Thunder Products

Go places you’ve never been before with Thunder Auto.

Thunder Battery Chargers and 4WD Accessories make adventure more affordable and accessible than ever before for up and coming 4WD enthusiasts.

Designed to bridge the gap between entry level and professional quality 4WD accessories, battery chargers and automotive accessories, Thunder products are built to withstand the most testing conditions.

What makes Thunder Battery Chargers so good?

Thunder Battery Chargers operate on an eight-phase charging program that allows for the identification of faulty batteries while also preserving the life of your battery and ensuring maximum charge.

The charging process begins with the Thunder charger de-sulfating your battery and performing tests to determine the condition of your battery. From there, Thunder battery chargers perform a soft start to ensure your battery isn’t flooded with charge and overloaded. The charger will then enter the bulk charge stage to complete much of the charge.

The final stage of the battery charge involves absorption, analysis, boost, float, and maintenance to ensure that battery is completely full and maintains charge until you are ready to next use it.