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We’re bringing you the best 4WD brands and products that we use ourselves at the best prices. If 4WD gear can handle what we throw at it – it’ll handle anything. We each spend nearly 200 days 4WDing, camping and filming as we explore every remote corner of Australia. When we’re not out bush – we’re back in the shed fixing and building our 4WDs to be able to handle what we throw at them.

At - we only offer products that we trust on our trips - get the best deals, dispatched quickly straight to your door.

We have always wondered how can we help you folks at home get the gear we use at cracking prices, delivered quick and hassle-free. Over a few beers around the campfire one night, we figured – why don’t we just do it ourselves? is the one place where you can get any of the gear we use and abuse right around Australia at unbelievable prices.

We know what standard of gear is needed to go 4WDing, we know the cool accessories that make camping easier and comfier for us – so why not twist the arm of our mates in the 4WD industry to get you unreal prices.

Plus, we’ve managed to sort free shipping on orders over $149 and fast dispatch too. Another exciting part about our website is that all the gear you’re gonna find online is gear we have personally tried and tested on the harshest 4WD destinations in Australia. This has been our job for the last 15 years, so if the product is on the website, we stand behind it.

Every week we have new deals coming online with great prices, meaning this stuff is gonna sell fast and isn’t going to hang around. Here is a little pro tip, when you get to, sign up with your email address so we can contact you and let you know about all the cracking deals that drop every single week.

Here at 4WD 24/7 we source our parts from one of Australia's largest varieties of premium auto and vehicle part manufacturers, all brought together in one easy-to-use online superstore. Here you can find not only true Australian success stories and home grown brands, but also some of the world's most trusted international names.

  • Bendix

    There’s no two ways about it, your brakes are an absolutely critical aspect of your vehicle. The difference between a basic and a high-performance braking system can be literally make-or-break. Don’t take your brakes for granted, investing in them could save you thousands in repairs and heartache, or even save someone’s life. Bendix have been manufacturing leading braking components in Australia since 1955 and have a huge range of 4WD specific products to improve your braking performance both on and off the track. The Bendix range is designed for extreme climates and conditions and are tested to breaking point in their laboratory so you don't have to. Bendix 4WD/SUV pads are manufactured for extreme strength and structural integrity utilising the best available technology. Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are also built to withstand heat build-up that comes from frequent braking in heavy city traffic one day and towing or outback driving the next.

    Bendix provides a variety of specialised braking systems for various cars and driving circumstances including:

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit - Brake pads, rotors, braided lines, and other 4WD accessories

    ● Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Pads - Designed specifically for the most demanding 4WD situations

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Drum Upgrade Kit - For popular 4WD wagons and dual cab Utes, with improved braking drums, a brake shoe kit, and other accessories

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Hose kit - Upgrade your 4WD vehicle's brake hoses with this specialized kit

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Booster Upgrade - Improved braking performance when hauling or carrying heavy loads

    ● 4WD/SUV - Brake pads designed specifically for on and off-tracks driving

    ● Brake Shoes - High-quality brake shoes designed for tough Australian conditions

    ● Heavy Duty - Multi-purpose brake pads for heavy-duty vehicles

    The team at Bendix also know that installing, maintaining and fitting braking components correctly is critical to the performance of the parts. To make this easier the team at Bendix offer a wide range of braking related to products to make maintaining and cleaning your braking system a breeze. The Fluids and Sprays

    ● Cleanup - Brake and Parts Cleaner

    ● Shine - Shine Tyres

    ● Brake Cleaner and Parts Degreaser

    ● Multi-Use - Penetrates and Lubricates

    ● Smooth - White Lithium Grease

    ● Silicone - Lubricates and Protects

    ● Ceramasil - Brake Parts Lubricant

    ● Brake Fluid

    ● Degrease - Removes Oil and Grease

    ● Electronic Brake Wear Sensors

    If you want to put your foot down with confidence then fitting out your rig with a range of Bendix braking parts is a must. The Bendix product range and selection is the ideal choice for every 4WD enthusiast and will keep your vehicle stopping on a dime.

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  • Bowden's Own

    David Bowden's enthusiasm for automobiles began in 1994. During this time, he moved around a little, doing several jobs in the automotive industry. He and his family began collecting Australian racing cars and bought "premium" automobile care products from the United States and Europe to keep the cars in good shape. It wasn’t long until they noticed a few flaws with the finishes of their prized vehicles. The Bowden's are a fussy bunch regarding cars, and they concluded that the only way to get something they liked was to make it themselves.

    Today, Bowden's Own is Australia's leading 4WD care company. Hundreds of stores now stock Bowden's Own 4WD Care range across the country, with more interest coming from international locations as they strive for world dominance in 4WD care products.

    Bowden's Own 4WD Care Range

    Bowden's Own products focus on quality, ease of use, and fun and are proudly Australian-made and owned. Here are the 4WD care products:

    ● Bowden's Own Exterior

    The finest products to care for the exterior of your pride and joy and the motoring enthusiasts. These products provide quick and easy paint decontamination before cleaning and waxing. There are 38 different exterior products that you can freely choose. Some popular Bowden's Own external items are Snow Blow Cannon, Snow Job, and Mega Snow Job.

    ● Bowden's Own Interior

    Bowdens have creations to care for your interior. These are magic deep-cleaning formulas for interior fabrics for professional detailing. Bowden's Own Interior products are Naked Glass, Vinyl Care, Leather Love, Leather Guard, Fabra Cadabra, Fabratection, Pong-Go, Far Cough, Magic Rub Bar, and Hand Relief and Satisfaction.

    ● Bowden's Own Microfibre

    The development of Microfibre Cleaner is to remove heavy dirt, oil, and detailing chemicals that regular washing detergents cannot. These tools are ideal for removing wax, cleanser, polish, detailing sprays, and glass cleaners around your 4WD and bike. Microfibre products include sponges, wash pads, pillows, chamois, and many others.

    ● Bowden's Own Value Packs

    Get the best combination of Bowden's Own care products with their value packs. These products are suitable for your vehicle's restoration and protection. The value packs contain everything else you'll need to do the job correctly, including a handy step-by-step instruction guide that will take you through the entire process.

    Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits

    These 4WD care packages will allow you to keep your automobile in tip-top shape from the interior to the exterior. Having excellent and holistic 4WD care kits enables you to protect your vehicle from scratches, grimes, stains, corrosion, etc. Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits are also fabulously named:

    ● A Little Intro To Bowden's Own

    ● Brand Spanking New Kit

    ● Ceramic Coating Maintenance

    ● Classic Fanatics Kit

    ● Safe Wash System Kit

    ● The Holy Humongous Kit

    ● Microfibre Lovers Kit

    Bowden's Own Detailing Tools

    If you want your car's interior to always look great and smell great, you'll need the correct interior detailing tools. In Bowden's Own, there are a lot of offered tools for the detailing process for cleaning and polishing jobs with your vehicle. You can have brushes, pumps, cannon, foamer and many others.

    Bowden's Own Merchandise

    If you're a Bowden's Own fan and want their merchandise on hand, they have all the best merchandise for your choices. These products fit you and your budget best. Available merchandise is tees, caps, hoodies, lanyards, 4WD hangers, coolers, card packs, stickers, and many more.

    Care for your 4WD with Bowden's Own Care Products.

    Every driver is responsible for always caring for his car, so purchasing 4WD care products is a must. Want to learn more about the brand’s high-quality products? Check out the products we stock at 4WD247 below.

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    BRUNOX Rust Solutions: The Best Remediation to Rust Build-Up

    The Brief History of BRUNOX

    BRUNOX products have an interesting founding story; the brainchild of a Swiss chemical production engineer slash sewage plant builder. These skills married together to spawn one of the world’s first Rust Converter Emulsions. It wasn’t until 1985 when the product became further refined and delivered a patented two-in-one rust stopper and primer in a single spray can, that BRUNOX took off and started their world domination. Their products are now sold in over 50 countries.

    BRUNOX Products and Solutions

    BRUNOX produces high-performance lubricants for industrial maintenance of structures, plants, machinery, and vehicles, among other things. The best of BRUNOX products are the Epoxy Rust Stop and Turbo Spray.

    BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop

    BRUNOX offers the best rust converter and primer epoxy just in one coat. Most topcoats, including 2K paints, are compatible with it. BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop was created in Europe that is suitable for heavy industries, auto refinishing and restoration, and DIY home repair. It performs better than emulsions, with 7 to 10 times deeper rust penetration. In a nutshell, a superb product in every way.

    3 Simple Measures to Protect and Prime:

    1. Remove any loose rust with sandpaper or a brush.

    2. To the porous rust, apply two coats of BRUNOX Epoxy (no washing or sanding necessary).

    3. Apply a top coat or sealer when it has completely dried.

    BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop is an essential product for all protection and restoration requirements. It saves time and money while preserving the long-term value of your house, protecting and restoring garden fences, decorative features, new vehicles, machinery and other industrial equipment.

    BRUNOX Turbo Spray

    BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is a water-repellent fluid that cleans, removes rust, prevents corrosion, and lubricates. The sole liquid tool with TURBOLINE is BRUNOX Turbo-Spray, which combines the functionality of five items into a single 550mL aerosol. It also acts as an anti-corrosion barrier against moisture accumulation.

    Its excellent formulations include a cleaning fluid, rust remover, rust protective solution, lubricant and contact spray.

    BRUNOX Turbo Spray is an ideal addition to any handyman's toolkit. There is no oily residue which means that it is:

    ● It is resistant to water.

    ● It does not gather dust and filth.

    ● It protects shiny surfaces from fingerprints.

    ● It stops squeaking and keeps parts moving.

    Order BRUNOX at 4WD247 today.

    You deserve a rust-free 4WD vehicle with these quick and easy restoration systems; BRUNOX is an absolute staple product that all serious 4WD owners should have in their kit. Order now at 4WD247.

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  • Castrol

    Castrol oil is a special type of motor oil that has been specifically designed for use in 4WD vehicles. It is a synthetic oil that is made from a combination of petroleum-based oils and some added ingredients to give it enhanced performance properties. Castrol oil is available in different viscosities (thicknesses), depending on the climate and driving conditions where you live.

    The main benefits of using Castrol oil in your 4WD are:

    ● Castrol oil provides better protection for your engine, especially under high loads and temperatures.

    ● Castrol oil helps to keep your engine clean by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits.

    ● Castrol oil flows more easily in cold weather, so your engine will start more easily on cold mornings.

    ● Castrol oil can help to improve your fuel economy.

    Castrol oil is a high-quality product that is trusted by many 4WD owners and mechanics. It is important to use the correct viscosity of Castrol oil in your 4WD, as using an oil that is too thick can damage your engine, and using an oil that is too thin can reduce its performance.

    The history of Castrol oil

    Castrol oil has been around for over 100 years, and it was originally developed for use in aviation engines. Castrol oil quickly became popular among aircraft owners and pilots due to its superior performance and protection. Castrol oil was then adapted for use in 4WD engines, and it soon became the motor oil of choice for many 4WD manufacturers.

    Castrol oil is now used in a wide range of vehicles, including 4WDs.

    Castrol oil is manufactured by the Castrol company, which is based in the United Kingdom. Castrol oils are available all over the world, and they are trusted by drivers and mechanics alike.

    Why Castrol oil is the perfect companion for your 4WD

    Castrol oil is the perfect choice for your 4WD for many reasons. Firstly, Castrol oil is designed to protect your engine under high loads and temperatures. This is especially important if you regularly take your 4WD off-tracks, as the engine will be subjected to a lot of stress.

    Castrol oil also helps to keep your engine clean, by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits. This is important for maintaining the performance of your engine, and it can also help to extend its life.

    Castrol oil flows more easily in cold weather, so your engine will start more easily on cold mornings. This is a valuable benefit in winter, when you might otherwise have difficulty starting your engine.

    Castrol oil can also help to improve your fuel economy. This is because it reduces friction within the engine, which leads to less fuel being consumed.

    Castrol oil is a high-quality product that is trusted by many 4WD owners and mechanics.

    If you are looking for a reliable and performance-driven oil for your 4WD, be sure to contact 4WD247 today. Our team of experts are happy to help you find the perfect oil for your needs.

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  • Cel-Fi GO

    Cel-Fi GO in action

    The Cel-Fi GO is specifically designed to tackle and solve cellular coverage difficulties for indoor, outdoor, and mobile applications. It is the very first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to deliver an industry-leading signal gain. Cel-Fi also provides solutions for FirstNet emergency communications with the Cel-Fi GO RED, which delivers the industry's finest voice and data wireless performance with artificial intelligence and award-winning Cel-Fi's Intelliboost® signal processing. In addition, GO systems are guaranteed to be network secure and non-interfering with other wireless devices.

    Why Use Cel-Fi GO

    For 4WD enthusiasts, staying connected is key. Whether you’re exploring off the beaten path or just out for a day of fun, Cel-Fi can help you stay connected. Cel-Fi is the best way to boost your signal in remote areas or where there is poor reception. With Cel-Fi, you can keep your phone connected, use GPS navigation, and stay in touch with family and friends - especially in the case of an emergency.

    Cel-Fi GO Products

    Cel-Fi devices go where no one has gone before. Cel-Fi systems are easy to install, give excellent coverage, and automatically adapt to changing network circumstances.

    GO G31

    The Cel-Fi GO G31 Smart Signal Repeater, designed to alleviate cellular coverage difficulties for indoor and outdoor applications, is the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to deliver an industry-leading signal gain. The GO G31 provides the finest voice and data wireless performance in the industry thanks to artificial intelligence and Nextivity's award-winning Intelliboost signal processing. The technology is also assured to be network safe and non-interfering with other wireless devices. Furthermore, the GO G31 is NEMA 4 certified, ensuring consistent coverage in any environment.

    Purchase Cel-Fi GO in Australia at 4WD247

    Cel-Fi redefines mobile coverage by introducing the award-winning Cel-Fi GO, THE first Smart Signal Booster®, mainly built for vehicle and marine applications. Cel-Fi GO has been certified for usage in Australia and is set to go, thanks to the hard work of Powertec Communications, the brand's master distributor in the country. Get in touch with 4WD247 today to purchase Cel-Fi GO products.

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  • Chemtech

    Chemtech has been a staple of Australian outback motoring for over two decades now, primarily specialising in fuel additives and exterior car care. Formulated for the harsh conditions commonly faced by Australian motorists, Chemtech has everyone from 4WD enthusiasts to professional detailers.

    The Chemtech vehicle care and protection products aim to meet the demands of Australian vehicle owners who live in harsh climatic and environmental conditions. For over 20 years, the range has been used extensively by the Professional Detailing, Heavy Vehicle Trade, 4WD and Truck enthusiasts as a bold, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, value for money, quality product that consistently works.

    Chemtech Product Range

    Chemtech covers all applications, from vehicle washes and detailing products to degreasers, fuel additives, wheel and tyre care, and metal and aluminium cleaning and polishing products.

    ● Chemtech Fuel Additives

    Chemtech Diesel Power fuel additive improves engine performance, fuel economy, clean injectors, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces engine corrosion, inhibits algae and bacteria growth, and enhances fuel storage stability. Available Chemtech fuel additives are Diesel Power Turbo, Diesel Power Engine Turbo and Petrol Power.

    ● Chemtech Exterior Care SuperWash

    SuperWash is the best-concentrated cleaning gel in Australia. It removes even the most stubborn grease, grime, oil, and soot for a streak-free finish. You can apply the SuperWash with a spray, foam, or sponge for better use. In addition, this Chemtech product is biodegradable and non-hazardous on any surface. The offered litres are 1, 5 and 20.

    ● Chemtech Exterior Care SuperFoam

    Chemtech CT18 Super Foam is used as an in-between clean or as a pre-wash soak to remove grit and prevent scratches, swirling, and excessive elbow grease. It can easily remove dirt and grime. You spray it on or hose it off to prevent scratching and mixing. It gives a green apple scent to your vehicle.

    ● Chemtech Interior Care

    The formulation of Chemtech Detail is to clean the interior of your vehicle's plastic, vinyl, cloth, carpet, leather, and rubber surfaces. Detail will quickly remove ingrained dirt and grime while leaving a pleasant vanilla scent. It's excellent for all consoles and dashboards because it's oil and shine-free. You can have a professional interior detail done at your home for a fraction of the cost of having it done elsewhere.

    ● Chemtech Degreasers

    Chemtech CT14 is a concentrated water-based degreaser that is a safer, greener and more cost-effective alternative to solvent-based degreasers. It is not poisonous, flammable, or biodegradable and does not produce rust. Chemtech CT14 transforms oil and grease into water-soluble compounds free of the hydrocarbons in solvent degreasers.

    ● Chemtech Tyre and Alloy Care

    The Sheen Silicone Tyre Shine Lubricant is one of Chemtech's top care products. This high-quality silicone provides a showroom sheen as well as optimal protection. Sheen is simple to apply, dries quickly, enhances colour, and does not wash away. It's also an excellent lubricant for 4WD protection.

    ● Chemtech Other Products

    Aside from the original goods, Chemtech has created Portasol, a portable toilet sanitiser that is Australia's premium anti-bacterial product. Its potent composition breaks down waste and eliminates objectionable odours, leaving portable toilets clean and fresh. Portasol is suitable for all mobile toilet brands and works in fresh and saltwater. It is ideal for RVs, caravans, buses, watercraft, camping, construction sites, and outdoor settings.

    ● Chemtech Accessories

    Chemtech has everything you need in terms of accessories. The following are the accessories made available by the company:

    ● Spray-V Heavy Duty Foam Gun mixes and sprays concentrated foamy detergents for cleaning trucks, trailers, vehicles, canopies, and other equipment. It is a cost-effective method of cleaning vehicles and equipment.

    ● Aqua Flow Brush is an extended aluminium pole with insulated handle grips. The purpose of packing the brush head with flagged and softened bristles is to have a gentle feeling on painted surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning vehicles and boats, around the house, and at work.

    Clean your 4WD with Chemtech care products today.

    What are you waiting for? Buy these Chemtech products at 4WD247 today to keep your 4WD vehicle shining and protected.

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  • Codebreaker

    Codebreaker OBD2 Diagnostic Tools for Vehicle Engines

    About Codebreaker

    The Codebreaker engine diagnostic tools connect to your vehicle's Data Link Connector port and communicate with the On-Board Diagnostics system within the Engine Control Unit (ECU), allowing you to access malfunction codes and other data. These simple-to-install devices will enable you to troubleshoot engine problems without getting your hands dirty. Codebreaker technology clearly and non-invasively provides accurate information about the inner workings of the ECU. In addition, codebreaker helps mechanics and 4WD enthusiasts with two models you can choose from.

    Codebreaker OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

    Codebreaker has excellent tools capable of scanning and reading trouble codes in an engine ECU and further investigating the ECU's inner workings. In addition, it has two OBD2 diagnostic tools available on the market today, the handheld and 4-Mode models.

    1. Codebreaker Handheld Scan Tool and Code Reader

    The Codebreaker Handheld Scan Tool is simple to use and install, connecting to the OBD2 system straight through the Data Link Connector (DLC) under your dashboard. This device is small enough to fit in your palm and can scan and decode trouble codes, as well as diagnose any problems with your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU). The screen highlights any issues, and your 'Check Engine Light' can be cleared after it gets fixed.

    Key Features:

    ● Read diagnostic trouble codes

    ● Clear diagnostic trouble codes

    ● View I/M readiness system check status

    ● Professional codes analysis database

    ● Real-time data streams

    ● Freeze frame data

    ● View vehicle information


    ● Operating Voltage: 8V to 25V

    ● Operating Current: 52mA (Max)

    ● Operating Temp: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

    ● Storage Temp.: -30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)

    ● Display: 128 x 64 dot matrix monochrome, with white backlight

    ● Multilingual Operating System

    2. Codebreaker 4 Mode OBD2 Computer

    This tool allows you to study the inner workings of your vehicle's Engine Control Unit in four different modes (ECU). In only minutes, the 4-Mode OBD2 Computer may be placed anywhere on the vehicle dashboard without using any tools. This device is simple to install and connects directly to your 4WD's OBD2 system via the Data Link Connector (DLC) under the dashboard to monitor engine performance and fuel efficiency.

    Key Features:

    ● Plug and Play compatibility

    ● Easily track engine performance and fuel economy.

    ● Engine fault diagnosis saves time and money.

    ● Trip Computer

    ● Digital Gauges

    ● Scanner for Faults

    ● Data Memory


    ● Display: Back-lit, 2 lines x 16 character display

    ● Operating Temp: -10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)

    ● Storage Temp: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

    ● Power: 8 to 18 volts provided via vehicle power

    ● Dimensions: Length x Width x Height

    ● 126mm (5in) x 41.6mm (1.61in) x 26.6mm (1.05in)

    ● Net Weight: 0.30kg (0.60lb)

    ● Gross Weight: 0.35kg (0.72lb)

    Get a Codebreaker tool at 4WD247.

    Codebreaker diagnostic tools allow you to access previously unseen data from your 4WD's engine anytime. Get yours from 4WD247 today.

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  • CTEK

    The CTEK story began in a small village in Sweden, over 20 years ago. It is where the CTEK founder, inventor Bengt Wahlqvist, invented the first electronic pulse battery charger. Since then they’ve become one of the most popular battery chargers in the world, selling over a million battery chargers every year across 70 countries. The range of CTEK products and accessories are ideal for keeping both your vehicle and campsite power needs maintained with a great selection of products for almost every application. CTEK chargers are versatile with mounting and portable options available meaning you can get the most out of your charger in or out of the home garage.

    The range not only covers both 12 & 24V options but most battery types as well. Making sure you have the right charger for your battery type is a must however most CTEK models covers popular battery types (lead-acid / lithium / AGM) which makes selecting the right one even easier. The chargers are also designed to be non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. Some models, like the MXS 25 12V charger, even have a battery reconditioning feature that helps restore deeply discharged batteries back to life. All products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    A battery charger is an excellent investment when you have a 4WD vehicle. Depending on the specific product you choose, CTEK has different intelligent chargers for specific purposes like battery diagnosis, temperature sensing (ensuring optimised charging regardless of weather), and even continuous charging via power supply mode. CTEK battery chargers are designed for use with a range of vehicle types and sizes, including 4WDs, passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles and trucks, motorcycles, and even boats and other recreational vehicles. Designed with users in mind, the CTEK chargers are easy to operate and require minimal to no training - just plug and go.

    CTEK has all of the add-ons for any vehicle, large or small to making charging convenient. CTEK accessories employ the patented 'CONNECT' system for a simple, safe, and secure connection to the charger. In addition, bumper, wall mount, solar panel charge kit, terminal, adapter cable, clamps, mounting bracket, and other accessories are available. So whether it is installing an auxiliary charging system in your rig or making sure your vehicles battery is reliably charged before your next adventure the range of CTEK chargers has something for you.

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  • Dayco

    Dayco: OE Solutions for the Aftermarket | 4WD247

    Meet the performance of modern engines

    Dayco is a global leader in developing, designing, manufacturing, and distributing vital engine parts, drive systems, and services for automobiles, trucks, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. As a global vehicle manufacturer, you expect higher quality requirements from your suppliers – and Dayco is committed to collaborating on product development to design and produce products that fulfil these criteria.

    Dayco Products for Innovative System Solutions

    Check out the Dayco products you can purchase straight from 4WD247 below:

    Timing Belt Kits with Water Pump

    Dayco kits provide OE or similar components for passenger vehicles and complete replacement of all stand-alone parts. The vehicle manufacturer's specifications update kits. For the optimum maintenance activity, technical instructions are given, along with a recommendation to inspect and constantly repair, as needed, all drive components.

    Elastica Drive Belt Fitment Tools

    The Ingenious Elastic Belt Fitting Tool. Dayco has created a new universal fitment tool to ensure the customer a correct installation of the Dayco stretch fitment belts, in keeping with their goal of providing advanced technical solutions. Usually, all stretch fit belts require installation with the necessary equipment. However, this tool will allow the fitment of any Dayco stretch fitment belt. The box will feature three bolts of differing lengths designed to accommodate various diameter pulleys. The bolts will be utilised during belt installation to secure the tool to the pulley.

    Heavy Duty Poly-V / Serpentine Belt Kits

    Dayco Poly-V / Serpentine kits for controlling auxiliary components provide easy solutions for a rapidly growing market. Dayco's range includes more than 130 units. Its extensive product line ensures comprehensive systems and excellent technical compatibility of high-quality components. To ensure optimum maintenance functioning, it is always recommended to check and, if necessary, replace any transmission component.

    Dayco kits include:

    ● Genuine or OEM quality parts

    ● All worn parts are entirely replaced (belts, metal parts)

    ● Continuous component updating by the 4WD manufacturer's guidelines

    ● Instructions for assembly

    Racing RPX Snowmobile Belt

    The Dayco Racing RPXTM Belt, the CSRA's official snowcross racing belt, offers optimal performance in the most demanding snowcross racing conditions. This belt has perfectly pre-formed cogs for maximum flexibility, cooler operating, longer belt life and high twist cords for strong strength under extreme tension. The Dayco Racing RPX Belt is not only the belt of choice for many professional and amateur drivers but also the most robust aramid belt on the market today. Its softer specific polymer composition enables faster upshifts and downshifts, as well as the quickest hole shot, assisting racers in staying ahead of the competition.

    Purchase Dayco products today.

    Here are some customer reviews that prove Dayco’s a great choice:

    Thank you so much, and I’ll say it again and again. I saved my 4WD and wallet. My 4WD runs like a charm now."

    No problem on installation. It was a perfect fit for my Mitsubishi 3.5L Montero Sport. Savings was spectacular compared to OEM versions."

    Affordable replacement. Went in with no problems."

    Check out 4WD247 today for more Dayco products.

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  • Dirty Steve

    When it comes to grease and dirt, let Dirty Steve do the work. Experts in professional deep cleaning, they provide solutions for 4WDs. All you need is a standard hose or water access and some Dirty Steve magic and your 4WD will be shining again in no time.

    Dirty Steve’s range of products includes the following:

    ● Foaming Wash

    ● Foaming Degreaser

    ● Marine Engine Flush and Salt Eliminator

    ● Solution Applicators

    The brand started off in 2021 with the mission of making tough cleaning jobs into a ‘foaming fun’ experience. So, after an adventure on the water, motocross track, 4WDing or a road trip, the fun won’t die down and cleaning the aftermath won’t be too depressing.

    But more than that, Dirty Steve prides itself on delivering Australian-made cleaning solutions that are top-quality. These cleaning solutions are also not only available in Australia, but in New Zealand as well. This guarantees camping, boating and off-road enthusiasts that they are provided with rigorously tested general maintenance solutions for their big toys.

    Dirty Steve takes pride in their effective, fragrant and top-quality products:

    Radical Rust Protection

    Formulated for rust prevention and corrosion protection, this solution is made for metal components and metallic surfaces. It’s also ideal to use as a lubricant for metal moving parts and prevents them from seizing.

    ● Lanolin-based and easy-spray

    ● Can be used not only for 4WDs but also for vehicles, trailers, marine watercraft, outboard motors

    ● Resistant to salt, water and humidity

    ● Sustainable and biodegradable surfactants

    Banana Foaming Wash

    Made for professional deep cleaning of 4WDs, boats, jet skis, cars and dirt bikes, this wash lifts and removes dirt and other contaminants. Not only that, it leaves a fresh scent.

    ● Ceramic infused formula

    ● Streak Free

    ● Safe pH levels of 7.5-8.5

    ● Bio-degradable Surfactants

    Strawberry Foaming Degreaser

    This sweet-smelling solution assists in removing oil, grease, and tough grime. It can be applied directly to surfaces and can be easily rinsed with water.

    ● Works on stubborn chain lube residue

    ● Can be rinsed 30 seconds after direct application on dry surface

    ● Safe pH levels of 12.0 to 12.5

    ● Bio-degradable Surfactants

    There’s no longer a need to fear the clean-down. Just grab your Dirty Steve flavour of choice and get foamin’ and scrubbin’.

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  • Drifta Stockton

    Drifta Camping and 4WD, or "Drifta," was founded in 2000 by Luke "The Drifta" Sutton. They produce top-quality drawer systems, camp kitchens, leather items, canvas bags, and camping equipment with the objective to provide every adventurer the opportunity to experience and enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

    Enjoy Adventure with Drifta Stockton Camping Products

    Drifta makes a host of different camping products to help you make yourself at home, wherever you are. A few of the Drifta products we carry at 4WD247 include:

    ● Rubbish disposal bags

    ● Roll-bags

    ● LED lights, fans

    ● Portable showers

    ● Sleeping bags

    ● Folding tables and folding chairs

    ● Camping tools including “pocket” chainsaws, hammers, dunny shovels

    ● Fire pits, fire tables and tripods for cooking

    A more little info about some of our top sellers:

    Drifta Stockton Small Dunny Shovel

    The Drifta Stockton Small Dunny Shovel is the perfect tool for the job, whether big or small. The Dunny shovel disassembles into 220mm lengths for simple storage; alternatively, with the blade folded down, the entire length is 320mm, and fully extended is 500mm. The Dunny shovel also comes with a blade cover, to help keep the blade clean and free of rust when not in use.

    Drifta Stockton Tool Roll/Bag

    The Drifta Stockton Tool Roll is the ideal addition to your 4WD touring setup, storing all of your tools neatly and conveniently in one place. We all have tools in the rear of our 4WDs, but finding a storage solution may be challenging. Storing them in the tool roll keeps them all together, prevents them from getting lost, and most importantly, keeps them from rattling around. When you need them the most, you'll always know where to find them.

    Drifta Stockton Led Light and Fan

    The Drifta Stockton LED Light and Fans are the ideal companion on a hot night, whether in the swag, rooftop tent or simply around camp. You can choose the ideal fan speed with three settings (low, medium, and high). They're also a terrific method to get light into your bedroom without using cords. The built-in completely rechargeable 7500mAH lithium battery functions as a power bank and may also be used to charge your phone.

    Drifta Stockton Portable 12V Shower

    Drift Stockton Portable 12V Shower is ideal for a fast refreshment when you arrive at camp. A fully USB rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery provides 1 hour of operating time when fully charged. A suction cup mounting bracket is included, allowing you to easily attach the shower head to the side of your 4WD or caravan.

    Drifta Stockton Medium Fire Pit Kit

    Drifta's Stockton Medium Fire Pit is built to endure a lifetime. It's engineered to last and take the heat, with high-quality 201 Stainless Steel and innovative folding construction. The 201 stainless steel frame is tig welded at all contact areas to provide rigidity even at high temperatures. An innovative fold design joins the stainless steel sheet metal to the frame. When removing any welding from the sheet metal, the attached base will collect any embers dropping directly down, leaving no fire s4WD on the ground below. It is the perfect addition to any campsite, providing a safe position off the ground to start a fire.

    Drifta Stockton Bamboo Table

    The Drifta Stockton Bamboo table is the perfect size to fit between two camp chairs like a coffee table. The Drifta Stockton Bamboo table's legs fold flat, making it easy to store in the back of a 4WD.

    Get your Drifta gear here

    Enjoy a day in the sun with Drifta Stockton camping products and accessories. Replace out more 4WD products, accessories, and camping supplies at 4WD247 for your next expedition.

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  • Drivetech

    Drivetech4x4 offers a wide range of hard parts for different makes of 4WD vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. Visit 4WD247 for more.

    When it comes to 4WD vehicles, many manufacturers understand the importance of quality parts that improve the driving experience. Drivetech 4x4 is all about that and is one of the fastest-growing names in the 4WD industry when it comes to hard parts.

    Drivetech4x4’s Featured Products

    ● Accessories including recovery kits, LED lighting, high lift jacks, snorkels, underbody protection

    ● Brakes and clutches including clutch kits, cables, hydraulics, repair kits, brake calipers and pads

    ● Engine, body and electrical such as water pumps, fans, door handles, mirror, glow plugs

    ● Drivetrain including transmission, transfer case, differential parts, and CVs

    ● Filtrations such as engine filter kits and pre-filter kits for diesel

    ● Steering and suspension including Enduro shock absorbers and suspension lift kits, springs, tie rods, tie rod ends, idler, and control arms

    ● SumoSprings such as the airless airbag and load levelling kit

    Drivetech4x4’s parts are made for every type of 4WDer, from competitors in comp rigs, a weekend 4WD warrior, an outback tourer, to a commercial or agricultural operator. With their extensive range, 4WD owners of different makes and models are sure to find the right parts fit for their needs.

    Drivetech4x4 pride themselves on the focus on three factors:

    ● Innovation - this is a brand of raving 4WD enthusiasts, so they know first-hand the challenges that they need their products to solve. The team doesn’t just test their products in some lab, either - these guys hit the tracks to try stuff out, then innovate and re-engineer their parts to ensure they perform their best even in the harshest conditions.

    ● Quality - Time is money - and not just on Wall Street. Breaking down on a weekend trip or adventure can be costly and frustrating. One of Drivetech4x4’s guiding product directives is to ensure that their parts help minimise vehicle downtime. Through sourcing, testing, and development of components and parts, you can keep conquering when you’re on the track.

    ● Price - just because you’re on a budget means you can’t get quality.

    Drivetech 4x4’s accessories and hard parts are priced for everyday Aussies, without compromising quality.

    As one of the leading brands, Drivetech4x4 engineers and manufactures parts that consider various makes of vehicles, including:

    ● Ford

    ● GM

    ● Holden

    ● Isuzu

    ● Jeep

    ● Landrover

    ● Mazda

    ● Mercedes

    ● Mitsubishi

    So if you’re planning for your next 4WD adventure, make sure to check out Drivetech4x4 and check out their parts to guarantee your 4WD is ready for the great outdoors. Drivetech 4x4 is also continuously growing its product range so be sure to stay updated by visiting our website.

    For more information, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect Drivetech4x4 parts for your vehicle.

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  • Dynamat

    Dynamat: Soundproofing and Heat Control for 4WDs

    While 4WD noise can be music to some drivers’ ears, it can be a nuisance for others. Unwanted vehicle noise can strain your ears and mind, prevent you from hearing and jamming to your music as your drive, participating in a conversation with your friends and family, or even drown out your GPS. The more you hit the gas, the more noise you hear. So if you’re a 4WD audio enthusiast or are simply looking for a solution to get a quiet ride during your 4WD trips to work or a long drive, Dynamat lets you upgrade your 4WD into a sound-proof haven.

    What is Dynamat Made Of?

    Dynamat makes use of a sheet that’s thin, flexible, and easy to cut and mould. The sheet stops noise resonance and vibration through its visco-elasticity and instead, promotes vibroacoustic energy conversion. Sounds cool, right? Go science.

    Dynamat achieves this through a ‘damping’ process; which really just means limiting the noise through dissipation. It then converts the vibrations into silent and low-grade thermal energy.

    Where Does Vehicle Noise Come From?

    The noise in your 4WD comes from the suspension and drivetrain. Your 4WDs body vibrates and those vibrations travel from one panel to the other. So when the tracks gets bumpier or your speed increases, so does the noise level.

    Dynamat’s Key Features

    ● Reduces structure-borne vibrations to silent energy

    ● Outperforms other materials

    ● Works better at a broader and higher range of temperatures

    ● Made up of four layers of composite barriers

    Thermal Resistance

    Aside from noise reduction, Dynamat’s Dynaliner 2nd also has inter-facial thermal resistance features, which not only eliminates the noise but also cools the inside of your 4WD. It can also control heat not only in automotive vehicles but also in marine, architectural and commercial environments.

    Dynamat’s Line of Products

    ● Dynamat Xtreme

    ● Dynamat Superlite

    ● Dynaliner

    ● Dynapad

    ● Hoodliner

    ● Dynadeck

    ● Dynapkate

    ● Dynamat Custom Cut

    Dynamat Client Reviews and Testimonies

    So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the noise and hello to a quieter trip, Dynamat is your solution. Order today or contact us for more information.

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  • Ezy Anchor

    Ezy Anchor's newly acclaimed best "quick and easier screw in tent peg" alternative makes your camping, caravanning, and Motorhome setup and takedown of your awnings, tents, tarps, gazebos, and campsites so much easier. It delivers you with more excellent safety, security, and strength, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors much faster than driving and pulling tent pegs.

    Ezy Anchor is designed for areas with hard red dirt, rough surfaces, and hard-packed clay.

    Their package Includes:

    ● 6 x Ezy Anchors

    ● 6 x 200mm Long Screws

    ● 1 x Torx T50 Driver

    ● 1 x Calico Storage Bag

    Months of testing in both of the areas mentioned above and research throughout Central and Outback Australia went into creating Ezy Anchor packs.

    Ezy Anchor’s History

    Ezy Anchor Screw-In Tent Pegs is the result of 25 years of 4WD camping and caravanning all across Australia – including Fraser Island to Lawn Hill to Kakadu to Broome to Esperance to Esperance Broken Hill and beyond. After 23 years of setting up and breaking down camp in tents, hard floor camper trailers, hybrid campers, and now their caravan, they thought of making a simpler way of driving and pulling tent pegs from the ground.

    The Ezy Anchor is made of rigid recyclable plastic, and the screw pegs are angled at about a 30-degree angle. As a result, Ezy Anchor is a safe, secure, and strong anchor that can withstand most environments and weather conditions.

    Ezy Anchor - Easy installation and Removal

    10 Easy Steps of Ezy Anchor Installation

    1. Take your impact driver or cordless drill.

    2. Connect the drill/driver to the supplied Torx driver bit and secure it in the chuck.

    3. Pick up your screw-in Ezy Anchor through the Ezy Anchor hole.

    4. Connect your guy rope to the Ezy Anchor's hook.

    5. With your guiding hand, hold the guy rope and hook together.

    6. In your driving hand, take the drill and driver.

    7. Insert the Torx driver into the screw head until it is completely seated.

    8. Set the drill to the forward drilling position.

    9. Begin drilling the screw down into the earth while keeping the Ezy Anchor parallel to the ground so that the screw penetrates at the set angle.

    10. And that's it. Completed installation

    Remove Ezy Anchor in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Connect the Torx bit driver to the screw head, ensuring the Torx bit is fully seated in the screw head, with your drill in hand and the Torx driver bit connected and secured within your drill chuck.

    2. Hold the hook and guy rope in one hand, reverse the drill, and screw out.

    3. The removal is fully completed.

    Purchase your Ezy Anchor at 4WD247 today.

    Planning to purchase an Ezy Anchor for your next outdoor adventure? Check them out and feel free to ask and inquire; our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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  • Firebox

    Firebox - The Best Fire Extinguisher for 4WDers

    Ever since Firebox started producing fire protection equipment in 2006, they have consistently been at the top of the competition. This Australian company has been rapidly growing in popularity as one of the most sought-after independent fire extinguisher suppliers in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania. With their ever-present commitment in research and development, they have continuously enhanced the products together with a team of fire industry experts with 45 years of combined experience. Firebox Fire Extinguishers are able to put out the largest fires for fire protection equipment their size, allowing them to have the highest fire ratings in the market.

    You need a Firebox Fire Extinguisher on your next Off-Road Ride

    Are fire extinguishers really a necessity for 4WD vehicle owners? Yes.

    When you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying a trip off the beaten bath, you’re also far away from help in case of an emergency. Whether it’s a perilous forest fire or an unfortunate vehicle fire, you’ll be thankful you have a Firebox Fire Extinguisher ready to stop any fire before it spreads.

    The Firebox Fire Extinguishers are the best option for your vehicle with their slim features enabling them to fit in tight space or conveniently under your seat. These fire protection equipment use the dry chemical powder that is discharged to quickly absorb fuel molecules ensuring that the fire is deprived of a fuel source. The Firebox Extinguishers are made of stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

    ABE Powder Fire Extinguishers can be used to put out the following types of fires:

    Class A – Paper, textiles, wood, most plastics, and rubber

    Class B – Flammable liquids

    Class C – Combustible gasses

    Class E – Electrically powered equipment

    Purchase your Firebox Fire Extinguisher today

    Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of being off-tracks, but before you head out onto your next big adventure, make sure you have all your bases covered. The great outdoors can be tricky to navigate and you never know when a fire may start. Make sure you and your 4WD adventure buddies are safe on your next trip and get a Firebox Fire Extinguisher here at 4WD247 today.

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  • Fuel Doctor

    Looking for the ultimate fuel system cleansing and conditioner? Look no further than the Australian-made Fuel Doctor. Fuel Doctor is designed for diesel, petrol, and two-stroke fuel systems to clear gums, varnish, and carbon deposits, distribute moisture, destroy and distribute microbiological material, and increase lubricity. The benefits of using Fuel Doctor’s Fuel Conditioner include greater thermal efficiency, which equates to an improvement in power, economy, and a reduction in particulate matter (unburnt fuel).

    Fuel Doctor - How does it work?

    Fuel Doctor reduces fuel impurities to sub-micron particles, allowing them to travel safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion while causing no harm to fuel pumps, injectors, catalytic converters, or particulate filters. It will stabilize and extend the storage life of petrol for up to twenty-four months and diesel for up to five years.

    Microscopic amounts of gums and varnish adhere to injector and valve faces during combustion. Vehicles that have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers will accumulate gum and varnish.

    Fuel Doctor removes these deposits, restoring power and economy while lowering unburned fuel pollutants. Additionally, Fuel Doctor increases lubricity in the fuel system, resulting in longer pump and injector life.

    Purchase Fuel Doctor today

    Here are some honest Fuel Doctor reviews for your consideration. See for yourself how effective the product is.

    With fuel prices on the rise, we’re all having to do more with less. So why not get more miles to the gallon (oh, right, kilometres to the litre.) with a little help from the Fuel Doctor. Check out our range below, if you’re not sure which product is right for you just contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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  • Gasmate

    Gasmate: 30 Years of Outdoor Leisure

    Gasmate is an iconic Australian-owned company, delivering outdoor living products that turns any off-road adventure into a leisure vacation. Enhance your next camping trip by transforming the great Aussie outdoors or any Aussie terrain into your very own patio and kitchen. Gasmate offers a wide range of products including outdoor kitchens, BBQs, bar fridges, range hoods, heaters, lights, stoves, and other camping products.

    ‘The Outdoors Made Easy with Gasmate’

    Just because you’re on an off-tracks trip doesn’t mean you’ll have to endure and survive on lunch boxes with cold food. Gasmate is your best mate if you want to enjoy sumptuous meals to fill yourself after a jampacked day of adventure in the wild. Whether it’s summer or winter, Gasmate has a product to amp up your alfresco culinary experience.

    Gasmate offers Portable BBQs so you can feast on the go during camping or picnics. They offer a wide range of lightweight and compact BBQ ranges that are easy and safe to use. Gasmate Portable BBQs combines safety and style so you can dine under the stars with mouthwatering grilled meat and vegetables. These are also great for garden parties when you’re at hom1

    Aside from upgrading your gastronomic outdoor adventure, Gasmate also offers a wide range of outdoor living products so you can relax to the max outdoors. Gasmate has wide range of camping lighting products - all designed with the Australian conditions in mind. These are easy to use lighting products perfect for your next camping or backpacking trip.

    Gasmate won’t let the cold stop you from enjoying the great outdoors as well. No need to suffer from the cold when you have Gasmate’s portable heater and hot water systems. The brand offers either LPG or butane heaters so you can stay warm. The Gasmate Portable Hot Water Systems are perfect if you want to enjoy a warm and comfortable shower when you go camping.

    Get your Gasmate BBQ and Outdoor Products today

    Going on a 4WD off-road adventure and camping should not always be a tumultuous and tiring endeavour. If you want an enjoyable and leisurely vacation on Australia’s great outdoors, make sure to trust the best outdoor product brand in Australia - Gasmate. All of their products meet the strictest quality control to make sure you comfortable and safe at all times. Buy your Gasmate BBQ and Outdoor product here at 4WD247 today.

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  • GearUp

    Gearup is an Australian born brand addressing a spot in the market for necessary automotive accessories at budget-friendly prices. Offering all types of vehicle accessories including car care products, camping and outdoor equipment, and both interior and exterior accessories.

    Explore GearUp Quality 4WD Products and Accessories

    Mechanix Wear - Glove Clip

    The glove clip has a slit that allows you to slip it over your belt or pocket. It lets you keep your gloves on you constantly, preventing you from leaving them behind or losing them. The clip is constructed of durable plastic that is easy to open while holding your gloves.

    ● The lightweight and robust clip attachment keeps your gloves close at hand.

    ● The dielectric structure does not carry electricity and acts as an insulator to keep users safe.

    ● Detachable belt loop design prevents snagging dangers in the field and detaches when subjected to the pressure of more than 10 lbs.

    Mechanix Wear - FastFit Durahide

    Put on a pair of Durahide TM FastFit® leather gloves and go to work using Durahide TM performance leather to keep your hands safe when you're on the job. DurahideTM performance leather resists abrasion when using power tools and carrying abrasive building supplies. When you're through, throw them in the washer for a fresh start to the work week.


    ● A stretch-elastic cuff ensures a snug fit.

    ● TrekDry® material is form-fitting and keeps working hands cool and comfortable.

    ● Leather thumb reinforcement with DuraHide.

    ● The pinched fingertip design increases fingertip strength and longevity.

    ● A two-piece anatomically constructed palm avoids material bunching in the palm.

    ● The abrasion-resistant Durahide TM performance leather protects your palm.

    ● Washable by machine.

    Terrain Tamer Recovery Hitch

    It has a zinc-coated body that is corrosion-resistant. A cross-drilled hitch enables horizontal or vertical attachment and provides a convenient central recovery point. Including bow shackle - WLL 4.75t. 185mm Bow Shackle with 4.75 T rating. It fits 50mm square hitches and a 185mm bow shackle with a T rating of 4.75.

    Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack 48"

    The Hi-Lift X-TREME is designed for hi-lift severe users, providing the "top-of-the-line "all-cast version 48" with a unique top winch-clamp-spreader attachment for the ultimate in multi-purpose usefulness.

    The X-TREME Top Clamp replaces the regular Hi-Lift® models' top clamp-clevis and can winch, clamp, and distribute up to 5,000 lbs.


    ● Cast-In-Place Construction

    ● Tested Capacity: 7000lb (3175.14kg)

    ● Available in 48 colours "Height (122cm)

    8ton Recovery Kit

    It is designed for a truck weighing around 2 tonnes, ideal for standard-sized Hilux, Ranger, Isuzu, Navara, and other vehicles.

    8-ton Recovery Kit includes:

    ● 1 x 60mm x 14000kg x 5m Pull Strap

    ● 1 × 60mm x 8000kg x 9m Snatch Strap

    ● (2x) 3¼ton Alloy Bow Shackle

    ● 1 pair of leather gloves (Please See Sizing Guide)

    ● 1x Small 8ton Kit Bag

    Mechanix Wear - Glove Clip

    The glove clip has a slit that allows you to slip it over your belt or pocket. It lets you keep your gloves on you constantly, preventing you from leaving them behind or losing them. The clip is constructed of durable plastic that is easy to open while holding your gloves.

    ● The lightweight and robust clip attachment keeps your gloves close at hand.

    ● The dielectric structure does not carry electricity and acts as an insulator to keep users safe.

    ● Detachable belt loop design prevents snagging dangers in the field and detaches when subjected to the pressure of more than 10 lbs.

    Mechanix Wear - FastFit Durahide

    Put on a pair of Durahide TM FastFit® leather gloves and go to work using Durahide TM performance leather to keep your hands safe when you're on the job. DurahideTM performance leather resists abrasion when using power tools and carrying abrasive building supplies. When you're through, throw them in the washer for a fresh start to the work week.


    ● A stretch-elastic cuff ensures a snug fit.

    ● TrekDry® material is form-fitting and keeps working hands cool and comfortable.

    ● Leather thumb reinforcement with DuraHide.

    ● The pinched fingertip design increases fingertip strength and longevity.

    ● A two-piece anatomically constructed palm avoids material bunching in the palm.

    ● The abrasion-resistant Durahide TM performance leather protects your palm.

    ● Washable by machine.

    Terrain Tamer Recovery Hitch

    It has a zinc-coated body that is corrosion-resistant. A cross-drilled hitch enables horizontal or vertical attachment and provides a convenient central recovery point. Including bow shackle - WLL 4.75t. 185mm Bow Shackle with 4.75 T rating. It fits 50mm square hitches and a 185mm bow shackle with a T rating of 4.75.

    Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack 48"

    The Hi-Lift X-TREME is designed for hi-lift severe users, providing the "top-of-the-line "all-cast version 48" with a unique top winch-clamp-spreader attachment for the ultimate in multi-purpose usefulness.

    The X-TREME Top Clamp replaces the regular Hi-Lift® models' top clamp-clevis and can winch, clamp, and distribute up to 5,000 lbs.


    ● Cast-In-Place Construction

    ● Tested Capacity: 7000lb (3175.14kg)

    ● Available in 48 colours "Height (122cm)

    8ton Recovery Kit

    It is designed for a truck weighing around 2 tonnes, ideal for standard-sized Hilux, Ranger, Isuzu, Navara, and other vehicles.

    8-ton Recovery Kit includes:

    ● 1 x 60mm x 14000kg x 5m Pull Strap

    ● 1 × 60mm x 8000kg x 9m Snatch Strap

    ● (2x) 3¼ton Alloy Bow Shackle

    ● 1 pair of leather gloves (Please See Sizing Guide)

    ● 1x Small 8ton Kit Bag

    Visit 4WD247 today to purchase and explore other GearUp 4WD quality items and accessories!

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  • GME

    GME has created 100% Australian-made innovative communication solutions for over six decades. The private company is the only manufacturer of UHF CB Radios and Emergency Beacon items in Australia. GME was founded by Edward 'Ted' Dunn and produced the first Australian EPIRB in 1979. With a good start, GME continuously develops and innovates more and more high-quality radio frequency technology like handheld radios to cater to the specific demands of the public.

    GME 4WD Accessories: The Great Deals

    Handheld radios are compact and lightweight and weigh 0.33 kilograms. GME radios can be an invaluable asset in any outdoor recreation setting, including boating, fishing, touring, 4WD, agriculture, riding a heavy vehicle, or staying connected in case of bad cellphone reception. The radios have a long battery life which makes them reliable for long periods of use. Other features include rotary power, volume control, scan function, high contrast backlit, etc. (see individual product pages for more info).

    GME Handheld Radio Key Features

    ● Compact and lightweight

    ● Up to 17 hours of battery life

    ● USB multi-charging

    ● High contrast backlit LCD Screen

    ● Volume control for easy operation

    ● User-programmable scan function

    ● 1/ 0.5 Watt switchable transmission power

    GME also offers fixed mount radios designed for any hard-core 4WDer. These Bluetooth®-enabled devices are the perfect communication setup if you’re planning to go on a 4WD expedition. They link to XRS™ Connect, an Australian radio platform designed to be adaptable and smart. It is an all-in-one communication setup so you can stay safe and connected wherever you go.

    GME also boasts their GPS Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) which is the best safety companion for outdoor enthusiasts. This Australian-made PLB was made to be light-weight and compact so you can take it wherever your adventure takes you.

    Here are some of the most note-worthy features of the GME PLB:

    ● Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia

    ● IP68 Ingress Protection

    ● Cospas-Sarsat Worldwide Certification

    ● Can be easily deployed in an emergency

    ● Integrated 72 channel GPS receiver

    ● Zero warm-up time

    ● 7-Year Life Battery

    GME also offers all-terrain antenna and other 4WD accessories. THE GME antenna is the ideal solution for 4WD enthusiasts who crave for the adrenaline rush in rugged and remote terrain. They are versatile and convenient to ensure you have enhanced connectivity wherever you go. Other accessories include OLED and LCD controller microphones, coaxial cables, antenna springs, IP67 speaker microphone, battery packs, and more.

    Buy yourself GME 4WD Accessories today.

    Looking for some good reasons to buy GME 4WD Accessories? Read some of the product reviews from the clients:

    Great unit I own a few I got a hard-wired one fitted in my 4WD and 3 GME 1 watt and 1 5 Watt, used these units in a rally and very impressed.”

    Best handheld radio I've ever used. I work in a industry where when we use our radios they need to work every time and GME never let's me down. Great distance, light, easy to program."

    It's waterproof, dustproof, and the lithium-ion batteries last a long time. Very happy with this purchase."

    Bought this for hunting and to be able to have a handheld radio on a quad bike without worrying about it becoming unusable in rain or dusty conditions. It's been a great find."

    I bought the twin pack almost three years ago to use on my 100 acres and they're perfect for the job. Their main purpose is for emergencies when I'm walking or riding around the block"

    Check out our best handheld radios, vehicle-mounted UHF, antennas, personal locator beacons, and accessories for your outdoor trip with your group. Stay safe and be connected while you are touring, boating or fishing. Wherever life takes you, take GME. Check out our GME product range below or contact our team for more info related to your intended usage.

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  • Great Whites

    Attack the night with Great Whites unbeatable driving lights. As one of Australia's most popular driving lights, 4WD drivers can be assured that Great Whites has earned the trust of many. With its lengthy warranty and excellent overall design, there is no doubt that it is considered one of the country's best-selling 4WD driving lights.

    Brief History of Great Whites

    In 2013, Great Whites was an outstanding pioneer for LED driving lights in Australia. As years passed, the company made driving lights to provide the best light output at night or even during changing weather conditions. Currently, Great Whites has LED driving lights, LED light bars, LED headlight inserts and DRLs, and mounting accessories.

    Great Whites Product Range

    To fully attack the night, Great Whites offer reliable and high-performing driving lights and accessories, such as the following:

    ● Great Whites Accessories

    Great Whites offers three accessories to keep your 4WD in good working order. Plug and Play Wiring Harness, and Attack Bar Mounting Brackets are accessible products for attaching lights and detecting any switching mechanisms for the headlights. The Driving Light Switch, which includes an illuminated two-position rocker switch, is another accessory.

    ● Great Whites Alloy and Attack

    Great Whites' Alloy and Attack products are suitable for any vehicle. It achieves a 1 lux range of 280m to 1km with two lights. These products are long-lasting and ideal for smaller and broader bull bar spaces.

    ● Great Whites Bar Lights

    The high-quality LED Light Bar makes every drive the best with its light output, design, lighter weight, easy installation, and one-of-a-kind backlight. Not only that, these bar lights are appropriate for harsh locations or driving circumstances.

    ● Great Whites Round Lights

    The Great White Round Lights contain an embedded amber LED for adverse weather situations such as fog and dust. It allows you to view further down the tracks or off the main route and achieves 1 lux at 810m to 1km with two lights.

    Looking for a bright idea? Here’s one

    We’re proud stockists of Great Whites LED driving lights for 4WDs. Check out our full range below or give us a call to talk about your night-driving needs.

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