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Uniden is a pioneer in developing cutting-edge technology and spans international operations to several countries such as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. Uniden continues to offer exceptional goods to people's homes worldwide, producing over two million wireless products including CB radios and phones every month. The company is still striving for new ideas and excellence in the wireless communication industry.

Uniden is well-known for its high-quality wireless comms devices. It offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality items for wireless communication products such as radios, phones, detectors, and many others. All of these can be invaluable when you’re going off-roads on your 4WD adventures.

CB Radios are great for keeping in touch while travelling and in an emergency. Uniden CB Radios are ideal for long days on the tracks as it gives you the best reception, transmission strength, and range. Some of the CB radios from Uniden are:

● Bearcat 880 CB Radio with 7-colour Digital Display

● PRO401HH Handheld CB Radio

● PRO505XL Compact Mobile CB Radio

● PRO510XL Compact Mobile CB Radio

● PRO520XL CB Radio

● CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Compact CB Radio with Mic Display

● PC68LTX CB Radio

Uniden also offers the best and most affordable 4WD radar and laser detectors. All detectors have excellent features that give them an edge over other brands. Uniden radar detectors are known for their outstanding features like dual antennas for detecting threats from all four directions and voice alerts for threat direction. Also, it sends out warnings about speed traps, construction zones, school zones, other traffic difficulties, and many more. With these detectors, it can significantly improve any driver's driving experience.

The Uniden scanner is a radio frequency scanning device used to listen to radio broadcasts. It is a great way to remain updated on local events and may be used for specific purposes. In general, Uniden scanners are versatile, compact and easy to use. You can listen to different broadcasts such as:

● Police

● Fire/Emergency

● HAM Radio

● Marine

● Railroads

● Civil Air

● Military Air

● CB Radio


● Racing

Did you also know that Uniden is the world's leading manufacturer of marine radios? The company provides the best radio to help two-way communicators send and receive messages in both directions through their marine radios. They designed their radios that are clear and easy to operate for safe work at the sea.

Stay connected with Uniden’s cutting-edge communication devices. Browse our full range of Uniden products below and contact our friendly team with any questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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