Livetrack Stealth GPS Tracker 4G with Snatch Clothing Black Truckers Cap Bundle

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If your worried about thieves stealing your 4WD, here’s the easiest way to help stop them with the Ultimate9 LiveTrack Stealth GPS tracker it allows you to keep track of your 4WD day and night from anywhere at any time.

There can be all sorts of reasons why you might need LiveTrack. Its not just about preventing or detecting theft. You might want to keep track of your loved ones while they are out travelling, in case they come into strife and need assistance.


  • Small, advanced and simple to use GPS tracker
  • Comes prefitted with SIM card
  • Track multiple vehicles on the one app (Android and iOS)

Ultimate9 LiveTrack uses GPS satellites to pinpoint the location of the tracker and then uses the mobile phone network to transfer the pinpointed location data straight to your mobile device via the on-board sim card. Using the free iCar app on your mobile device you’ll be able to see where the LiveTrack is on a map. You can even check movements of your tracker from earlier in the week via the location history feature.

Ultimate9 LiveTrack Stealth was primarily designed for vehicle use but can also be installed on a motorbike, tool trailer, camper and your caravan. Giving you piece of mind if you are away from home or on a jobsite you can always keep any eye on your trailer.

Installation is super simple as LiveTrack doesn’t have an external antenna, being not much larger thank a box of matches it can be installed almost anywhere, under the dash near the windscreen is an ideal location. LiveTrack uses a simple 2wire connection, simply connect the red wire to a constant power supply and black wire to ground. The supplied with a prepaid Sim-card that operates on Telstra’s mobile network and comes preloaded with $5 of free data to get you running.

The free-to-download ""iCar App"" uses Google Maps as its mapping service to display LiveTrack GPS data. LiveTracks is a subscription that must be renewed annually to utilize Google Maps services.

Each new LiveTrack purchase comes with a free year's worth of Google Maps access. After the first year, a $15 USD annual cost per tracker is required to continue accessing Google Maps with a seven-day tracking history.

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