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Safari Snorkels for 4WDs - Ultimate Engine Performance and Protection

Safari 4WD Engineering is dedicated to providing the best in 4WD engine performance and engine protection. Since 1981, Safari 4WD has been the market leader in 4WD products. For years, Safari 4WD engineering has developed and produced 4WD snorkels and 4WD performance systems to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and driving dynamics of 4WD vehicles.

Safari-designed vehicle snorkels can be found on several 4WD brands such as Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, etc. Safari is distinguished by the quality and endurance of its components, the attention to detail in every system, and the absolute demand that product performance is continuously reliable.

Upgrade your vehicle with a Safari 4WD Product

The Safari ARMAX Performance Engine Control unit

The Safari ARMAX 'X Series' Engine Control Unit (ECU) is designed to function in tandem with your vehicle's OE Engine Control Unit. Resulting in increased power, torque, better throttle response, lower fuel consumption, and less turbo lag. Safari's sophisticated engine protection systems are always live, monitoring your vehicle for comprehensive drivetrain safety and ultimate dependability.

The ARMAX ECU comes with 5 pre-calibrated maps for all user circumstances. However, they can be changed to suit particular applications. The plug-and-play wire harness facilitates installation, and vehicle-specific mounting bracketry completes the package.

Safari Snorkels

Safari Snorkels, invented in Australia in the early 1980s and industry-leading in design and durability, arose from the need to shield 4WD engines from the dust and water hazards inherent in difficult off-tracks driving circumstances.

Each 4WD Snorkel system is corrosion-resistant and made to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross-linked polyethylene material. It also features premium fixtures and fittings for improved sealing, OEM levels of presentation, and long-term durability, offering a continuous, cooler flow. Protecting your engine from dust, snow, and water ingestion is critical to keep your 4WD on the tracks and not on the sidelines. A Safari snorkel will always provide clean, dry air, regardless of the conditions.

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