Drifta 12v LED Light & Fan and Dunny Shovel Bundle

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You won't want to leave home without this essential Drifta Stockton Light/Fan and Dunny Shovel combo!

Drifta Stockton LED Light & Fans are the perfect buddy on a hot night whether it be in the swag, tent, rooftop tent or simply just around camp. The 4W built in fan will help to keep you cool. With 3 settings (low/med/high) you'll be able to dial in the perfect fan speed. They are also a great way to get some light into where you sleep, no cables required. The built in fully rechargeable 7500mAH lithium battery doubles as a power bank and can also be used to keep your mobile phone charged.

  • Led Spotlight - 1W / 72LM
  • Led FLoodlight - 1W / 2W / 70LM / 150LM
  • Fan Power - 1W / 2.2W / 4W
  • Rechargable lithium battery 3.7V 7500mAH
  • USB output power 5V @ 1AMP
  • Maxium runtime 40H
  • IP20 Rated

Drifta Stockton Small Dunny Shovel

We all have to do some business at one point or another. The Drifta Stockon Small Dunny shovel is just the tool for the job, mind no job is to big or too small for the Dunny Shovel! The Dunny shovel comes apart into 220mm lengths so storing it easy, alternatively once together with the blade folded down total length is 320mm and fully extended is 500mm. The Dunny shovel also comes complete with blade cover, so if you do manage to get the blade dirty, restasure that you'll be able to cover it up.

  • Weight - 0.56kg
  • Size – can be taken apart into 2 parts so max length is 220mm. Once put together and the blade is folded down the length is 320mm. Unfolded total length is 500mm.
  • Shovel Material - 30 mm aluminium tube, stainless head. Dunny shovel has a soft grip.

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