpark ding from your daily driver, getting stuck into a full body-off resto, or even embarking on fabricating some custom bodywork, the Mechpro Blue Heavy Duty hammer and dolly set is the tool for the job.


  • High-Quality Panel Repair Tool Kit
  • Manufactured from High Strength Steel
  • Fibreglass Hand for Strength & Stability
  • Suitable for Flat or Curved Surfaces

With 3 types of hammers of varying shapes and sizes as well as three dollies for shaping, modifying and massaging metal body panels, this panel work kit contains everything you need. All of the parts of this hammer and dolly kit are crafted from high-strength steel and fiberglass handles for superior strength and durability. The included case keeps everything together neatly so none of the pieces goes missing when stacked up on the garage shelf.

Part Number: MRK7PC

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Mechpro Blue Tools are the ideal combination of user-friendliness and robustness for everyone, from weekend mechanics to trackside rev heads. The Mechpro Blue tool and accessory line is an all-purpose line for any mechanic or DIY enthusiast; affordable, high-quality tools that help you saved your hard-earned cash in the long run instead of constantly forking out for part replacements for your 4WD.

Mechpro Blue manufactures many accessories that best help every driver on their tracks trip. These ideal accessories have durable components and affordable prices to ensure that consumers receive only the best. Mechpro Blue accessories include a replacement cigarette lighter plug, swivel adaptor with twin outlets and lighter socket with the mounting panel.

To keep your 4WD in good shape and increase safety while on the tracks, you need Mechpro Blue 4WD care tools for interior and exterior use. These automobile maintenance tools are ideal for buffing, cutting, polishing, and removing grime, dirt, dust, moss, and other contaminants quickly and easily. Mechpro Blue tools include electric and petrol pressure washers, variable speed polishers, and many others.

Mechpro Blue offers electrical accessories that you can use anytime and anywhere. Not only that, it has various battery chargers, jump starters, terminals, connectors, globes, bulbs, beacons and warning lights.

Mechpro Blue designs its tools to complement your existing toolset or begin with a clean slate. It is the name to remember when it comes to suspension adjustments, extracting every last ounce of horsepower and changing and replacing your vehicle's filters most easily.

Here are the tools that Mechpro Blue made for everyone:

● Air tools and compressors

● Automotive and Specialty

● Diagnostic and Electrical Equipment

● Hand Tools

● Power Tools

● Tool Kits and Storage

● Workshop Fluids, Sealants and Fluid Transfer

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Mechpro Blue's high-quality automotive tools simplify automotive repairs, modifications, and services. If you want to purchase one or more Mechpro Blue products, check out our full range below.

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