Kelpro CV Joint Boot Kit - COB-001

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Knock, knock, knock. That's not the sound of the courier with your latest online purchase but it could be the sound of worn and leaking CV joints as you turn corners in your car. Keep the running costs down on your vehicle and think about replacing CV boots that may be torn before they end up wearing out your CV joints through lack of grease and lubrication. Our range of quality replacement CV boots have been manufactured to stand up to the harsh punishment these components endure and by replacing these when due will save on long term issues that can be costly.


  • Manufactured to OEM specifications
  • Continues to be market leader in Aust
  • Kelpro Boots contain all the necessary items required for effective boot replacement:
  • CV Grease
  • Metal Boot Clamps
  • Fitting instructions printed on box
  • Replacement circlips where required

Keep on top of any potential problems by visually checking these periodically and ensuring any signs of excess grease on components or tears in the boot will give you an indication bigger issues soon to be in play. Browse online and use our Rego search tool to find the right CV joint boot for your vehicle or come in store and chat to one of our friendly staff and keep your vehicle running its best.

Part Number: COB-001

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Kelpro High-Quality Rubber and Hard Parts

Kelpro is one of the most recognised brands for high-quality parts for 4WDs, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Kelpro covers many auto parts, from clutch hydraulics to power steering hoses. Aside from Kelpro's variety of products, the brand is also known for producing high-quality, reliable, durable pieces that last longer than other brands.

Kelpro's Leading Products

● Kelpro CV Boots

Since CV Boots are for various applications like 4WD and passenger cars, Kelpro designed them as stepped to be easily modified anytime using a boot gun tool for easy application. Some CV Boots for specific 4WD models are Ford, Mazda, etc.

● Kelpro Clutch Slave Cylinders

If you are looking for clutch slave cylinders, Kelpro has all the types and a full line of clutch hydraulics. Some available new products are clutch master, clutch slave, and wheel cylinders.

Key Features of Kelpro Clutch Slave Cylinders:

● Great cylinder surface to minimise possible cup abrasion

● Tight tolerance specifications for any leaks

● Superior quality made from suitable materials

● Optimised surface for a reliable service life

● Kelpro Suspension Bushes

There are a lot of suspension bushes that are available in Kelpro. One of which is the shock absorber bush which has a 16mm inside diameter, 30.5mm outside diameter, 37mm length, and has two years warranty for the customers. Every suspension bush is made with utmost care as one suspension joins another to control the movements of the joints and minimise any vibration when tracks bumps appear.

● Kelpro Oil Seals

Kelpro uses and follows the OEM material specifications to ensure that every 4WD does not develop any oil leaks. It is also worth mentioning that Kelpro Oil Seals are sourced only from manufacturers approved by the set guidelines in Kelpro's QS9000 Certification.

● Kelpro Engine Mounts

Kelpro engine mounts will put everything in place to keep it right. As a result, it is stiffer and performs better. In addition, it withstands and holds any vibration to keep the machine working well.

● Kelpro Pedal Pads

Kelpro has more than 90 pedal pads manufactured based on the OEM specifications. Some top-selling pedal pads are for Ford, Kia, Mazda, Toyota, Daihatsu, etc.

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Here are some of what the customers say about the Kelpro products.

They are of excellent quality, have good grip and fit perfectly. It looks great too. Highly recommended."

Pedal rubbers needed for a tracksworthy certificate, good quality product that fitted the 4WD perfectly."

Just like the original; snug fit; good weight and such."

Check out Kelpro products today at 4WD247 and invest in any high-quality products to keep your 4WD in good shape.

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