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You could say that we’ve been living this lifestyle all our lives, but it was way back in the early days of 4WD Action that people started to take notice. Of course, back then we travelled all over Australia to write articles, film adventures and have it all shared monthly at your local newsagent.

They were good times but one night around a campfire, we cracked a coldy and made a plan to create the biggest 4WD community that’s ever been seen online.

Jocko, Shauno, Graham having beers on a beach during sunset

Yep – we made the move to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and crikey hasn’t that blown up! Who’d have thought a mad adventurer and ratbag like Shauno, Graham, a bushy from Western Australia, and 4WD nutters like Jocko & Jesse would soon have the biggest 4WD YouTube channel in terms of weekly views in the WORLD with over 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!! Yeah, pretty darn incredible, hey?

So now we travel over 200 days of the year to all parts of Australia such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Tasmania, Vic High Country and all tracks in-between to camp, explore and engage low range as often as possible. In tow we have a camera crew and a bunch of good mates to capture these adventures and bring them back for your enjoyment on YouTube…for FREE! Not a bad price if you ask us.

I feel like there can be a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to quality 4WD products. Especially for those starting out, it’s really important to have a reliable source of information, products and recommendations. That’s how the idea for this platform began.”

Shaun Whale

4WD 24/7
About Our Mission


Our mission has always been to help 4WDers. To give you something entertaining to watch 24/7, inspire you to get out there and explore Australia yourselves, give you tips and advice we’ve learnt along the way to help you build up your 4WD, and to help you out when you need it with prizes, save money with the best deals and going a step further. To help with those that really need it like the Bushfire victims, families doing it tough and kids that need a helping hand. The 4WDing community is one big family and we are damn stoked to be a part of it.

About why 4wd247


We get to test a lot of products from a huge range of companies and we’ve certainly figured out what works out bush and most certainly what doesn’t. And this is exactly how 4WD247.com began….

Just like you, we want the same three things from the gear we hand over our hard-earned coin on;

We need to trust the gear won’t let us down out bush or on the tracks

We want to get the gear at the best price possible (that’s a no brainer, right?)

We want it delivered fast and with great customer service.

The outcome has been what you see right here; 4WD247.com

Shaun Graham Jock cooking

It’s the website made by 4WDers for 4WDers. We are working with our mates in the industry to bring you the same trusted quality gear we put through the ringer daily all-around Australia in some of the most testing conditions imaginable at the best prices you’ll get anywhere, all delivered to your door fast, easily and effortlessly. We’re here to support you and have great customer service with Australians right here ready to answer all your questions and make sure you get what you wanted with zero hassle.

We’re stoked to be able to make it easy for you to get the gear you need to really make the most of your time out bush at the best prices…all that’s left up to you is getting out there and start thrashing it like we do.

Hope to see you on the tracks or around a campfire.

Cheers Shauno, Graham, Jocko & Jesse


We approach this page with the same mindset as the rest of our platforms:

  • quality goods


    We like to take care of our vehicles (and ourselves) so quality products for our 4WDs is important. You won’t see us recommending anything dodgy here.

  • education


    To make the most of an offroad adventure, we aim to educate our viewers and listeners on best practises, safety, and great location recommendations.

  • community


    Our platforms aim to promote a supportive community of likeminded individuals. It’s nice to know and see others adventuring and learning alongside you.