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As the new kid in the automotive lighting scene STEDI have taken on all comers in providing the best quality lighting for your vehicle. Their distinctive style coupled with heavy duty components produce lights and accessories that look great yet stand the test of time.


  • OEM Vehicle Connectors
  • Plug & Play Solution
  • Provides High Beam Signal
  • Suits Most Driving Harnesses
  • 1 Year Warranty

Whether looking for a simple light bar upgrade for better visibility on long country drives through to outfitting the toughest of 4wds with a whole suite of STEDI products you can be assured of quality when choosing STEDI. Conforming to tough IP ratings for dust, dirt and water protection means your new STEDI lights or accessories will stand up to the finest of bull dust or deepest river crossings.

When both day and night visibility is key STEDI provide the range of lighting and accessories to tackle the harshest country or most unforgiving landscapes. Step up to STEDI and see the light with their quality automotive lighting solutions.


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About the Brand Products

LED Autolamps is the market leader when it comes to LED technologies. The company gives customers superior choices, leaving them with zero regrets. With LED Autolamps' vision to compete with the big names in the automotive lighting industry, they make sure that their products won't compromise the trust of their clients and the efforts they have invested in developing designs for the company's success.

LED Autolamps Product Categories

Rear Lamps

LED Autolamps have high-quality standards to follow. This standard makes their rear lamps different from other rear lamps globally. They developed four types of rear lamps: compact combination lamps, multifunction trailer lamps, combination lamps, and single lamps.

Most of the lamps have these excellent features:

● Shock, water, and dust proof

● Lifetime warranty

● Low-profile design/double slimline design/exclusive design

● ECE approved

● Harness system compatible

● Bulk packaging

Marker Lamps

The purpose of marker lamps is to illuminate your vehicle while on the tracks, more like giving a visual signature to other cars. When it comes to reliable and highly visible marker lamps, LED Autolamps are on the top list.

Interior Lamps

The good thing about LED Autolamps interior lamps is that they won't drain your vehicle's power while efficiently illuminating your insides. The company has a comprehensive range of interior lamps such as spot lamps, strip lamps, flexible lamps, step lamps, etc.

Work Lamps

LED Autolamps' work lamps are best when doing a specific task. The company has several options that you can choose from when it comes to high-powered work lamps. Some of the company's extensive work lamps are the following:

● Red Line Range Work Lamps

● Clearance and Scene Lamps

● Forklift Safety Lamps

● Rechargeable Work Lights

● Utility Range Work Lamps

● Flood Lamps

● Spot Lamps

● Extended Voltage Work Lamps

● Search Lamps

● R23 (Reversed) Work Lamps

Warning Lamps

Warning lamps are your best investment. With that, ElectraQuip offers European-approved lamps to provide reliable warning lamps for a particular and sudden situation. Available warning lamps are warning beacons, directional warning lamps, lightbars, and dash lights.

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