Oyster Shooters

Moreton Oyster Shooters

Move over Chef Whale, Graham’s got something a bit special for the boys. We're going to make oyster shooters, YES, you heard me right, oyster shooters. Oysters, you either love them or hate them but when you slather them with some vegetable juice and vodka, even the fussiest of a camper may be swayed.  

Here’s the low down on what you’ll need to recreate Graham’s Oyster shooters.


  • One dozen Fresh Oysters
  • V8 Spicy Vegetable Juice
  • Tabasco Sauce
  • Vodka of your choice
  • Celery Sticks

First things first, you’ll need some glasses or cups. Next, you’ll need your oysters, Grahams used a dozen of Moreton Bay's finest oysters for a couple of oysters per glass, if you’ve got some leftovers here, well you’ve got a bonus for you oyster lovers. Drop one oyster into the bottom of the glass.

Time to get your V8 Spicy Vegetable out of your fridge, drop a shot of juice on top of the oysters. juice oh yeah that looks pretty darn good.

It wouldn’t be a shooter, without something just a little bit naughty, grab a shot of your choice of vodka and throw that into the glass.

Because we’re going to make it something a little bit special and you’ve got to put a little bit of tabasco in each, one just a couple of drops to give it some extra kick.

Then because we’ve got your gourmet hat on, you're gonna want to stir that around and mix it up. You could, of course, use your finger, you could use a stick or you could use a spoon but we aren’t doing that, here we go get your celery sticks out, the idea behind the celery of course is so you can stir all the ingredients before you gulp it down.

Bottoms up, give it a stir, here’s to oyster shooters, cheers.