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We’re bringing you the best 4WD brands and products that we use ourselves at the best prices. If this 4WD gear can handle what we throw at it – it’ll handle anything. We each spend nearly 200 days 4WDing, camping and filming as we explore every remote corner of Australia. When we’re not out bush – we’re back in the shed fixing and building our 4WDs to be able to handle what we throw at them.

At - we only offer products that we trust on our trips - get the best deals, dispatched quickly straight to your door.

We have always wondered how can we help you folks at home get the gear we use at cracking prices, delivered quick and hassle-free. Over a few beers around the campfire one night, we figured – why don’t we just do it ourselves? is the one place where you can get any of the gear we use and abuse right around Australia at unbelievable prices.

We know what standard of gear is needed to go 4WDing, we know the cool accessories that make camping easier and comfier for us – so why not twist the arm of our mates in the 4WD industry to get you unreal prices.

Plus, we’ve managed to sort free shipping on orders over $149 and fast dispatch too. Another exciting part about our website is that all the gear you’re gonna find online is gear we have personally tried and tested on the harshest 4WD destinations in Australia. This has been our job for the last 15 years, so if the product is on the website, we stand behind it.

Every week we have new deals coming online with great prices, meaning this stuff is gonna sell fast and isn’t going to hang around. Here is a little pro tip, when you get to, sign up with your email address so we can contact you and let you know about all the cracking deals that drop every single week.

Here at 4WD 24/7 we source our parts from one of Australia's largest varieties of premium auto and vehicle part manufacturers, all brought together in one easy-to-use online superstore. Here you can find not only true Australian success stories and home grown brands, but also some of the world's most trusted international names.

  • 303 Products

    303 cleaning and detailing products have been at the forefront of automotive and marine detailing for almost four decades. Since 1980, 303 Products have been offering a diverse range of five-star protectants and cleaners that have been developed and manufactured with the most discerning private and professional detailers in mind. Given that 303 Products were first developed to protect aircraft, every product in the range starts with a deep understanding of the environmental elements that are working against your prized possession. 

    When you love something, that love is reflected in the way that you care for it. Which is why car enthusiasts, marine lovers, and homeowners turn to 303 protectants when they want an uncompromising clean. Defined by a close (slightly obsessive) attention to detail, 303 Products are designed to restore life to tired surfaces, enhance the finish, and protect against the harsh Australian climate. 

    The 303 Products range includes a wide range of premium cleaning products that are designed to keep your most valuable items looking and performing like new. Whether you're battling high-speed winds, salty air, UV rays, or just natural wear and tear — 303 Products have developed an effective solution. 

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  • 4Tearrain by Clutch Industries

    Clutch Industries (CI) is a manufacturer specialising in clutch kits, cover assemblies, clutch plates, etc. With over 70 years of local design, development, and manufacturing experience, it has grown to become Australia's largest and most experienced clutch manufacturer. So you can be assured that the company has the knowledge and resources to provide the most comprehensive range of professionally engineered products on the market today.

    Clutch Industries Products

    Discover Clutch Industries' various innovations below, from OEM replacement to racing and military applications.

    Clutch Industries Premium Clutch Kit

    The term "reliable" best describes the CI standard replacement kits, designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment. This range offers a Quality Assured replacement part that meets or exceeds the specifications of the original vehicle. In addition, every kit has a two-year or 40,000-kilometre warranty for added peace of mind.

    CI kits feature:

    ● Chrome Vanadium Diaphragm for maximum durability

    ● Forged clutch disc hubs for full strength

    ● Clutch disc run-out specification <0.5mm for smooth engagement

    ● Flywheels have a 70gcm balance

    ● Release bearings dynamically tested to 1,500,000 cycles at 180°C

    ● Premium friction materials for maximum torque capacity

    Clutch Industries EURO Clutch

    CI EURO has various applications engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications. The range draws on CI's 60 years of experience designing and planning clutch systems dedicated to European vehicles.

    CI EURO kits feature:

    ● Chrome Vanadium Diaphragm for maximum durability

    ● Forged clutch plate hub strength

    ● Clutch disc run-out specification <0.5mm for smooth engagement

    ● Flywheels have a 70gcm balance

    ● Release bearings dynamically tested to 1,500,000 cycles at 150°C

    Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch

    The CI Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system is a no-nonsense clutch upgrade. It is designed to handle torque loads and outperforms standard specification clutches. The HD clutch withstands the harsh demands of workhorse vehicles. A logical choice for those who require unwavering dependability. The HD clutch system is ideal for vehicles subjected to higher-than-usual loads on standard clutches. It is just as easy to navigate congested city streets.

    Among these activities are:

    ● Towing

    ● Engine alterations

    ● Driving a delivery truck

    ● Commercial application

    Clutch Industries 4Terrain Clutch

    Clutch Industries' Off-Road performance clutch brand is 4Terrain. These systems are designed for extreme conditions and are defence forces worldwide. Moreover, 4Terrain offers two clutch lines: 4Terrain Heavy Duty for hardworking 4WDs and 4Terrain Ultimate for the harshest environments where high torque capacity is required.

    Clutch Industries Mantic Clutch

    Clutch Industries' performance division, Mantic Clutch, specialises in clutch systems designed for high-powered vehicles from the street to the track. Mantic Stage is a line of single disc clutch systems for tracks and track use. Mantic Track is Mantic's flagship performance line, with multiple clutch discs.

    Mantic Clutch offers four different kits. These are as follows:

    ● Stage Street Kit

    ● Stage Sport Kit

    ● Street Twin/Triple Disk Kit

    ● Sport Twin/Triple Disk Kit

    Upgrade your 4WD with Clutch Industries.

    Improve your 4WD vehicle and outdoor adventure by installing Clutch Industries items today. Replace suitable clutches for your 4WD at 4WD247.

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  • Aerpro

    Bringing us our biggest and best range of radio & communication equipment, 4WD 24/7 is a proud stockist of Aerpro aerials, Aerpro wiring harnesses and over 150 other high quality products to help you get the clearest communication possible on and off the road. The Aerpro brand is powered by quality & suitability. Safety is in the details. You deserve to ride in style & collect comments from those wishing they had one of those vehicles like you.

    4WD 24/7is proud to stock one of Australia's largest ranges of Aerpro car audio accessories to suit both OE replacement and aftermarket uses. Aerpro Australia parts are manufactured to deliver the ultimate features in reliability and heavy duty functional performance, making them perfect for daily drivers, off-road enthusiasts and long-haul rural drivers alike.

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  • ARK Trailer Parts

    Ark have been Australia's leading specialist in Trailer Parts and Towing Gear for more than thirty years. With a reputation built on innovation, not imitation, Ark is committed to developing market leading trailer products and trailer accessories at competitive prices without compromising on quality and longevity.

    Ark manufacture a diverse range of Trailer and Towing components including hubs, springs, axles, electrical plugs & sockets, lighting towing accessories, jockey wheels, jerry can holders and many more that are suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles and trailers.

    Ark are a genuine Australian success story. Engineering trailer parts for trailer manufacturers and aftermarket retailers alike, Ark have ascended through the ranks and are now regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of trailer accessories while remaining 100% Australian owned and 100% independent. Ark Trailer Parts and Towing Gear combine market leading technology and premium-quality while also remaining competitive on price.

    All Ark products have been engineered, designed and tested in Australia’s harsh and vast conditions to ensure that their innovative products meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry.

    More than just manufacturing market leading products, Ark have made a commitment to sustainable design and recovery packaging.

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  • Autometer

    Autometer has been involved in Motorsport since the company's inception in 1957. Autometer gauges have been used to monitor the health and well-being of race engines in every racing category. You need gauges that offer trustworthy data rapidly whether you drag race, circuit race, drift, or 4WD. In the midst of battle, you need an easy-to-read gauge that can provide important information at a glance. It's reassuring to know whether you can push harder or if you need to back off to conserve the motor. Blow ups are costly!

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  • Autotecnica

    Autotecnica products are built with precision to exceed the stringent industry standards, making use of the latest technologies available. The services & protection Autotecnica products offer are unrivaled. Furthermore, Autotecnica combines quality with style & security so you can be sure when you click purchase in our shop here in Australia, you can be sure the parts/products you order will be marked 'deliver' to your postcode quickly & efficiently.

    The 4WD 24/7 Autotecnica distinctive range includes snow chains to help your adventures go further offroad in those icy and snow 4WD trips.

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  • Axis

    Since 1996, Axis 4WD Audio has served the automotive entertainment market by delivering great sound. Their mobile entertainment lineup is the ideal blend of exceptional performance, superior engineering quality, and affordability. Axis products have won numerous awards and have established the standard for amplifiers, subwoofers, and multimedia head units. Axis also specialises in entertainment and antenna systems suitable for 4WD travel and staying safely linked to the outside world.

    Moreover, the brand focuses on innovation in automotive and maritime product solutions spanning various areas, including vehicle entertainment, safety, and communications; Axis has the comprehensive answer for 4WDs, cars, caravans, RVs, boats, trucks, machinery, and commercial vehicles, ranging from truck and all-terrain audio systems to complete reversing safety.

    Enjoy Adventure with Axis Products


    The AX19BT series is a 12/24V Bluetooth HD LED TV that supports a variety of media inputs, allowing you to watch movies, listen to music, see photos, and more via DVD, CD, USB, or an external source unit. In addition, the PVR and Timeshift capabilities allow users to control live television. The AX19BT series is also designed to withstand wetness and vibrations on the tracks.



    ● Display Dimensions: 22" (56cm)

    ● 1920 x 1080 resolution

    ● 220cd/m2 brightness

    ● 3000:1 contrast

    ● Viewing Dimensions: 178(H) x 178 (V)


    ● Circuit Board with Conformal Coating

    ● Dimensions: 506 x 49 x 301mm

    ● VESA 100 x 100 Mounting

    ● Gross weight: 3.4 kg


    ● TIMESHIFT: Pausing, Rewinding, and Fast-Forwarding

    ● Live TV (using PVR)

    ● USB Port Reader

    ● PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

    ● EPG (Electronic Program Guide)


    ● Video System MPEG-4

    ● OSD: Multilingualism

    ● The number of channels is 99.

    ● 3D Comb Filter

    ● ATV/1000 Pages Teletext

    ● 2 x 3W Stereo Speakers


    The AX1870CP has a sleek OEM style, making this comprehensive multimedia system the ideal update for your vehicle. The massive 6.8" LCD supports various media formats, including USB, SD, and Apple CarPlay compatibility for safe, hands-free operation. In addition, enjoy a wide range of feature-rich entertainment alternatives for the ultimate on-the-go entertainment experience.

    4WDPlay Mechless's Key Features

    ● Genuine Axis Warranty in Australia

    ● Purchase Guaranteed for Your Peace of Mind (bottom of page)

    ● LCD Capacitive Touchscreen 6.8" (800 x 480)

    ● The Linux operating system

    ● 2-DIN ISO Mounting

    ● Controls on the Steering Wheel (Programmable)

    ● Compatible with Apple CarPlay (Via USB)

    ● Bluetooth Audio Streaming A2DP

    ● Hands-Free Telephone

    ● Search and Phonebook

    ● History of Phone Calls

    ● Microphone Extender



    The DVR1909K is a full-featured 9.3" Touchscreen Rearview Mirror Kit with Front and Rear DVR Recording. This excellent system also includes Parking Monitoring for added peace of mind when you're not in the vehicle.

    Front and Rear Key Features

    ● Genuine Axis Warranty in Australia

    ● Purchase Guaranteed for Your Peace of Mind (bottom of page)

    ● Btracks Dynamic Range

    ● Built-in 500mAh Battery

    ● 9.3" Touch Screen LCD Display

    ● Front recording in 1080P and rear recording in 720P

    ● Supports SD cards up to 128GB

    Axis’ 4WD audio and accessories will take your 4WD expedition to the next level. Browse 4WD247 today to buy and discover other Axis quality items and accessories for your next adventure.

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  • Bar's Bugs

    Bar's Bugs is one of the oldest and most trusted names in car care, existing under the auspices of the legendary Bar's Leak, which has been operating since 1947.

    Australian drivers have been passing down one common piece of wisdom from generation to generation: Bar's Bugs Windscreen Cleaner is the best car windscreen cleaner you can put in your car. With its unrivalled ability to blast away everything from road dust and grime to squashed bugs, Bar’s Bugs Windscreen Cleaner is an effective way to keep your windscreen crystal clean.

    But its utility doesn’t end in the car! Bar’s Bugs Windscreen Cleaner is a great all-purpose glass cleaner, working well on all kinds of glass surfaces and mirrors, whether in your car, your boat, or your home bathroom!

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  • Bendix

    There’s no two ways about it, your brakes are an absolutely critical aspect of your vehicle. The difference between a basic and a high-performance braking system can be literally make-or-break. Don’t take your brakes for granted, investing in them could save you thousands in repairs and heartache, or even save someone’s life. Bendix have been manufacturing leading braking components in Australia since 1955 and have a huge range of 4WD specific products to improve your braking performance both on and off the track. The Bendix range is designed for extreme climates and conditions and are tested to breaking point in their laboratory so you don't have to. Bendix 4WD/SUV pads are manufactured for extreme strength and structural integrity utilising the best available technology. Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are also built to withstand heat build-up that comes from frequent braking in heavy city traffic one day and towing or outback driving the next.

    Bendix provides a variety of specialised braking systems for various cars and driving circumstances including:

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit - Brake pads, rotors, braided lines, and other 4WD accessories

    ● Ultimate 4WD Disc Brake Pads - Designed specifically for the most demanding 4WD situations

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Drum Upgrade Kit - For popular 4WD wagons and dual cab Utes, with improved braking drums, a brake shoe kit, and other accessories

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Hose kit - Upgrade your 4WD vehicle's brake hoses with this specialized kit

    ● Ultimate 4WD Brake Booster Upgrade - Improved braking performance when hauling or carrying heavy loads

    ● 4WD/SUV - Brake pads designed specifically for on and off-tracks driving

    ● Brake Shoes - High-quality brake shoes designed for tough Australian conditions

    ● Heavy Duty - Multi-purpose brake pads for heavy-duty vehicles

    The team at Bendix also know that installing, maintaining and fitting braking components correctly is critical to the performance of the parts. To make this easier the team at Bendix offer a wide range of braking related to products to make maintaining and cleaning your braking system a breeze. The Fluids and Sprays

    ● Cleanup - Brake and Parts Cleaner

    ● Shine - Shine Tyres

    ● Brake Cleaner and Parts Degreaser

    ● Multi-Use - Penetrates and Lubricates

    ● Smooth - White Lithium Grease

    ● Silicone - Lubricates and Protects

    ● Ceramasil - Brake Parts Lubricant

    ● Brake Fluid

    ● Degrease - Removes Oil and Grease

    ● Electronic Brake Wear Sensors

    If you want to put your foot down with confidence then fitting out your rig with a range of Bendix braking parts is a must. The Bendix product range and selection is the ideal choice for every 4WD enthusiast and will keep your vehicle stopping on a dime.

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  • BigbBoi

    Catering for the Professional Detailer or enthusiast who simply wants the best robust, powerful, high-quality, high-performance drying solutions the Bigboi range is exactly for that, with the WashR Flo pressure washer and tiered range of Bigboi BlowR Drying systems, this range is the best alternative to drying your car in a touchless scratch-minimising way without getting those annoying water droplet stains from drying in the sun.

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  • Bosch

    Bosch offers excellent auto parts and equipment. It has a wide range of products to provide and support every driver in the Automotive Aftermarket industry.

    Bosch Auto parts and Accessories

    Bosch has an extensive portfolio of components – for 4WDs, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and special-purpose vehicles. Bosch parts are tested to last for years in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

    Bosch auto parts and accessories span the following categories:

    ● Batteries: Bosch has been making batteries since 1922, and their batteries’ reliability and flexible application have made them a trusted name in the auto and 4WD space. They also make intelligent battery chargers and batteries for marine and off-tracks use.

    ● Brake Drums, Discs and Disc Pads: ultimate reliability and safety guaranteed with Bosch’s rigorous testing and product development process. Fits almost all 4WD models.

    ● Diesel Parts: Bosch produce a number of different diesel parts, from injectors and injector pumps to pressure valves, all focused on high performance over thousands of kilometres, regardless of your vehicle make.

    ● Electric Parts: leveraging their background in electrical technology, it’s no surprise that Bosch’s electrical parts are some of the best products in the market. From engine cooling parts to power relays and wiper motors, these parts are powerful, reliable and intelligently designed.

    ● Fuel Supply: improve reliability and cut starting issues with Bosch’s fuel supply products including fuel pumps, supply modules and repair kits.

    ● Gasoline Parts: optimise vehicle performance with market-leading injectors and ignition coils.

    ● Glow Plugs and Spark Plugs: whether you drive diesel or gas, having high-quality glow/spark plugs can transform the way you drive - contributing to fuel efficiency and reducing engine emissions. Bosch’s plugs are famously long-lasting; nothing worse than having to replace your plugs every couple of months because of cheap manufacturing…

    ● Sensors: sensors for days, mate. Bosch make everything from lambda sensors to oil pressor, particulate matter, temperature, throttle position and crankshaft sensors, plus a host more. We “sense” you can check out the full range carried by us below. ;)

    ● Starters and Alternators: when you’re 4WDing you need reliability and long service life - Bosch’s alternators and starters offer both, even under adverse conditions. Rivalling the performance of original parts, these starters and alternators are a perfect fit for most vehicles.

    ● Wipers: it’s nice to see where you’re going. Bosch has 8 types of wipers for different 4WDs and applications, all designed to maintain high visibility and performance even in a desert, storm, bush, etc.

    Don’t beat around the Bosch

    Rather than putting your 4WDs performance in the hands of imitators, pick Bosch instead. Check out our full range of Bosch auto products at 4WD247 below.

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  • Bowden's Own

    David Bowden's enthusiasm for automobiles began in 1994. During this time, he moved around a little, doing several jobs in the automotive industry. He and his family began collecting Australian racing cars and bought "premium" automobile care products from the United States and Europe to keep the cars in good shape. It wasn’t long until they noticed a few flaws with the finishes of their prized vehicles. The Bowden's are a fussy bunch regarding cars, and they concluded that the only way to get something they liked was to make it themselves.

    Today, Bowden's Own is Australia's leading 4WD care company. Hundreds of stores now stock Bowden's Own 4WD Care range across the country, with more interest coming from international locations as they strive for world dominance in 4WD care products.

    Bowden's Own 4WD Care Range

    Bowden's Own products focus on quality, ease of use, and fun and are proudly Australian-made and owned. Here are the 4WD care products:

    ● Bowden's Own Exterior

    The finest products to care for the exterior of your pride and joy and the motoring enthusiasts. These products provide quick and easy paint decontamination before cleaning and waxing. There are 38 different exterior products that you can freely choose. Some popular Bowden's Own external items are Snow Blow Cannon, Snow Job, and Mega Snow Job.

    ● Bowden's Own Interior

    Bowdens have creations to care for your interior. These are magic deep-cleaning formulas for interior fabrics for professional detailing. Bowden's Own Interior products are Naked Glass, Vinyl Care, Leather Love, Leather Guard, Fabra Cadabra, Fabratection, Pong-Go, Far Cough, Magic Rub Bar, and Hand Relief and Satisfaction.

    ● Bowden's Own Microfibre

    The development of Microfibre Cleaner is to remove heavy dirt, oil, and detailing chemicals that regular washing detergents cannot. These tools are ideal for removing wax, cleanser, polish, detailing sprays, and glass cleaners around your 4WD and bike. Microfibre products include sponges, wash pads, pillows, chamois, and many others.

    ● Bowden's Own Value Packs

    Get the best combination of Bowden's Own care products with their value packs. These products are suitable for your vehicle's restoration and protection. The value packs contain everything else you'll need to do the job correctly, including a handy step-by-step instruction guide that will take you through the entire process.

    Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits

    These 4WD care packages will allow you to keep your automobile in tip-top shape from the interior to the exterior. Having excellent and holistic 4WD care kits enables you to protect your vehicle from scratches, grimes, stains, corrosion, etc. Bowden's Own 4WD Care Kits are also fabulously named:

    ● A Little Intro To Bowden's Own

    ● Brand Spanking New Kit

    ● Ceramic Coating Maintenance

    ● Classic Fanatics Kit

    ● Safe Wash System Kit

    ● The Holy Humongous Kit

    ● Microfibre Lovers Kit

    Bowden's Own Detailing Tools

    If you want your car's interior to always look great and smell great, you'll need the correct interior detailing tools. In Bowden's Own, there are a lot of offered tools for the detailing process for cleaning and polishing jobs with your vehicle. You can have brushes, pumps, cannon, foamer and many others.

    Bowden's Own Merchandise

    If you're a Bowden's Own fan and want their merchandise on hand, they have all the best merchandise for your choices. These products fit you and your budget best. Available merchandise is tees, caps, hoodies, lanyards, 4WD hangers, coolers, card packs, stickers, and many more.

    Care for your 4WD with Bowden's Own Care Products.

    Every driver is responsible for always caring for his car, so purchasing 4WD care products is a must. Want to learn more about the brand’s high-quality products? Check out the products we stock at 4WD247 below.

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    BRUNOX Rust Solutions: The Best Remediation to Rust Build-Up

    The Brief History of BRUNOX

    BRUNOX products have an interesting founding story; the brainchild of a Swiss chemical production engineer slash sewage plant builder. These skills married together to spawn one of the world’s first Rust Converter Emulsions. It wasn’t until 1985 when the product became further refined and delivered a patented two-in-one rust stopper and primer in a single spray can, that BRUNOX took off and started their world domination. Their products are now sold in over 50 countries.

    BRUNOX Products and Solutions

    BRUNOX produces high-performance lubricants for industrial maintenance of structures, plants, machinery, and vehicles, among other things. The best of BRUNOX products are the Epoxy Rust Stop and Turbo Spray.

    BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop

    BRUNOX offers the best rust converter and primer epoxy just in one coat. Most topcoats, including 2K paints, are compatible with it. BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop was created in Europe that is suitable for heavy industries, auto refinishing and restoration, and DIY home repair. It performs better than emulsions, with 7 to 10 times deeper rust penetration. In a nutshell, a superb product in every way.

    3 Simple Measures to Protect and Prime:

    1. Remove any loose rust with sandpaper or a brush.

    2. To the porous rust, apply two coats of BRUNOX Epoxy (no washing or sanding necessary).

    3. Apply a top coat or sealer when it has completely dried.

    BRUNOX Epoxy Rust Stop is an essential product for all protection and restoration requirements. It saves time and money while preserving the long-term value of your house, protecting and restoring garden fences, decorative features, new vehicles, machinery and other industrial equipment.

    BRUNOX Turbo Spray

    BRUNOX Turbo-Spray is a water-repellent fluid that cleans, removes rust, prevents corrosion, and lubricates. The sole liquid tool with TURBOLINE is BRUNOX Turbo-Spray, which combines the functionality of five items into a single 550mL aerosol. It also acts as an anti-corrosion barrier against moisture accumulation.

    Its excellent formulations include a cleaning fluid, rust remover, rust protective solution, lubricant and contact spray.

    BRUNOX Turbo Spray is an ideal addition to any handyman's toolkit. There is no oily residue which means that it is:

    ● It is resistant to water.

    ● It does not gather dust and filth.

    ● It protects shiny surfaces from fingerprints.

    ● It stops squeaking and keeps parts moving.

    Order BRUNOX at 4WD247 today.

    You deserve a rust-free 4WD vehicle with these quick and easy restoration systems; BRUNOX is an absolute staple product that all serious 4WD owners should have in their kit. Order now at 4WD247.

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  • Bushman

    ‘Do not feed the Mozzies.’

    Bushman has been in the industry for over 30 years and they have grown to become Australia’s #1 premium repellent. Tom Bethurem, founder of Bushman, is an industrial chemist with decades of experience developing and formulating personal insect repellents. In 1990, he wanted to produce the best repellent available to endure even the harshest conditions in the tropics, which means you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be insect-free on your next off-tracks trip. Because of the products’ exceptional and effective formula, the Bushman brand’s popularity grew and now they have over 6,500 outlets in Australia and New Zealand.

    Bushman Repellents

    Bushman offers a repellent for everyone, boasting a ten-product range of top-grade repellents that will keep the insects away the next time you’re on your 4WD adventure. They offer a selection of Roll On, Pump Spray, Aerosol, and DryGel Bushman Repellent variants for your every need. Because the Bushman Repellent line is a product of decades of intensive research and development, you can be assured that you are getting the best protection from mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, and even leeches.

    Here are some of the benefits of getting Bushman Repellents:

    • Water, sweat, and rub resistance - This means you can enjoy long-lasting protection without worrying about the product rubbing off. Relax and enjoy.

    • Time release technology - Bushman’s unique formulation allows the active ingredients to be released slowly for improved performance and long-lasting power.

    • Tested in the ‘real world’ - As opposed to other brands who test inside a laboratory, Bushman products are proven to last up to 15 hours in real world scenarios.

    The Bushman Repellents come highly recommended by adventure seekers, travelers, and even entomologists. One Tripadvisor user says they rely heavily on the Bushman Repellents to make sure mosquitoes steer clear away from them. A professional entomologist who is particularly picky on insect repellents sings praises on the Bushman products as well as it effectively repels a wide range of insects without the greasy feeling and odour.

    Experience insect-free off-roading with Bushman today.

    When you’ve finished upgrading your 4WD vehicle, don’t forget to upgrade your protection as well. Bushman is going to be your off-tracks best friend as it is the only repellent awarded with 5 stars by Canstar, an independent consumer research association. What’s more - Bushman was the no. 1 recommended repellent by the Olympic medical team when there was a threat of Zika in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

    Whether you’re going to enjoy the outdoors solo, with your friends, or with family, there’s one thing you should have - a Bushman Repellent to make sure you won’t be feeding the mozzies on your next off-tracks adventure. Get yours today here at 4WD247.

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  • Campfire

    Have your camp site sorted with Campfire cooking gear and essentials.

    Our Campfire products range from cast iron fire cooking gear, to fire pit grills and camp fire billy tins. Our quality gear makes sure your camp crew never goes hungry, without breaking the bank!

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  • Castrol

    Castrol oil is a special type of motor oil that has been specifically designed for use in 4WD vehicles. It is a synthetic oil that is made from a combination of petroleum-based oils and some added ingredients to give it enhanced performance properties. Castrol oil is available in different viscosities (thicknesses), depending on the climate and driving conditions where you live.

    The main benefits of using Castrol oil in your 4WD are:

    ● Castrol oil provides better protection for your engine, especially under high loads and temperatures.

    ● Castrol oil helps to keep your engine clean by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits.

    ● Castrol oil flows more easily in cold weather, so your engine will start more easily on cold mornings.

    ● Castrol oil can help to improve your fuel economy.

    Castrol oil is a high-quality product that is trusted by many 4WD owners and mechanics. It is important to use the correct viscosity of Castrol oil in your 4WD, as using an oil that is too thick can damage your engine, and using an oil that is too thin can reduce its performance.

    The history of Castrol oil

    Castrol oil has been around for over 100 years, and it was originally developed for use in aviation engines. Castrol oil quickly became popular among aircraft owners and pilots due to its superior performance and protection. Castrol oil was then adapted for use in 4WD engines, and it soon became the motor oil of choice for many 4WD manufacturers.

    Castrol oil is now used in a wide range of vehicles, including 4WDs.

    Castrol oil is manufactured by the Castrol company, which is based in the United Kingdom. Castrol oils are available all over the world, and they are trusted by drivers and mechanics alike.

    Why Castrol oil is the perfect companion for your 4WD

    Castrol oil is the perfect choice for your 4WD for many reasons. Firstly, Castrol oil is designed to protect your engine under high loads and temperatures. This is especially important if you regularly take your 4WD off-tracks, as the engine will be subjected to a lot of stress.

    Castrol oil also helps to keep your engine clean, by preventing the build-up of harmful deposits. This is important for maintaining the performance of your engine, and it can also help to extend its life.

    Castrol oil flows more easily in cold weather, so your engine will start more easily on cold mornings. This is a valuable benefit in winter, when you might otherwise have difficulty starting your engine.

    Castrol oil can also help to improve your fuel economy. This is because it reduces friction within the engine, which leads to less fuel being consumed.

    Castrol oil is a high-quality product that is trusted by many 4WD owners and mechanics.

    If you are looking for a reliable and performance-driven oil for your 4WD, be sure to contact 4WD247 today. Our team of experts are happy to help you find the perfect oil for your needs.

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  • Cateran

    All Cateran diesel turbochargers are developed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Australia using some of the most cutting-edge machinery, tooling, and testing apparatus available today. These materials are among the best available for use in the diesel engine industry. The most stringent testing and quality assurance procedures are added to the material requirements in order to create a finished product that can resist high-speed rotation of up to 150,000 RPM in some circumstances. 2500 rotations happen every second!

    The turbine wheels on the Cateran replacement turbocharger are made of Inco713C alloy. This alloy is a common choice for materials in the manufacture of jet engines due to its great casting qualities, excellent resistance to corrosion, and ability to endure temperatures of up to 980 degrees Celsius. The turbine casing of every Cateran replacement turbo is built of SiMo alloy, which is likewise resistant to extremely high temperatures and will maintain mechanical strength under these circumstances.

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  • Cel-Fi GO

    Cel-Fi GO in action

    The Cel-Fi GO is specifically designed to tackle and solve cellular coverage difficulties for indoor, outdoor, and mobile applications. It is the very first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to deliver an industry-leading signal gain. Cel-Fi also provides solutions for FirstNet emergency communications with the Cel-Fi GO RED, which delivers the industry's finest voice and data wireless performance with artificial intelligence and award-winning Cel-Fi's Intelliboost® signal processing. In addition, GO systems are guaranteed to be network secure and non-interfering with other wireless devices.

    Why Use Cel-Fi GO

    For 4WD enthusiasts, staying connected is key. Whether you’re exploring off the beaten path or just out for a day of fun, Cel-Fi can help you stay connected. Cel-Fi is the best way to boost your signal in remote areas or where there is poor reception. With Cel-Fi, you can keep your phone connected, use GPS navigation, and stay in touch with family and friends - especially in the case of an emergency.

    Cel-Fi GO Products

    Cel-Fi devices go where no one has gone before. Cel-Fi systems are easy to install, give excellent coverage, and automatically adapt to changing network circumstances.

    GO G31

    The Cel-Fi GO G31 Smart Signal Repeater, designed to alleviate cellular coverage difficulties for indoor and outdoor applications, is the first carrier-class cellular coverage solution to deliver an industry-leading signal gain. The GO G31 provides the finest voice and data wireless performance in the industry thanks to artificial intelligence and Nextivity's award-winning Intelliboost signal processing. The technology is also assured to be network safe and non-interfering with other wireless devices. Furthermore, the GO G31 is NEMA 4 certified, ensuring consistent coverage in any environment.

    Purchase Cel-Fi GO in Australia at 4WD247

    Cel-Fi redefines mobile coverage by introducing the award-winning Cel-Fi GO, THE first Smart Signal Booster®, mainly built for vehicle and marine applications. Cel-Fi GO has been certified for usage in Australia and is set to go, thanks to the hard work of Powertec Communications, the brand's master distributor in the country. Get in touch with 4WD247 today to purchase Cel-Fi GO products.

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  • Champion

    Choose Campion Spark Plugs for improved engine performance!

    Whether running in your daily work ute or your weekend 4WD you can be assured there will be a Champion spark plug to suit and enhance the driveability and performance of your 4WD. Champion pride themselves on their extensive range of spark plugs using a wide variety of precious metals to maximise the fuel burn and deliver greater fuel economy. Whether on the tracks or in the bumper to bumper commute to work you will benefit from using Champion spark plugs to extract the power from your engine and enjoy the smoother idling.

    For over 100 years Champion have been providing quality spark plugs to the automotive trade whether as original equipment fitted on the production line or as a dependable aftermarket replacement. By continually refining and developing their products has led to a range of spark plugs that live up to the legacy of this iconic brand.

    Whether as a quality platinum spark plug through to their range of standard copper spark plugs Champion manufacture spark plugs to suit the smallest lawn mower through to the largest of heavy industrial equipment. Pre-gapped and ready for fitment sees Champion Spark Plugs used in the high stress environment of motorsport to continually test the limits of design and endurance. This knowledge and refinement sees it's way into every spark plug produced giving the mechanic or enthusiast the confidence to trust Champion.

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  • Chemtech

    Chemtech has been a staple of Australian outback motoring for over two decades now, primarily specialising in fuel additives and exterior car care. Formulated for the harsh conditions commonly faced by Australian motorists, Chemtech has everyone from 4WD enthusiasts to professional detailers.

    The Chemtech vehicle care and protection products aim to meet the demands of Australian vehicle owners who live in harsh climatic and environmental conditions. For over 20 years, the range has been used extensively by the Professional Detailing, Heavy Vehicle Trade, 4WD and Truck enthusiasts as a bold, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, value for money, quality product that consistently works.

    Chemtech Product Range

    Chemtech covers all applications, from vehicle washes and detailing products to degreasers, fuel additives, wheel and tyre care, and metal and aluminium cleaning and polishing products.

    ● Chemtech Fuel Additives

    Chemtech Diesel Power fuel additive improves engine performance, fuel economy, clean injectors, reduces exhaust emissions, reduces engine corrosion, inhibits algae and bacteria growth, and enhances fuel storage stability. Available Chemtech fuel additives are Diesel Power Turbo, Diesel Power Engine Turbo and Petrol Power.

    ● Chemtech Exterior Care SuperWash

    SuperWash is the best-concentrated cleaning gel in Australia. It removes even the most stubborn grease, grime, oil, and soot for a streak-free finish. You can apply the SuperWash with a spray, foam, or sponge for better use. In addition, this Chemtech product is biodegradable and non-hazardous on any surface. The offered litres are 1, 5 and 20.

    ● Chemtech Exterior Care SuperFoam

    Chemtech CT18 Super Foam is used as an in-between clean or as a pre-wash soak to remove grit and prevent scratches, swirling, and excessive elbow grease. It can easily remove dirt and grime. You spray it on or hose it off to prevent scratching and mixing. It gives a green apple scent to your vehicle.

    ● Chemtech Interior Care

    The formulation of Chemtech Detail is to clean the interior of your vehicle's plastic, vinyl, cloth, carpet, leather, and rubber surfaces. Detail will quickly remove ingrained dirt and grime while leaving a pleasant vanilla scent. It's excellent for all consoles and dashboards because it's oil and shine-free. You can have a professional interior detail done at your home for a fraction of the cost of having it done elsewhere.

    ● Chemtech Degreasers

    Chemtech CT14 is a concentrated water-based degreaser that is a safer, greener and more cost-effective alternative to solvent-based degreasers. It is not poisonous, flammable, or biodegradable and does not produce rust. Chemtech CT14 transforms oil and grease into water-soluble compounds free of the hydrocarbons in solvent degreasers.

    ● Chemtech Tyre and Alloy Care

    The Sheen Silicone Tyre Shine Lubricant is one of Chemtech's top care products. This high-quality silicone provides a showroom sheen as well as optimal protection. Sheen is simple to apply, dries quickly, enhances colour, and does not wash away. It's also an excellent lubricant for 4WD protection.

    ● Chemtech Other Products

    Aside from the original goods, Chemtech has created Portasol, a portable toilet sanitiser that is Australia's premium anti-bacterial product. Its potent composition breaks down waste and eliminates objectionable odours, leaving portable toilets clean and fresh. Portasol is suitable for all mobile toilet brands and works in fresh and saltwater. It is ideal for RVs, caravans, buses, watercraft, camping, construction sites, and outdoor settings.

    ● Chemtech Accessories

    Chemtech has everything you need in terms of accessories. The following are the accessories made available by the company:

    ● Spray-V Heavy Duty Foam Gun mixes and sprays concentrated foamy detergents for cleaning trucks, trailers, vehicles, canopies, and other equipment. It is a cost-effective method of cleaning vehicles and equipment.

    ● Aqua Flow Brush is an extended aluminium pole with insulated handle grips. The purpose of packing the brush head with flagged and softened bristles is to have a gentle feeling on painted surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning vehicles and boats, around the house, and at work.

    Clean your 4WD with Chemtech care products today.

    What are you waiting for? Buy these Chemtech products at 4WD247 today to keep your 4WD vehicle shining and protected.

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