CASTROL AXLE OIL EPX 80W90 4L - 3375405

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Castrol Axle Oil EPX 80W90 4L - 3375405


Castrol Axle Oil EPX 80W90 4L - 3375405

Castrol Axle Oil EPX 80W90 4L - 3375405



  • Wide range of European OEM approvals
  • High load carrying capability ensures gears operating under high loads are protected prolonging component life
  • High film strength ensures protection against wear and shock loads
  • Good thermal/oxidation stability protects against the formation of harmful deposits and oil thickening thus prolonging of both lubricant and components


Castrol EPX Axle Oil 80W-90

Castrol EPX Axle Oil 80W-90 is a multipurpose gearbox, steering gear and differential oil for passenger cars, light trucks, farm tractors and earthmoving equipment. It has a high load carrying capability ensuring protection of components whilst offering good thermal stability and protection against harmful deposits and oil thickening. As a factory filled product straight from the production line you can have faith that Castrol axle and universal oils are chosen because of their quality and tested performance and durability. With cars, SUVs and 4wds getting heavier the need for the right lubrication in rear axle fluids and final drives is critical to vehicle reliability and smooth driving. 

Castrol’s high performing oils and fluids are specially designed to keep your engine and drivetrain lubricated and running smoothly and staying well protected, Castrol call it liquid engineering. Castrol have a solution to suit your engine oil needs, whether it be a 4WD like big Sooty, Jocko’s Pony Lux or your daily driver, Castrol have the right oils and fluids to get the best performance out of your vehicles engine while maintaining temperature and protecting the internals.

Cars using Castrol products like Larry Perkinss' Bathurst winning '93 VP Commodore or Shauno in Sooty driving through the heat of Cape York, Castrol have been at the forefront of oil and lubricant research and development. It is with this knowledge and experience that you know you are using the best when you use Castrol oils and lubrication in your 4WD. Trusted by top level motorsport teams and with a presence in Australasia for over 100 years you can rely on Castrol to protect and enhance the performance of your 4WD.



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