KYB Skorched 4 Shock Absorber Front Pair - 845027

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This KYB Shock Absorber Front Skorched 4's Pair 845027 has been specially engineered by KYB to suit the unique and often demanding conditions of the Australian driving environment.

The heavy-duty lifted-height upgrade boasts a large 35mm bore, offering improved control and handling when venturing off road. The pair also boasts a larger oil capacity, which helps to reduce the chance of overheating and fade-out.

Part Number: 845027

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About the Brand Products

All KYB aftermarket shock absorbers and struts distributed through 4WD 24/7 have been engineered with specific valving to suit Australian conditions, thereby achieving superior ride comfort and greater steering stability whether traversing corrugated outback trails or pot holed city streets. Using the same factories and cutting edge technology as leading automotive manufacturers, KYB guarantee superior product quality which equates to unrivalled value and customer satisfaction

So how do you know when it is time to change to new KYB shock absorbers or struts in your 4WD?

  • The first sign is usually a bumpier ride than usual which may come from worn or leaking struts or shocks.

  • Steering or braking problems where the vehicle will not respond as quickly or precisely as usual.

  • Fluid leaks or knocking sounds from your suspension components which come from low or escaping hydraulic fluid from your shocks or struts.

  • Uneven tyre wear which can be caused by differing loads on each corner of the vehicle and shown through excessive body lean and sway as the vehicle turns.

If your 4WD is displaying any of these traits it is best to confirm the diagnosis and look to replace the faulty components in order for your vehicle to remain safe and roadworthy for you and your family. In the case of replacing shock absorbers and struts on your 4WD it is always advisable to change these units in pairs so as to restore either the front or rear to a compatible standard.

Use our "Select Your Vehicle" function to search your 4WD and find the right KYB shock absorbers for you.

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