Bowden's Own Fully Slick V2 770ml - BOFS2

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A protective detailing spray that leaves a slick, glossy finish Bowden's Own Fully Slick has always provided an exceptional finish and protection, but Bowden's has stepped it up another level with their latest upgraded formula.


  • An even slicker, glossier, and butter-smooth finish that may result in some awkward car caressing moments if used in public (it's OK, we understand)
  • Easier buffing for a Fully Slick and streak-free finish, like your car, has just been waxed
  • Advanced polymers for even longer protection (up to a month)
  • Enhanced UV protection specially formulated for Aussie conditions

Inspired by the fanatical response to the original Fully Slick formula, they have let their mad scientists loose with a mission to make Fully Slick even Slicker(er) and Easier(er) to use….and man did they deliver! The fields of chemical and molecular technology are continually evolving and advancing, which enables Bowden's to incorporate these advances into even better formulas.

Part Number: BOFS2

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