Great Whites Attack 170 Alloy LED Driving Light Backlit DRL Combination Beam - GWR10084A

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Attack The Night - with Great Whites

Top of the food chain, the Great Whites Attack LED Driving light range has unrivalled performance. Each of the 170mm Diameter Round LED Driving Lights has plenty of bite! With 6,000 Raw / 4,820 Effective Lumens giving you plenty of light coverage on the road.

GWR 10084A is a combination beam that combines both a spot and a flood pattern for long distances but also a wider spread of light.


  • 170mm Diameter
  • Combination Beam Pattern
  • 4,820 Effective Lumens, 6,000 Raw Lumens
  • 1 Lux at 810m (Pair)*
  • 6.17A @ 13.2V / 3.1A @ 24V
  • XTE HE CREE LEDs, 50,000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Independently Powered Backlit Face
  • IP68/69K Rated
  • Aluminium Housing, Polycarbonate Lens
  • Powder-coated Alloy Finish
  • 3-year Warranty

*Sold as an individual light*

Great White GWR10084A uses CREE LEDs, protected behind a polycarbonate lens, produce a 6000k colour temperature which results in a light very similar to daylight. It's crisp light which is easy on the eyes! Our Attack range uses iris reflectors which help deliver more distance and elliptical optics which provide a full body to the beam.

With a 1 LUX distance of 810m (pair)*, no matter how long, winding or dark your path is, Attack the Night with Great Whites.

Part Number: GWR10084A

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About the Brand Products

Attack the night with Great Whites unbeatable driving lights. As one of Australia's most popular driving lights, 4WD drivers can be assured that Great Whites has earned the trust of many. With its lengthy warranty and excellent overall design, there is no doubt that it is considered one of the country's best-selling 4WD driving lights.

Brief History of Great Whites

In 2013, Great Whites was an outstanding pioneer for LED driving lights in Australia. As years passed, the company made driving lights to provide the best light output at night or even during changing weather conditions. Currently, Great Whites has LED driving lights, LED light bars, LED headlight inserts and DRLs, and mounting accessories.

Great Whites Product Range

To fully attack the night, Great Whites offer reliable and high-performing driving lights and accessories, such as the following:

● Great Whites Accessories

Great Whites offers three accessories to keep your 4WD in good working order. Plug and Play Wiring Harness, and Attack Bar Mounting Brackets are accessible products for attaching lights and detecting any switching mechanisms for the headlights. The Driving Light Switch, which includes an illuminated two-position rocker switch, is another accessory.

● Great Whites Alloy and Attack

Great Whites' Alloy and Attack products are suitable for any vehicle. It achieves a 1 lux range of 280m to 1km with two lights. These products are long-lasting and ideal for smaller and broader bull bar spaces.

● Great Whites Bar Lights

The high-quality LED Light Bar makes every drive the best with its light output, design, lighter weight, easy installation, and one-of-a-kind backlight. Not only that, these bar lights are appropriate for harsh locations or driving circumstances.

● Great Whites Round Lights

The Great White Round Lights contain an embedded amber LED for adverse weather situations such as fog and dust. It allows you to view further down the tracks or off the main route and achieves 1 lux at 810m to 1km with two lights.

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We’re proud stockists of Great Whites LED driving lights for 4WDs. Check out our full range below or give us a call to talk about your night-driving needs.

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