K&N Filters Products

K&N is an air filter manufacturer that has been the automotive filtration leader for five decades. With Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald's experimentation with air filters way back in the early 1960s. Since then, the years of experience of K&N in this industry made them one of the top picks in terms of filtration technology today.

What are K&N's products?

K&N has developed several performance products to cater to different types of vehicles and other industrial applications. Their range of products includes air filters, cold air intakes, cabin air filters, oil filters, power sports, and home air filters.

● K&N Air Filter

A filter protects the car's engine. K&N's air filter improves the airflow and increases the horsepower and protection of your engine. With KandN, the air filter is washable and reusable. It is available for 4WDs, cars, trucks, marine vehicles, and more.

● K&N Cold Air Intakes

K&N Intake systems are the most cost-effective way to improve your engine's airflow. Like the air filter, K&N's cold air intakes improve the engine's horsepower and torque. This product met the company standard as it underwent in-house testing for every air intake. It is available for 4WDs, cars, trucks, heavy-duty, RV, and power sports.

● K&N Cabin Air Filter

A cabin air filter filters the air that comes inside your car. It keeps a healthy atmosphere for the passengers and 4WD interiors. K&N's cabin air filter stands out from other brands because of its excellent features. The features are:

Key features:

● Electrostatically charged

● Washable and reusable

● Extensively tested

● Easy Installation

● 10-year warranty

● K&N Oil Filter

The oil filters by K&N have the same standards as the High-Flow Air Filters. It prevents any contamination from your engine oil by capturing possible contaminants. Oil filters undergo testing to meet the OEM standard. In terms of best-in-class performance and convenience, K&N gold oil filters top the list as it has a wrench-off design, heavy-duty canister, pre-drilled nut, and oil compatibility.

What do customers say about K&N products?

When it comes to knowing the effectiveness and performance of the product, one must listen to what everybody says about it. Here are some of the customer reviews:

One of the first things I do with any new 4WD is to install a K&N filter. The design allows the engine to breathe cleaner air easier."

Been using K&N filters for decades, and we love them. It's the first purchase we make after buying a new vehicle."

The best thing you can do is install one of these in your 4WD - easy and freeing air to make the truck or 4WD run smoother."

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