There’s something special about cooking a delicious meal on a campfire, sitting around the campfire chatting about the day’s adventures, or simply just watching the bush telly while you wait for that meal to come out of your camp oven.

If you’ve just picked up a Spun Steel Camp Oven or a Cast Iron Camp Oven and wondering what the first thing is you need to do, well that’s simple - it’s seasoning time. Here's 5 Easy Steps to Seasoning a Camp Oven, it doesn’t have to be scary or difficult it’s a simple process that will ensure you have many years of use and happy memories.

camp oven oil


  1. Camp Oven

  2. Soap and a Sponge

  3. Paper Towel

  4. Rice Bran Oil

  5. Pre heated Oven to 200° C, BBQ or Camp Fire



The very first thing you’ll want to do is unpack your new Spun Steel Camp Oven Cast Iron Camp Oven from its packaging. Fill up a sink with some warm soapy water and give your camp oven a good old scrub to remove any oil and contaminants from the manufacturing process.

Don't forget to give the lid a good wash and scrub as well!

camp oven clean

Make sure to thoroughly dry the camp oven with a towel, you can even place it on fire, BBQ or in the Kitchen Oven to make sure it’s completely dry. Any water left over from washing will stop the oil from coating your camp oven. 


Take your Rice Bran oil, or any other suitable oil like vegetable or flaxseed, and pour about a tablespoons worth into the bottom of the Camp Oven.

With some paper towel, rub the oil all over the camp oven and be sure to cover all surfaces of the Camp Oven, inside, outside and, on the bottom, and don’t forget the lid!

camp oven oil spread


Once the Camp Oven is evenly coated with oil, place the camp oven into a 200° C preheated oven, BBQ or Campfire to bake for roughly 15 – 20minutes. If you're using the kitchen oven, be sure to have your range hood exhaust fan on as it will get Smokey and stinky, best not upset your partner, if seasoning on a campfire, place oven on to a nice bed of coals.

  camp oven bake in oven


It's best to repeat the above 2 steps to get a nice non-stick coating on your Camp Oven, sometimes it might take 2 or 3 goes it get it right. 

  camp oven finished prep


Start cooking! Your freshly seasoned Camp Oven is now ready to cook on, so get out there and cook up a meal. The more you cook in your camp oven the better the non-stick coating will get. If your seasoning starts to some wear in it, simply give it a good scrub a repeat the same step from the first time you seasoned it. 

  cooking shaun graham jocko

A Quick Tip

After you've finished cooking on your Camp Oven, give it a good clean with some soapy water, make sure it is thoroughly dry and apply a small about of oil to the cooking surface, this will keep it clean and rust free to the next time you cook.