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TRED - The Only Recovery Board You'll Ever Need

TRED Recovery Boards withstand high torque, flex, weight, and impact levels. They are engineered and built in Australia using only the best quality materials. TRED Recovery Boards are the most outstanding choice for recovery due to intense reviews of every minute aspect of the design process.

For ages, recovery boards have kept off-roaders out of trouble. Wheeled vehicles have been stuck with the requirement for recovery since the days of horse-drawn buggies, beginning with aid from tree branches, lumber, or rocks. TRED distinguishes itself with its ease of use and specially built features.

TRED is the ultimate Total Recovery & Extraction Device due to its two-in-one design comprising a shovel and a heavy-duty, highly built recovery ramp. Sounds amazing, right? Well, 4WD247 is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on this product.

TRED Recovery Boards


TRED Pro is the gold standard in recovery boards, intended for the serious adventurer who lives, breathes, and eats exploration. TRED Pro is the next version of the market's most advanced all-in-one off-road vehicle recovery boards. It's designed to get your 4WD, ATV, and other equipment out of hazardous conditions whenever adhesion is lost in sand, mud, or snow. It is developed and built-in Australia and outperforms any other traction aid on the market, allowing you to explore with confidence regardless of the terrain.


The TRED HD is the supreme recovery board for the off-road enthusiast whose adventures necessitate high-quality equipment. TRED HD is constructed of a high-quality proprietary blend designed Nylon that allows for high amounts of flex while also providing outstanding strength and durability. The TRED HD maintains a high degree of pressure on your tyre to provide ultimate grip while being able to bear the flex from the vehicle's weight on the unstable and uneven ground due to the combination of elasticity and robust, rigid design in the main body. TRED HD's distinctive all-season composition will help you all year in temperatures ranging from -15°C (5°F) to 70°C (158°F).


The TRED GT is designed for adventurous travelling who want to explore confidently. TRED GT is made of high-quality automotive-grade polypropylene and has outstanding strength, impact resistance, and longevity. TRED GT provides exceptional dependability and performance in any off-road recovery situation, thanks to a material composition that functions all year in ambient temperatures ranging from 0°C (32°F) to 55°C (131°F) and a robust, rigid design profile.

TRED Recovery Boards Features:


Unrivalled and innovative dual composite design ensures no board damage during wheelspin.


Engineered with a unique nylon material blend to flex under pressure and resist wear.


A specific patented grip profile is generated from real-world data and optimised to interact with sipes or water evacuation channels on the outer edges of tires.


Improved design and product development to assist you in recovering from sand, mud, and snow.


Improved tooth distribution and design based on studies of hundreds of tire manufacturers' tread patterns for optimal traction and easy escape.


We can customise the nodule's profile to better grip the tire's profile and allow it to adjust to the terrain using a directional recovery board.


The world's first non-mechanical solo off-road vehicle recovery equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.


Ergonomic changes to the shovel and handles and a redesigned contour ramp provide maximum grip, comfort, and control for clearing debris and blockages.


Stealth mode was activated, with stealth black teeth all over the place.

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