EVC X Products

EVC X - The NEW and Improved Throttle Controller by Ultimate 9

Loaded full of new features, EVCX places throttle control into the palms of our hands. With 8 Driving modes, 32 levels of adjustability, and a highly anticipated Lock mode. Developed just for the EVCX, the Ultimate9 TC App offers wireless control to explore its array of new modes, levels, and layouts at the touch of a screen.

The iconic EVC driver interface remains - receiving a fresh look that offers greater freedom in dashboard mounting, with dual USB-C ports and new mounting options. Its larger OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) interface delivers comprehensive on-screen information and incorporates a self-dimming feature - activating as it senses a change in ambient lighting.

The Ultimate9 TC App (available for Android and iOS devices) gives you the option of wireless control, and the EVCX gives you even more control over your throttle with its 8 driving modes, 32 levels of sensitivity, and throttle lockout feature!