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Ezy Anchor's newly acclaimed best "quick and easier screw in tent peg" alternative makes your camping, caravanning, and Motorhome setup and takedown of your awnings, tents, tarps, gazebos, and campsites so much easier. It delivers you with more excellent safety, security, and strength, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors much faster than driving and pulling tent pegs.

Ezy Anchor is designed for areas with hard red dirt, rough surfaces, and hard-packed clay.

Their package Includes:

● 6 x Ezy Anchors

● 6 x 200mm Long Screws

● 1 x Torx T50 Driver

● 1 x Calico Storage Bag

Months of testing in both of the areas mentioned above and research throughout Central and Outback Australia went into creating Ezy Anchor packs.

Ezy Anchor’s History

Ezy Anchor Screw-In Tent Pegs is the result of 25 years of 4WD camping and caravanning all across Australia – including Fraser Island to Lawn Hill to Kakadu to Broome to Esperance to Esperance Broken Hill and beyond. After 23 years of setting up and breaking down camp in tents, hard floor camper trailers, hybrid campers, and now their caravan, they thought of making a simpler way of driving and pulling tent pegs from the ground.

The Ezy Anchor is made of rigid recyclable plastic, and the screw pegs are angled at about a 30-degree angle. As a result, Ezy Anchor is a safe, secure, and strong anchor that can withstand most environments and weather conditions.

Ezy Anchor - Easy installation and Removal

10 Easy Steps of Ezy Anchor Installation

1. Take your impact driver or cordless drill.

2. Connect the drill/driver to the supplied Torx driver bit and secure it in the chuck.

3. Pick up your screw-in Ezy Anchor through the Ezy Anchor hole.

4. Connect your guy rope to the Ezy Anchor's hook.

5. With your guiding hand, hold the guy rope and hook together.

6. In your driving hand, take the drill and driver.

7. Insert the Torx driver into the screw head until it is completely seated.

8. Set the drill to the forward drilling position.

9. Begin drilling the screw down into the earth while keeping the Ezy Anchor parallel to the ground so that the screw penetrates at the set angle.

10. And that's it. Completed installation

Remove Ezy Anchor in 3 Easy Steps

1. Connect the Torx bit driver to the screw head, ensuring the Torx bit is fully seated in the screw head, with your drill in hand and the Torx driver bit connected and secured within your drill chuck.

2. Hold the hook and guy rope in one hand, reverse the drill, and screw out.

3. The removal is fully completed.

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