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Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket to suit Landcruiser 200# - KI-LC-200 - Bundle Item

Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket to suit Landcruiser 200# - KI-LC-200 - Bundle Item

Kap Industries

Suitable for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Fire Extinguisher Bracket

This could save your life, easily access your fire extinguisher, and don’t get caught out. Keep your safety equipment within arm’s reach, Kap industries fire extinguisher bracket mounts directly to your seat, unclip with one finger, ready to go, be prepared at all times!

Mount your 4WD fire extinguisher out of harm’s way, yet easily in arms reach using this handy bolt-on bracket. When you need a fire extinguisher you need them quick, so wasting time finding a fire extinguisher in your canopy, in your drawers, or tucked away somewhere hard to reach, could be the difference between a little hiccup or your whole 4WD going up in flames.

Kap Industries fire extinguisher brackets are tailor-made for each 4wd model.


Every Fire Extinguisher Bracket Includes:

  • 1 x Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser Fire Extinguisher Bracket
  • 2 x M5 High Tensile Steel Locknuts
  • 2 x M5 High Tensile Steel Hex Bolts



This Fire Extinguisher Bracket fits both the Drivers Side and Passenger Side of the Toyota LandCruiser 200 series. Including Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive!

Kap Industries fire extinguisher brackets are made from 3mm steel and then powder coated black. All fire extinguisher brackets have a series of slots laser cut into them, so no drilling is required to fix a fire extinguisher to the bracket. It’s a 5-minute install!


How to Install:

  1. 1.  Undo front seat bolts with 14mm socket
  2. 2.  Lift the front of seat up a bit and slide the bracket under till the holes line up with the bolt holes
  3. 3.  Place the Extinguisher cage on the bracket
  4. 4.  Put bolts back in
  5. 5.  Tighten up each bolt gradually
  6. 6.  Give a slight press down into the carpet with your hand.


Every Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket is made to specifically mount each vehicle model, designed to bolt straight in, without the need to drill into the vehicle’s bodywork.

Designed in CAD, laser-cut from lightweight steel and powder coated, made down in Melbourne, each fire extinguisher bracket fits perfectly, does not require any seat adjustment, and is non-obtrusive to the driver or passenger.

The newly designed fire extinguisher bracket suits the interior of the 200Series Cruiser perfectly and has a series of slots laser cut to suit all extinguisher types.



You can purchase a fire extinguisher here


Please Note:

  • Seat bolts are easily cross-threaded.
  • Kap Industries Brackets are only to be used with metal strapped extinguisher cages.
  • Please be careful when installing. Kap Industries takes no responsibility for incorrect installation.


Custom Designed

Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher brackets for all passenger cars, 4WD and commercial vehicles are designed specifically to suit each vehicle model, designed to bolt in as a direct fitment without having to drill into the vehicle’s bodywork.

Designed in CAS, laser-cut from lightweight steel, powder-coated black for a clean finish, each bracket mounts perfectly to existing seat mounting bolts, fire extinguisher brackets do not require any seat adjustments, and are non-obstructive to driver or passenger. Kap Industries fire extinguisher brackets are also CAMS-approved and suitable for racing applications.



Kap Industries is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Kap started in 2014, back then we lived in Perth where we used to race a WRX wagon down at the track. One of the safety requirements from CAMs to race was that a fire extinguisher was within arm’s reach and securely fastened to the car. A friend of Kap Industries didn’t want to drill into his Subaru to race, and I didn’t want to either.

So with a background in metal fabrication (CNC Machinist by trade), I manually designed and crafted a bracket to fit existing seat bolts under the front seat.

Other racegoers started asking if I could make one for their vehicle, as they too didn’t want to drill a hole in their car to fit a fire extinguisher in. As I was making the brackets for my friends, I realized there was definitely a gap in the market and this was something I could sell to others!



We have an amazing community supporting us and what we’re trying to do.

We love that we get to see people enjoying their cars, whether it be off-road, on the track or just out and about – all keeping a bit safer and ready in case of an accident, fire or emergency.

As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is true more than ever when it comes to our cars and fire safety.

Our vision is to not only see every car on the road be fitted with a quality fire extinguisher & bracket but to encourage everyone to be more safety conscious on the roads.


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