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Improve your Telstra mobile voice and data coverage with the CEL-FI GO smart signal repeater. Cel-Fi GO is a 3G/4G mobile signal amplifier that provides up to 70 dB of signal gain - 30x more powerful than a standard antenna/cradle set-up. All the while unconditionally protecting the mobile network.


  • The mobile solution meets ACMA regulations.
  • Amplifies and disburses a 3G or 4G Telstra mobile signal.
  • Locked to Telstra
  • Cel-Fi GO has Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to deliver maximum gain up to 70 dB.
  • Provides mobile coverage in and around the vehicle/area.
  • Rigid cast-aluminum casing
  • Cel-Fi GO supports Bluetooth Connectivity or Micro USB connection
  • Intuitive WAVE App allows quick and easy installation by a trained technician.
  • Complete with Axis CLR8 External antenna
  • Mobile signal/reception is required to be able to boost the signal.

Provides Coverage For Automotive Applications

Simply install Cel-Fi GO inside your vehicle and enjoy having great 3G or 4G mobile reception. No longer will you need to stop or drive to a particular spot to be able to make and receive phone calls. Your Cel-Fi GO can be configured to improve the mobile coverage for all types of vehicles from cars to trucks, to farm machinery and caravans, all with only a change in antenna.

Increases Mobile Data Speeds

Slow internet speeds on your mobile device are often caused by low signals. If you suffer from low signal on the go, you will be able to relate to the frustration of trying to access email or the internet. Cel-Fi GO will amplify the available LTE or HSPA mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video, and social networking speeds can achieve up to 4x improvement.

Extends Mobile Phone Battery Life

Mobile phones use a lot more energy when in poor signal areas. The phone adjusts its output power to compensate in an attempt to boost the poor signal. As a result, the phone will consume a lot more battery power. Using Cel-Fi GO, your indoor mobile signal should be high and the battery will last noticeably longer for you to work and talk while on the move.

Eliminates Dropped or Missed Calls

Never miss or lose an important call while on the move because of coverage issues again. Cel-Fi GO will provide improved coverage in low signal areas.

Improves Voice Quality

The quality of a voice call is usually, determined by the phone’s signal strength and nearby interference. With improved signal strength inside your vehicle, Cel-Fi GO mobile version will provide crystal clear voice quality for your cell phones.

Other Features

This compact, easy-to-install device makes a huge impact when out camping, driving through low-coverage areas, and even in your home, workshop or workplace. If you have 1 bar of cellphone reception, the cel-fi go will boost that up to full coverage.

*Unit is locked to Telstra Network*

Part Number: CEL-FI GO

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Note Cellular Bands: - 3G 850 & 4G 700/1800MHZ (one frequency band at a time)
Item Type Signal Repeater
Depth [cm] 80.0
Height [cm] 16.0
Width [cm] 15.8
Weight [kg] 0
Warranty 2 Years

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