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Bowden's Own Rinse Bucket - BOBRINSE


Bowden's Own Rinse Bucket - BOBRINSE

Bowden's Own Rinse Bucket - BOBRINSE

Bowdens Own

Bowden's Own Rinse Bucket - Prevent scratches and swirls when washing your 4WD with a Rinse Bucket, used as part of Bowden's Own two-bucket wash system.


  • Bowden's Own dedicated Rinse Bucket, for your clean or dirty microfibre cloths.
  • Big 15 litre capacity, for many microfibre cloths.
  • Proudly Australian-made and designed bucket!

Created for Bowden's Own Safe Wash System, this dedicated 15 litre Rinse bucket is a part of the process to get the safest clean of any 4WD, car, truck, or bike. Bowden’s Own has designed the Rinse Bucket and their Wash bucket to be easily identifiable for a two-bucket wash technique, as it dramatically reduces the chance of any grit and grime from ever scratching your 4WD. You use this bucket for your rinse water to clean out your sponge, mitt, or cloth before putting it back into your wash suds bucket. This simple system keeps the suds' water clean and reduces the chance of any potentially scratching grit from ever damaging your 4WDs paint.


About Bowden’s Own

The Bowden Family has a deep passion for motorsport dating back to the 60’s and restoring classic vehicles, after using a range of other highly regarded car care brands, the Bowden’s noticed some issues with the paint finish of their prized vehicles. Commissioning a local chemist, Bowden’s quickly discovered that the majority of these other car care brands used cheap and damaging chemicals that were no good for long-term use, some trial and error the Bowden’s finalized their first 4 products that they could trust on their prized vehicles, this ultimately lead to the launch of the Bowden’s Own brand in 2002.

Since 2002 Bowden’s Own has been working with local chemists and chemical engineers to bring you the finest Australian Made car care products, that are meticulously tested and trailed, some over many years like Wheely Clean and Tyre Sheen that took 7 years of development each to perfect, and now proudly wear the Bowden Family name on the bottle.

It’s now been 20 years since Bowden’s Own was first launched, and the passionate team at Bowden’s Own continues to grow, research, and develop leading car care products, made right here in Australia on the Sunshine Coast.

If your looking to give your 4WD a full detail, maintenance wash, or good old interior clean after a weekend out on the tracks, the quality range of Bowden’s Own has you covered.



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