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Drifta Camping and 4WD, or "Drifta," was founded in 2000 by Luke "The Drifta" Sutton. They produce top-quality drawer systems, camp kitchens, leather items, canvas bags, and camping equipment with the objective to provide every adventurer the opportunity to experience and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

Enjoy Adventure with Drifta Stockton Camping Products

Drifta makes a host of different camping products to help you make yourself at home, wherever you are. A few of the Drifta products we carry at 4WD247 include:

● Rubbish disposal bags

● Roll-bags

● LED lights, fans

● Portable showers

● Sleeping bags

● Folding tables and folding chairs

● Camping tools including “pocket” chainsaws, hammers, dunny shovels

● Fire pits, fire tables and tripods for cooking

A more little info about some of our top sellers:

Drifta Stockton Small Dunny Shovel

The Drifta Stockton Small Dunny Shovel is the perfect tool for the job, whether big or small. The Dunny shovel disassembles into 220mm lengths for simple storage; alternatively, with the blade folded down, the entire length is 320mm, and fully extended is 500mm. The Dunny shovel also comes with a blade cover, to help keep the blade clean and free of rust when not in use.

Drifta Stockton Tool Roll/Bag

The Drifta Stockton Tool Roll is the ideal addition to your 4WD touring setup, storing all of your tools neatly and conveniently in one place. We all have tools in the rear of our 4WDs, but finding a storage solution may be challenging. Storing them in the tool roll keeps them all together, prevents them from getting lost, and most importantly, keeps them from rattling around. When you need them the most, you'll always know where to find them.

Drifta Stockton Led Light and Fan

The Drifta Stockton LED Light and Fans are the ideal companion on a hot night, whether in the swag, rooftop tent or simply around camp. You can choose the ideal fan speed with three settings (low, medium, and high). They're also a terrific method to get light into your bedroom without using cords. The built-in completely rechargeable 7500mAH lithium battery functions as a power bank and may also be used to charge your phone.

Drifta Stockton Portable 12V Shower

Drift Stockton Portable 12V Shower is ideal for a fast refreshment when you arrive at camp. A fully USB rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery provides 1 hour of operating time when fully charged. A suction cup mounting bracket is included, allowing you to easily attach the shower head to the side of your 4WD or caravan.

Drifta Stockton Medium Fire Pit Kit

Drifta's Stockton Medium Fire Pit is built to endure a lifetime. It's engineered to last and take the heat, with high-quality 201 Stainless Steel and innovative folding construction. The 201 stainless steel frame is tig welded at all contact areas to provide rigidity even at high temperatures. An innovative fold design joins the stainless steel sheet metal to the frame. When removing any welding from the sheet metal, the attached base will collect any embers dropping directly down, leaving no fire s4WD on the ground below. It is the perfect addition to any campsite, providing a safe position off the ground to start a fire.

Drifta Stockton Bamboo Table

The Drifta Stockton Bamboo table is the perfect size to fit between two camp chairs like a coffee table. The Drifta Stockton Bamboo table's legs fold flat, making it easy to store in the back of a 4WD.

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Enjoy a day in the sun with Drifta Stockton camping products and accessories. Replace out more 4WD products, accessories, and camping supplies at 4WD247 for your next expedition.

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