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Custom-made fire extinguisher brackets — that is what Kap Industries is known for. The company creates and designs frames in computer-aided design to ensure that it perfectly fits every 4WD model. The brackets also fit in race track applications as Kap Industries has started on the track itself.

It was in 2014 when the discovery of fire extinguisher brackets happened. It started with a safety requirement for the race and has now become a business. After one or two handmade frames before, the company directly sends hundreds of racks worldwide. With Kap Industries' vision to encourage everyone to be safe on trackss, the company continuously supplies the best brackets in Australia and overseas.

Most Popular Kap Industries Products

As Kap Industries designs custom-made fire extinguisher brackets, more and more people have discovered the brand. Out of all the frames, these are the most purchased and popular:

● Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Holden Colorado RG, Colorado 7 and Trailblazer

It is made from powder-coated black and steel and fits the driver and passenger sides. Every bracket purchase has additional high tensile steel locknuts and hex bolts.

To install the fire extinguisher bracket, here is the instruction:

1. Undo front seat bolts with 14mm socket

2. Bolt extinguisher cage to the bracket

3. Put the frame onto the seat legs

4. Put bolts back in

5. Do up each bolt until tight.

● Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Nissan Navara NP300, D40, D23

For the Nissan Navara, the bracket fits perfectly on the left-hand side of the driver seat. The fire extinguisher bracket comes with 2 x M5 High Tensile Locknuts and 2 x M5 High Tensile Hex Bolts.

The installation process is through the following:

1. Remove two front seat bolts with a 16mm Socket

2. Lift front seat up and slide bracket under

3. Reinstall the front seat bolts and tighten them by hand before tightening with the Socket again.

4. Attach extinguisher with supplied hardware

Buy your Fire Extinguisher Brackets today.

Here are some of the customer reviews with Kap Industries products:

A great quality product and effortless installation. Who knew fire safety could look so good."

The bracket is of high quality and allows me to mount the extinguisher in my 100 Series Landcruiser without drilling any holes. Thanks, Kap Industries."

Great product that was easy to fit in 5 minutes. Strong and secure, the mount is great and sits like it was an OEM product."

Check out the Kap products at 4WD247 and buy yours now for a safe tracks trip.

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