Have you purchased a new swag? You’re wondering what the first step is to get it ready to take out on its first 4WD camping adventure?

shauno swag

This quick step-by-step guide will give you the rundown of what you need to do to prepare your swag, for its first 4WD camping adventure. During the manufacturing process, thousands of tiny little holes are punched into the canvas along the seams and where various pieces of material are sewn together. This stitching leaves thousands of tiny pinholes that can be prone to leaking during the first few times your new swag gets wet. Seasoning your new swag or canvas product helps to eliminate this leaking, by causing the canvas to expand and contract effectively sealing up those tiny holes. Seasoning a swag is a very simple process that can be easily achieved within a day and will avoid a wet night while camping.


The first thing you should do when you get your new swag home is to remove it from its packaging, remove the swag mattress from its plastic wrapping and let the mattress re-inflate with air as it will be compressed from the manufacturer. While the mattress is slowly re-inflating set up your swag on a flat even surface in your backyard or driveway as you would if you were out camping, be sure to follow the included instructions on how to correctly set up your new swag.


It's time to get the garden hose, set the nozzle to shower, with some low pressure, start showering the entire swag, start at one end, and work your way through to the other end. We’re aiming to saturate the canvas as generously as possible. Be sure to give each seam and nice soak with water and make sure you get in and under all of those zip flaps. You will notice the first time you shower the canvas with water, the water will bead and run off pretty quickly, but as you continue to shower the swag with water you'll notice the canvas will quickly become saturated.


Now that we have your new swag completely saturated with water, it’s time to let it completely dry.


Once your swag is completely dry it’s time to repeat the above steps another 2 times. Each time you saturate the canvas you’ll notice less and less water leaking into the swag.


After wetting the swag for the final time be sure to inspect the inside of the swag to confirm if it is watertight. If there is still a little bit of water coming through you may need to repeat the above steps a couple of more times or you may need to apply some seam sealant two completely waterproof that particular area.

After you’ve completed the above steps and the swag is completely dry, it’s time to pack in away, ready for an adventure!


Bonus Tips

A couple of bonus tips here. Never pack away your swag wet or damp, this will cause mould to grow if left damp for an extended period of time, and no one wants a mouldy swag, we recommend you dry and air out your swag when you get home from your travels.

Always try and store your swag up off the ground, in a cool dry place, and out of direct sunlight.