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Direction-Plus Pre-Filter & ProVent Bundle - FMPV661DPK

Direction-Plus Pre-Filter & ProVent Bundle - FMPV661DPK


The Direction-Plus Pre-Filter & ProVent Bundle FMPV661DPK contains the Direction-Plus Pre-Filter Kit FM661DPK and the Direction-Plus ProVent Oil Separator Kit PV661DPK, preserving your diesel engine from costly injector failure and reduction in performance.


Kit Contains

  • Direction Plus Filter assembly (including water bowl)
  • Direction Plus Provent Oil Separator
  • Vehicle specific laser cut stainless bracket
  • All hoses required for the job
  • Nuts, bolts, washers & clamps
  • Installation instructions


Vehicle Application

  • Ford Ranger P4AT 2011 - 2021
  • Ford Ranger P5AT 2011 - 2021
  • Ford Everest P5AT 2015 - 2021
  • Mazda BT-50 P4AT 2011 - 2018
  • Mazda BT-50 P5AT 2011 - 2020


Direction Plus Pre-Filter

The Direction-Plus Pre-Filter Kit FM661DPK is your first line of defense against costly injector failure. The FM661DPK pre-filter works alongside the original OEM fuel filter to provide the ultimate protection by filtering out larger particles and removing water, leaving your original OEM filter to do the finer filtration which means it stays cleaner for longer. Designed to handle even the most extreme Australian conditions, the Direction-Plus Pre-Filter Kit FM661DPK can filter out dirt, rocks, fungus, rust, water, and other contaminants with ease.


Direction Plus ProVent

The Direction-Plus ProVent Oil Separator Kit PV661DPK protects your diesel engine by removing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system, avoiding the drop in performance caused by oil coating your 4WDs throttle body and intake manifold. Not only does this prevent oil and soot from contaminating the air intake, but it also regulates crankcase pressure and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Contaminated fuel is one of the leading causes of premature engine failure. You can read more here


Direction Plus

Specializing in parts for 4WDs and diesel engines, Direction Plus ensures that all Aussie adventurers are in good hands as they venture out into Australia’s great outdoors. With a huge range of all-inclusive kits, Direction Plus should be the first point stop for anyone looking to protect their 4WD from contaminated diesel.



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