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myCOOLMAN offers Australian adventurers a wide range of travel accessories such as fridges/freezers, drinkware, and cooler bags. These convenient products are manufactured in Germany to suit the specific demands of the public. As myCOOLMAN customers are big fans of fun times and chilled beverages, they have engineered more and more appliances better suited for outdoor trips and adventures.

myCOOLMAN: About the products

1. Portable Fridges and Freezers

● Standard

The design is ideal for shopping or camping buddies. It is suitable for everyday use, and storing is made easy with its compact size. The standard types include the 30L Transporter, 36L Compact, 44L Weekender, 47L Roamer, 60L All-rounder, 73L Partier, and 105L Fisherman.


● Single Zone

● Powered by a 12/24 Volt DC Compressor

● Mounted bottle openers on each end

● Flat carry and tie-down handles

● Easy to read digital display

● Multi-voltage system AC (240V) and DC (12/24V) with a battery protection

● USB port and charger with 3000 mA

● Bluetooth app provides wireless connectivity

● LED interior lighting

● Divided storage baskets with removable sections

● Fully refrigerated multi-level compartment

● Space for upright storage of larger bottles

● Dual Zone

From the word itself, dual means having a two-way reversible lid for double storage usage with its two compartments. For either of the two units, you can choose which ones are the freezer and the fridge. The dual-zone types are Explorer, Traveller, Adventurer, and Ultimate, between 53L-96L.

2. Coolers and Ice Boxes

myCOOLMAN has three coolers and ice boxes. The products are most popular as they have the best qualities and features. Here are the key features:

● Fits all cars

● Coffee cup holders

● Fully refrigerated

● USB ports and chargers

● Keep warm

● Compact

3. Insulated Covers

In myCOOLMAN’s insulated covers ensure that their products are stylish and protective to any harsh conditions and outdoor elements. The covers easily fit food and fruits, either small or large—the nine insulated covers of myCOOLMAN range from 30 to 105 litres.

4. Drinkware

When it comes to drinkware, myCOOLMAN never disappoints. They have four available products perfect for drinking and consumption. All drinkware products were made of stainless steel to keep liquids cold or hot for a couple of hours.

myCOOLMAN’s drinkware products are:

● Insulated Drink Bottle 591ml

● Insulated Travel Mug 414ml

● Stainless Steel Tumbler 591ml

● Stainless Steel Tumbler 887ml

5. Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are helpful things you can bring whenever you go on adventures. You can store your food and drinks inside since it has insulated features. On average, your food will be cold for two hours. However, the mean temperature will last longer if you put some ice into it. The myCOOLMAN cooler bags have a variety of styles like a zipperless bag, backpack, sports tote, and rolling bag.

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Here are some testimonies on myCOOLMAN products:

“By far one of the best fridge/freezers I’ve ever used. Got to say that I’ve used my myCOOLMAN for the past few years whilst fishing all over Australia.”

“Excellent fridge, been running mine for a few trips over the last six months and been excellent.”

“Love this cooler. It fits between my seats. What a great product.”

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