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Gasmate: 30 Years of Outdoor Leisure

Gasmate is an iconic Australian-owned company, delivering outdoor living products that turns any off-road adventure into a leisure vacation. Enhance your next camping trip by transforming the great Aussie outdoors or any Aussie terrain into your very own patio and kitchen. Gasmate offers a wide range of products including outdoor kitchens, BBQs, bar fridges, range hoods, heaters, lights, stoves, and other camping products.

‘The Outdoors Made Easy with Gasmate’

Just because you’re on an off-tracks trip doesn’t mean you’ll have to endure and survive on lunch boxes with cold food. Gasmate is your best mate if you want to enjoy sumptuous meals to fill yourself after a jampacked day of adventure in the wild. Whether it’s summer or winter, Gasmate has a product to amp up your alfresco culinary experience.

Gasmate offers Portable BBQs so you can feast on the go during camping or picnics. They offer a wide range of lightweight and compact BBQ ranges that are easy and safe to use. Gasmate Portable BBQs combines safety and style so you can dine under the stars with mouthwatering grilled meat and vegetables. These are also great for garden parties when you’re at hom1

Aside from upgrading your gastronomic outdoor adventure, Gasmate also offers a wide range of outdoor living products so you can relax to the max outdoors. Gasmate has wide range of camping lighting products - all designed with the Australian conditions in mind. These are easy to use lighting products perfect for your next camping or backpacking trip.

Gasmate won’t let the cold stop you from enjoying the great outdoors as well. No need to suffer from the cold when you have Gasmate’s portable heater and hot water systems. The brand offers either LPG or butane heaters so you can stay warm. The Gasmate Portable Hot Water Systems are perfect if you want to enjoy a warm and comfortable shower when you go camping.

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Going on a 4WD off-road adventure and camping should not always be a tumultuous and tiring endeavour. If you want an enjoyable and leisurely vacation on Australia’s great outdoors, make sure to trust the best outdoor product brand in Australia - Gasmate. All of their products meet the strictest quality control to make sure you comfortable and safe at all times. Buy your Gasmate BBQ and Outdoor product here at 4WD247 today.