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Runva Winches: The Ultimate Vehicle Recovery Device

Runva is a well-known international brand with a global distribution network spanning over 50 countries. The company has been a pioneer in winch manufacturing since 1997 and grown rapidly through the Australian market since 2011 on the back of excellent product quality and customer satisfaction. Above all, their winches are dependable and affordable.

Electric winches are a near-essential piece of 4WD kit that can make recovering your vehicle much safer and easier. There’s a temptation that since you (hopefully) won’t have to use a recovery winch very often, to buy something “cheap and cheerful”. Please, don’t do that. Imagine - you’re there, about to tow your mate’s rig out of the ditch, and….your cheap winch can’t hack it. Embrassing, aggravating, even dangerous.

Runva Winches aren’t just designed and tested to be the best, they’ve been proven to be the best by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Runva has a wide selection of winches that have several outstanding features that their competitors lack. Here are the six categories of the Runva winches that you can find at 4WD247:

Runva ATV Series

The Runva winch ATV series is both compact and powerful. An additional wireless remote is also available as an option, giving you the freedom to winch all you can. The three-stage planetary gears are full steel to provide the best pulling power to get your vehicle out of the most challenging terrain.

Runva Compact Series

The Runva Compact Series is the perfect winch series if you need a lot of line pulling power but do not have much space. The Compact Series is the Runva 11XS Premium 12V with Synthetic Rope. Boat trailers, tippers, auto trailers, chippers, 4WD applications, etc., can benefit from the winch. The compact series have the following features:

● 11,000 lb line pull capacity

● Super compact model

● IP67 Ingress protected

● Ratchet brake in the gearbox

● Air-free spool clutch available

● Ideal for large trailers - boat & car

Runva 4WD series

The 4WD winch got everything you need. This type of series is perfect for any small or sizable 4WD vehicle in the market. This product will get you even in the most challenging recoveries. It also has a cable-type synthetic rope with a stainless steel rotary clutch and a ratchet brake in the rotatable gearbox.

Runva Commercial Series

The Runva commercial series has nine products for premium and hydraulic uses with synthetic rope or steel cable. This winch is for both recreational and business use. It is ideal for recreational or commercial applications, anytime and anywhere.

Runva Competition Series

The available models of the competition series have faster power, high torque, and a massive motor. It can winch at nearly twice the pace, whether a small or medium-sized vehicle. The brake is a complex ratchet device housed in the gearbox that is highly effective and capable of holding without fail after you stop winching. However, this winch may not fit all 4WD Winch Bars/Bullbars due to its size.

Runva Lifting Series

Lifting is made easy with the Runva Lifting Series. The lifting action is controlled by the remote, which does not have a manual clutch lever for safety reasons. In addition, these models include all of the Premium features.

● 2,000 lb lifting capacity

● Lifting certified

● Compact size

● IP67 Ingress protected

● Ratchet style brake in the gearbox

● Suitable for land & marine applications

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