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Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator is perfect for general maintenance cleaning of Boats, Jet-Skis, Boat trailers, and 4WDs after a day on the beach or a surface that may come into contact with corrosive salty sea air. 


  • Flexible to be used as a salt wash for surfaces and marine engine flush for all marine watercrafts
  • Helps protect against corrosive salty sea air by dissolving salt deposits on surfaces & inside engines
  • Designed for use with Dirty Steve Engine Flush Applicator
  • 1L makes up a large 35L of solution

Dirty Steve Engine Salt Wash Remover is an innovative & flexible solution that can be used as a marine engine flush after a day at sea or used as a 'spray & rinse' for surfaces to wash away accumulated salt from a day on the beach, assisting in corrosion prevention.

Other applications include cleaning fishing & diving gear, marine tools, marine trailers & other items kept on water-crafts, leaving your valuables salt free! Rigorously tested on most external surfaces including aluminum, iron, copper, stainless steel, chrome, paint, gel coat, nylon, isinglass, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, rubber, canvas, concrete & brick.

Salt removal & general maintenance wash

When using Dirty Steve Engine Flush & Salt Eliminator for general washing and salt removal of marine equipment, use 30ml per 1L of water in a clean bucket or spray bottle (ensure the bottle is made of HDPE material). Spray or wipe onto surface, wet thoroughly and let dry thoroughly before storing.

For soaking equipment

Place equipment in a basin or bucket for 5 minutes, remove, and allow to dry thoroughly before storing.

Salt removal for 4WDs & Trailers

Spray underside or difficult to reach places of vehicles and trailers. Use a pressure sprayer to rinse with water. For excessive salt build-up, use 60ml per 1L of water.

Let Dirty Steve do your Dirty Work!

Part Number: DS1012

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About the Brand

When it comes to grease and dirt, let Dirty Steve do the work. Experts in professional deep cleaning, they provide solutions for 4WDs. All you need is a standard hose or water access and some Dirty Steve magic and your 4WD will be shining again in no time.

Dirty Steve’s range of products includes the following:

● Foaming Wash

● Foaming Degreaser

● Marine Engine Flush and Salt Eliminator

● Solution Applicators

The brand started off in 2021 with the mission of making tough cleaning jobs into a ‘foaming fun’ experience. So, after an adventure on the water, motocross track, 4WDing or a road trip, the fun won’t die down and cleaning the aftermath won’t be too depressing.

But more than that, Dirty Steve prides itself on delivering Australian-made cleaning solutions that are top-quality. These cleaning solutions are also not only available in Australia, but in New Zealand as well. This guarantees camping, boating and off-road enthusiasts that they are provided with rigorously tested general maintenance solutions for their big toys.

Dirty Steve takes pride in their effective, fragrant and top-quality products:

Radical Rust Protection

Formulated for rust prevention and corrosion protection, this solution is made for metal components and metallic surfaces. It’s also ideal to use as a lubricant for metal moving parts and prevents them from seizing.

● Lanolin-based and easy-spray

● Can be used not only for 4WDs but also for vehicles, trailers, marine watercraft, outboard motors

● Resistant to salt, water and humidity

● Sustainable and biodegradable surfactants

Banana Foaming Wash

Made for professional deep cleaning of 4WDs, boats, jet skis, cars and dirt bikes, this wash lifts and removes dirt and other contaminants. Not only that, it leaves a fresh scent.

● Ceramic infused formula

● Streak Free

● Safe pH levels of 7.5-8.5

● Bio-degradable Surfactants

Strawberry Foaming Degreaser

This sweet-smelling solution assists in removing oil, grease, and tough grime. It can be applied directly to surfaces and can be easily rinsed with water.

● Works on stubborn chain lube residue

● Can be rinsed 30 seconds after direct application on dry surface

● Safe pH levels of 12.0 to 12.5

● Bio-degradable Surfactants

There’s no longer a need to fear the clean-down. Just grab your Dirty Steve flavour of choice and get foamin’ and scrubbin’.

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