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Throttle Controller Test

Shaun’s done the ultimate real world throttle controller test! We've tested the 79 Series Landcruiser with and without an EVC Ultimate9 Throttle Controller to see what the real difference is.

EVC ultimate 9 throttle controller 79 test


If you own a modern four-wheel drive, you’ve probably thought to yourself is a throttle controller worth buying and do they make a difference?

We put to the test two modern 4WDs and measured their capabilities with and without a throttle controller to see how much of a difference they actually make.


Throttle Lag

Owners of a modern common rail diesel four wheel drive will know the feeling of when you turn into traffic - when you need your vehicle to get up and go fast - you put down your right foot and get about a 2 second delay before you get any engine response. That is throttle lag.

Throttle lag is a delayed response sending the signal from the pedal of your 4WD to open the throttle.

Not only is this annoying on the road, but it can also make 4WDing a lot more difficult. You start losing momentum in sand and need power straight away.

EVC Ultimate 9 Throttle Controller

The EVC Throttle Controller from Ultimate 9 (formerly iDrive Australia) removes that turbo lag and improves throttle response in general. We decided to put these to the test!


We tested a completely stock Toyota Hilux and Shauno’s old tuned 79 Series Landcruiser with an aftermarket exhaust and ran a series of tests without a throttle controller and with an EVC controller to see the difference

Bitumen test Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser

We turned off the installed throttle controllers and started the timer the second we accelerated to see the difference off the mark to 100m. The put of this test is to see the throttle lag of stock vehicle.

Test Run 1 - Shaun’s 79 Series with an engine tune and aftermarket exhaust finished the 100m test in 12.2 seconds without the use of a throttle controller.

Test Run 2 - with the EVC Throttle Controller turned on to the highest setting of Ultimate 9, the 79 Series completed the same 100m test in 10.1 seconds

That is a difference of 2.1 seconds.

EVC ultimate 9 throttle controller 79 test

Bitumen Test Stock Toyota Hilux

We tested this Hilux 4WD over three runs of the same 100m course tested above. Test Run 1 is stock with no throttle controller or power mode (claims to act as a factory throttle controller), Test Run 2 with power mode on without the controller, and finally Test Run 3 we ran both power mode and the EVC Throttle Controller on the Ultimate 9 setting.

Test Run 1 - the Hilux recorded 11.22 seconds.

Test Run 2 - the Hilux with power mode on finished in 11.0 seconds.

Test Run 3 - the Throttle Controller set on Ultimate 9 the Hilux finished in 10.5 seconds.

The throttle controller blows the factory settings of this stock Hilux away by 0.72 seconds over just 100m.

EVC U9 throttle controller test run hilux


With a quick on-road test, Shauno started coasting at approx. 50km to simulate a speed that may be used in a scenario where you wish to overtake and require zero lag from your car. With the throttle controller set to its highest setting the throttle response was immediate with no lag, giving you the response and confidence you need when overtaking.




We tested the 79 Series in soft beach sand and with the controller off, the vehicle struggles to fight through the soft sand. With the throttle controller set to Ultimate 9 Shauno could back off the accelerator and reapply when needed without the fear of losing power and momentum that would normally result in getting bogged.

The Hilux struggled even more so in the soft sand than the 79 Series due to having less torque and power. When the EVC controller was turned on and set to Ultimate 9 the vehicle performs better straight away without lag and even more control than the 79 Series due to the automatic transmission.

The instant power and momentum made a noticeable difference in both vehicles when even in the softest sand.

How does it help off road?

Throttle controllers like the EVC can not only sharpen the response of your vehicle, but they can also dampen it too.

Some 4WDs in low range can feel a bit jerky when attempting technical driving, and by setting your EVC controller into economy mode which when crawling in low range gears give you so much more control. This results in less wheel slip and is perfect for rocky tracks.

If you have ever seen Pete from EVC Ultimate 9 in any of our shows in his 3 litre GU Patrol, he always out drives us in the tougher technical tracks, and his throttle controller is often set in economy mode.

Economy mode 9 can even be used while reversing a trailer up a steep driveway when you really need slow and perfect control.

EVC ultimate 9 patrol

Tune VS Throttle Controller

Shaun actually installed his EVC Ultimate 9 throttle controller after his 79 Series was professionally tuned. From his experience, Shaun believes the two go hand in hand and recommends both to any 4WDer.

Find the right Throttle Controller for your vehicle and see the results for yourself!