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As a company that designs and manufactures the best recovery boards for 4WDs, MaxTrax Recovery Tracks prides itself in getting cars out of trouble in Australia. In 2001, Brad McCarthy discovered an idea through his past experiences in Australia's bush tracks. He made a solution to the underlying problem, and that was how MaxTrax started. Brad tested numerous prototypes, and after many tries, he finally made a lightweight and durable device that could help 4WD and vehicle owners, even in the most demanding situations.

MaxTrax Best Products

MaxTrax offers three recovery tracks: Xtreme, MKII Recovery Tracks, and Mini and JaxBase.

● MaxTrax Xtreme

When talking about the most advanced recovery track, MaxTrax Xtreme is on the top rank. It is an award-winning recovery board with 88 hard-anodised alloy teeth that are replaceable anytime. Xtreme works faster and stronger than any other device. It has five colours: Signature Orange, Stealth Black, Gunmetal Grey, Olive Drab, and Desert Tan. In addition, MaxTrax Xtreme has an available teeth replacement kit, set, and insert tool.

● MaxTrax MKII Recovery Tracks

Like the other MaxTrax recovery tracks, the MKII boards consist of super-tough UV-stabilised nylon for an easy and quick recovery. In addition, the MKII rugged teeth interlock with the car's tyre tread and have a double-edged design, so you can easily maneuver your tyre. Also, it has six built-in handles and a shovel so you can comfortably retrieve your 4WD from trouble.

● MaxTrax Mini and JaxBase

MaxTrax Mini has a shovel and two built-in handles to get your vehicle unstuck easily. Another feature of these recovery tracks is that they have a keyhole accessory that allows every driver to mount the MaxTrax Mini correctly. One of the other uses of Mini and Jaxbase tracks is that you can join them together to have an extended length, if ever. For easy storage, you can place the mini stacks on top of the Jaxbase.

The MaxTrax Features

Every recovery track that MaxTrax engineered has outstanding features that make them different from other brands. They are:

● Lightweight

● Easy to use

● Flexible

● Super tough

● UV-stabilised

● Quick and easy

● Comfortable built-in handles

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