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OEX has a 20-year track record of performance in the Australian and New Zealand automotive markets, consistently sourcing parts for new vehicles or driving innovation with manufacturing partners. OEX and its partners are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring that the varied range satisfies specific standards, including:

● engineering, testing, and quality control methods that are rigorous

● superior product support and service

● knowledge, competence, and adaptability in developing and designing new products to deliver accurate and quick aftermarket programs

● manufactured products that are consistent and dependable even under the most extreme weather and operational situations

OEX Alternators

When performing regular maintenance checks, your 4WD’s alternator is one of the most important components to examine. Your 4WD won’t drive without it. You might have experienced it yourself - when the alternator fails, the radio begins to cut out, the dash lights begin to fade, the headlights stop working, and the engine could fail. Bearing failure is one of the most prevalent causes of alternator breakdown; a loud crunching noise commonly accompanies alternator bearing failure. It's only a matter of time before your alternator breaks if you start hearing this sound. Moreover, depending on the age and make of your vehicle, getting a replacement alternator can be difficult.

The good news is that OEX has created a number of improvements for some of the most popular cars in Australia and New Zealand, eliminating established installation challenges and assisting clients in reducing inventory and preventing breakdowns.

1. DXA433U and DXA4041 Alternators - One alternator replaces active and inactive light functions to fit Toyota LandCruiser 79, 80, and 100 series with 4.2L engines.

2. DXA4044U Alternator - One 240A high output alternator to auxiliary power equipment like twin battery systems. A dual-function alternator substitutes active and inactive light functionalities to fit Toyota LandCruiser 79, 80, and 100 series with 4.2L engines.

3. DXS575 Starter Motor - To fit numerous vehicle types, one starting motor with two switch plugs is used; Toyota HiLux, HiAce, or Prado with D4D 3.0L engines.

OEX engineers collaborate closely with premier automotive electrical specialists and OE manufacturers to solve challenges induced by environmental conditions or original product development oversights.

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OEX provides a comprehensive selection of automotive aftermarket components designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. Aside from alternators, OEX also provides the following products:

● Cable and Connectors

● Compressors

● Condensers

● Fuses and Terminals

● Globes

● LED Lighting

● Radiators

● Starter Motors

● Switches

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