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David Bowden's enthusiasm for automobiles began in 1994. During this time, he moved around a little, doing several jobs in the automotive industry. He and his family began collecting Australian racing cars and bought "premium" automobile care products from the United States and Europe to keep the cars in good shape. It wasn’t long until they noticed a few flaws with the finishes of their prized vehicles. The Bowden's are a fussy bunch regarding cars, and they concluded that the only way to get something they liked was to make it themselves.

Today, Bowden's Own is Australia's leading 4WD care company. Hundreds of stores now stock Bowden's Own 4WD Care range across the country, with more interest coming from international locations as they strive for world dominance in 4WD care products.

Bowden's Own 4WD Care Range

Bowden's Own products focus on quality, ease of use, and fun and are proudly Australian-made and owned. Here are the 4WD care products:

● Bowden's Own Exterior

The finest products to care for the exterior of your pride and joy and the motoring enthusiasts. These products provide quick and easy paint decontamination before cleaning and waxing. There are 38 different exterior products that you can freely choose. Some popular Bowden's Own external items are Snow Blow Cannon, Snow Job, and Mega Snow Job.

● Bowden's Own Interior

Bowdens have creations to care for your interior. These are magic deep-cleaning formulas for interior fabrics for professional detailing. Bowden's Own Interior products are Naked Glass, Vinyl Care, Leather Love, Leather Guard, Fabra Cadabra, Fabratection, Pong-Go, Far Cough, Magic Rub Bar, and Hand Relief and Satisfaction.

● Bowden's Own Microfibre

The development of Microfibre Cleaner is to remove heavy dirt, oil, and detailing chemicals that regular washing detergents cannot. These tools are ideal for removing wax, cleanser, polish, detailing sprays, and glass cleaners around your 4WD and bike. Microfibre products include sponges, wash pads, pillows, chamois, and many others.

● Bowden's Own Value Packs

Get the best combination of Bowden's Own care products with their value packs. These products are suitable for your vehicle's restoration and protection. The value packs contain everything else you'll need to do the job correctly, including a handy step-by-step instruction guide that will take you through the entire process.

Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits

These 4WD care packages will allow you to keep your automobile in tip-top shape from the interior to the exterior. Having excellent and holistic 4WD care kits enables you to protect your vehicle from scratches, grimes, stains, corrosion, etc. Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits are also fabulously named:

● A Little Intro To Bowden's Own

● Brand Spanking New Kit

● Ceramic Coating Maintenance

● Classic Fanatics Kit

● Safe Wash System Kit

● The Holy Humongous Kit

● Microfibre Lovers Kit

Bowden's Own Detailing Tools

If you want your car's interior to always look great and smell great, you'll need the correct interior detailing tools. In Bowden's Own, there are a lot of offered tools for the detailing process for cleaning and polishing jobs with your vehicle. You can have brushes, pumps, cannon, foamer and many others.

Bowden's Own Merchandise

If you're a Bowden's Own fan and want their merchandise on hand, they have all the best merchandise for your choices. These products fit you and your budget best. Available merchandise is tees, caps, hoodies, lanyards, 4WD hangers, coolers, card packs, stickers, and many more.

Care for your 4WD with Bowden's Own Care Products.

Every driver is responsible for always caring for his car, so purchasing 4WD care products is a must. Want to learn more about the brand’s high-quality products? Check out the products we stock at 4WD247 below.

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