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BlackVue DR-PMP Dash Cam Power Magic Pro DR-PMP

BlackVue DR-PMP Dash Cam Power Magic Pro DR-PMP


The BlackVue Power Magic Pro is your hardwiring Dash-Cam solution and supplies power to your BlackVue Dash Cam from your 4WDs battery. This means you can hardwire a BlackVue Dash Cam into your 4WD and not have a cable dangling from your windscreen. The other great benefit is that your dash camera can continue to record once you've parked your 4WD.


  • Hardwire Kit for BlackVue Dash Cams
  • Set up your BlackVue Dash Cam Parking Mode
  • Record impacts or movements while the car is off
  • Voltage monitoring for power cut off to prevent car battery discharge
  • Adjustable Timer

Rest easy, knowing that your car is being monitored while you are away. The DashCam switches to record mode when it sees any movement or detects a shunt. It can help record attempted thefts or other car's bumping into your car while you're not there to witness it. You can configure the voltage and timer parameters to prevent your car battery from completely discharging.

With Parking Mode Switch ON: Power Magic Pro supplies your BlackVue with power even if the ignition of the vehicle is turned off until it reaches voltage cut-off or timeout value.

With Parking Mode Switch OFF: Power Magic Pro supplies power to your dashcam only when 4WD ignition is on.

You can configure Power Magic Pro to supply power to your BlackVue for a preset duration, from 6 hours to infinity. The timer function is only active when the 4WD's ignition is off and automatically stops if the ignition is on. Regardless of the timer setting, the power is cut as soon as the voltage drops below the configured voltage cut-off value.


BlackVue Dash Cams - A worthwhile investment for any 4WD

Whether you want some extra security against potential collisions, traffic dramas and carpark damage, or even if you just want to capture some footage of your next 4WD road trip, it's never been easier than with a BlackVue Dash Cam. At 4WD24/7 we have a comprehensive range of Blackvue Dash Cams including a 4K Dash Cam, 1080p Dash Cam, and even some two-channel dash cam options to get all angles covered. BlackVue Dash Cameras are the world's best-selling dash cam and for good reason. BlackVue dash cameras feature some of the highest quality image recording capabilities on the market with Ultra HD and great frame rates to capture every moment in the best quality possible so you can capture all of the important details, no matter how small. With WiFi and smartphone connectivity, BlackVue brings dashcam technology into the modern-day and allows for seamless integration with your devices to make them some of the most user-friendly dashcams on the market.



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