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Dynamat: Soundproofing and Heat Control for 4WDs

While 4WD noise can be music to some drivers’ ears, it can be a nuisance for others. Unwanted vehicle noise can strain your ears and mind, prevent you from hearing and jamming to your music as your drive, participating in a conversation with your friends and family, or even drown out your GPS. The more you hit the gas, the more noise you hear. So if you’re a 4WD audio enthusiast or are simply looking for a solution to get a quiet ride during your 4WD trips to work or a long drive, Dynamat lets you upgrade your 4WD into a sound-proof haven.

What is Dynamat Made Of?

Dynamat makes use of a sheet that’s thin, flexible, and easy to cut and mould. The sheet stops noise resonance and vibration through its visco-elasticity and instead, promotes vibroacoustic energy conversion. Sounds cool, right? Go science.

Dynamat achieves this through a ‘damping’ process; which really just means limiting the noise through dissipation. It then converts the vibrations into silent and low-grade thermal energy.

Where Does Vehicle Noise Come From?

The noise in your 4WD comes from the suspension and drivetrain. Your 4WDs body vibrates and those vibrations travel from one panel to the other. So when the tracks gets bumpier or your speed increases, so does the noise level.

Dynamat’s Key Features

● Reduces structure-borne vibrations to silent energy

● Outperforms other materials

● Works better at a broader and higher range of temperatures

● Made up of four layers of composite barriers

Thermal Resistance

Aside from noise reduction, Dynamat’s Dynaliner 2nd also has inter-facial thermal resistance features, which not only eliminates the noise but also cools the inside of your 4WD. It can also control heat not only in automotive vehicles but also in marine, architectural and commercial environments.

Dynamat’s Line of Products

● Dynamat Xtreme

● Dynamat Superlite

● Dynaliner

● Dynapad

● Hoodliner

● Dynadeck

● Dynapkate

● Dynamat Custom Cut

Dynamat Client Reviews and Testimonies

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the noise and hello to a quieter trip, Dynamat is your solution. Order today or contact us for more information.

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